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"Leaders don't force people to follow, they invite them on a journey" -Charles S. Lauer
Get inspired with these Creative Commons, scifi and fantasy writing prompts!
Fun thing to do for your kids - #Kids, #Parenting
awesome!! i totally wish my creative writing teacher would give me prompts like this :P
100 Writing Prompts; inspiring music, thought-provoking quotes, intriguing one-liners and extraordinary pictures
Poem of the Week: 45 Poems with Audio and Video links, plus discussion/comprehension questions and creative writing prompts for each one.
Such a cool picture! Share with your children, they will love it and their imagination will spark!
28 Pictures That Will Make You Go "Huh, Interesting"
Daily Writing Prompt - Writers Write
150 Amazing Writing prompts Pictures, Some good for elementary, SOME NOT!!
ss by Evgeniy Biletskiy
Writing Prompt: He sighed, took a deep breath, and dove in. | Big Universe Learning - Blog
Book report ideas
The steps of making a WOW MOM Mother's Day card with line symmetry. It's a fun way to combine math + art! Also includes a writing prompt: Why My Mom is WOW!
ther's Day Writing
Kindergarten Writing Prompts with Pictures | Reflecting on Kindergarten: End of the Year Writing Prompts - Kelly ...
creative journaling tips..for every age. Cut & paste writing prompts that make journaling easy.
If you are struggling with writing a character, here's a tip to help you get past your writer's block.
Hades and Persephone
Writing prompt: I hit play and watched myself in the recording. But what I saw isn't what I remembered.
A~mazing writing prompts.  Can't wait to use them.  @Deanie Kelly Trifaro Kelly Trifaro Crutchfield Coleman
ay Writing Center Mini-Packet $1.50
Dr Seuss Week- So many fun ways to learn with five different Dr Seuss books! Enough activities to create a literature-based unit study for each book. Ideas for snacks, literacy, math, sensory play, writing prompts, and just plain fun!!
Prompt -- write a scene that starts with: "I haven't told anyone this before, but I'm going to tell you now."
Antarctica ~ see penguins play in their natural habitat.
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Our Future Is So Bright...Adorable idea for an end of the year OR beginning of the year bulletin board.Includes templates, writing prompt pages and bulletin board letters.$
Fun for 5th grade and up PS. This website has the coolest visual writing prompts ever!
Spacing Between Words Writing prompts and spacers
Start your class off with some engaging, creative and thought-provoking writing prompts! This FULL YEAR (35+ weeks) of writing prompts are a great way to establish routine in your classroom. Each page includes a section for teacher evaluation/comments, ea
Something is wrong with her. Terribly wrong. I think its best to stay away from her. Her mere existence is a sin. Now... run.