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Atlantic Puffins
A great addition to an Alaska Highway road trip: From Roadtrippers pin: "Escape the summer heat with an Alaskan Road Trip!"
Breakfast Puffins - If you are looking for an easy, delicious and memorable breakfast to serve your guests, I have just the recipe for you!
"Safe Ground" - Dyrhólaey, Iceland
First Time in Forever
Puffin in Shetland, Scotland UK by JC Richardson on Flickr.
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Atlantic Puffin
20 Healthiest Cereals
pancake muffins easy brunch ... saw this on facebook from Incredible Recipes photos and they had bacon, blueberries, etc.
Puffin - pancake muffins!  The original pin I made these from (water, bisquick, and syrup) was crap. THIS is a modified recipe I found, so much better!! Kids and hubby loved them. Sooo good out of the oven with butter
Do’s and Dont’s of an Iceland Road Trip