We are a product of our past but we don't have to be a prisoner of it. - Rick Warren

We are a product of our past but we don't have to be a prisoner of it. - Rick Warren

Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.
I do not have to know why everything happens since I know God is Good, he Loves me, and life on earth is NOT the whole story. ~ RIck Warren
Caterpillars into Butterflies
The Daniel Plan Cookbook
You were made by God & for God! Until you understand that, life will not sense. Rick Warren #quote
You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.
God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds, using time and pressure. He's working on you too! - Rick Warren
Like Paul from the New Testament, you, too, may know that you are not yet who God wants you to be (Philippians 3:12). In this series, Pastor Rick shares the steps that will help you move forward toward your goal of being transformed into Christ-likeness i
Not everything in this life has a happy ending
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So true. .. had to break out The Purpose Driven Life. It's a great read!
Food list for The Daniel Plan (2013) is a healthy lifestyle/spiritual book that advocates eating unprocessed, whole foods. - Eat nonstarchy vegetables, healthy animal or plant proteins, healthy starch or whole grain, and some fruit. - Limit high-sugar fru
God is more interested in your character development than in your comfort. - Rick Warren
Worship Him
-Rick Warren Quote. Why I pinned this: I am not "religious" per say, but spiritual; everyone has their own version of what "God" may represent...but we have all been on our knees at some point and have turned to the sky for help.
Rick Warren: The Daniel Plan. LOVE.
The Daniel Plan on a Dime
A beautiful book to help you rekindle the true meaning of Christmas. Great Christian authors, including Max Lucado, Rick Warren and David Jeremiah. Get to the heart of the holiday, or pass this on as a gift.
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