Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Visit Dubrovnik.
View over The Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia
star, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
As a local here in Croatia, I am often asked this same question, "What are the top things to do in Croatia? Well, here is what I suggest you do on holidays in Croatia. #TRAVEL #CROATIA
Rovinj, Croatia.
This is a portrait of me done by another Fine Art America member, Ante Barisic, from Dubrovnik,Croatia.  I am very flattered and honored by Ante surprising me with this colorful portrait.
Looks like curved piecing!!
Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Sea Cave Beach- Dubrovik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia  (in Italian ... Ragusa; in Latin as Ragusium. Its historical name in Greek is Raugia (Ραυγια) or Ragousa (Ραγουσα)  -  midieval city on the Adriatic Sea  -  A UNESCO World Heritage site
Night Street in Dubrovnik, Croatia
Lokrum Island, Croatia. by Mark Dodds Lokrum (also known as Lacroma) is a small island right off the shore of the old city of Dubrovnik, about 600m from the coast (located in Adriatic Sea).