Science Teaching Junkie: Clearest Way to Teach Moon Phases...EVER!

Science Teaching Junkie: Clearest Way to Teach Moon Phases...EVER!

Beautiful blue and white celestial
diy marble moon phase wall hanging | almost makes perfect
1902 Astronomical Geography Chart of Lunar and Solar Eclipses, Moon Phases, Tides etc
Grey Moon Rise Women's Tank Top Hand sewn and hand dyed using a recycled tee and eco-friendly dye
Phases of the Moon Temporary Transfer Tattoos 1 by ElvenChronicle
n Crescents Wallpaper | Bartsch - to go with what you've been inspired by recently, Bonnie Kate!
moon phase crystal display
Phases of the Moon Explanation for kids -Animation Lesson Unit
#hippie #moon
Paul Tebbott Must Be The Moon Art Print - Urban Outfitters
n Phases Tattoo - to show that I've changed over time, but essentially, I'm still the same person.
Dragon's Den Curriculum: Moon Madness!
moon cycle nail art! The only pinterest project I will ever make time for.
Hands On Science: Phases of the Moon Activities for Kids - Edventures with Kids
Power of Affirmations, Are you in tune with the Moon? Check out Ezzie Spencer's infographic with positive affirmations for the stages of the lunar cycle.
DIY: moon phases wall hanging
Pamela Love Fine Jewelry Black Diamond & Gold Moon Phase Necklace
Phases of the moon. Carter just learned this is second grade. I can honestly say I never learned this!
Learning about the moon, including the phases of the moon with cookies!
n to Moon: kitchen
Full Moon #Tattoo
Great content presented in a fun way! {Intermediate-Middle}
50 Examples of Moon Tattoos | Cuded
Cactus-Mouth — LVL UP // SPACE BROTHERS I would be so...
n Phase Large Crystal and Mineral collection
Teachers Love Smartboards: website with lots of smartboard files for the classroom
Phases of the moon and Unalome tattoo by Alex Bawn on Instagram Alexandra Bawn
So if I was brave and not afraid of needles I would get white tattoos
HowStuffWorks "Moon Phases". I like that it actually shows the Sun's shadow so students can understand how this works!
Phases of the moon activity with Oreo cookies!
Lunar cycle...this is one of God's awesome gifts. At the top of the cycle is the full moon, and it actually affects my mood and my feelings. Amazing, beautiful world this is.
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
2015 moon calendar, lunar calendar, Pagan wall calendar, full and new moon phases 2015.
n phase bracelet