Awesome images about 3rd

Good art project for early finishers. put 5 black dots on page, start doing zig zag circles around continue until full.
2nd and 3rd grade birch trees: Trees are painted on white paper and cut out then glued onto painted background
Cooking with Multiplication and Division - two math centers included with response sheets and answer keys. Multi-step word problems and create your own problems included. Bonus two-page assessment, as well.
CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT~ Students write their names in a spot when caught doing something positive/good. At the end of day, or when the board is full, roll two dice and the student in the coordinating spot gets a treat.
Negative Space Face Vases. How creative!!
Circle Weaving with 3rd grade - create the circular weaving then draw patterns round the outside using the same colours as in the weaving.
Great Rock and Mineral Unit Study Lapbook
September-October color theory. Science/art lesson
Polar Bear Paintings
The ULTIMATE Bundle of 3rd Grade "I CAN" math games! Covers ALL Common Core Standards of 3rd grade MATH! Perfect for Math Centers & Test Prep! With QR codes! $
Stylish 3D Animal Poodle Puppy Face Messenger Bag Women Leisure Shoulder Bag
Positive and negative space - created designs and patterns using tempera and oil pastel. The students drew and cut out an animal shape from tag board. After a discussion of positive and negative shapes, fourth graders painted the negative space on black p
The kids were given hexagon (to resemble a beehive comb) cardstock shapes and they traced this shap all throughout their pictures and then they pained each hextagon shape in a different watercolor paint. Then inked and printed a pre-assembled cardboard be
1st-2nd grade- african mudcloth. Symbols and symbol handouts, pattern and pattern made of patterns, paint white, then brown, then black. tint and shade.
3rd Grade Mexican Folk Art Mirrors: tooling foil circle glued in center of colored paper circle. Radial design lesson.