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Snowman activities pages - snowman coloring pages
Perfect Your Practice Jacket is made with breathable, four–way stretch Luon® fabric, perfect for any sweaty activity.
Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolor Paint
Simple DIY game sticks and click through link for 3 different ways to play articulation games with them.
Super easy outdoor rainbow hopscotch - just use garden pavers and spray paint to add a fun splash of color to your yard!
Tart, lightly sweet, and delicious. A great warm weather party drink! ~ #cincodemayo #tequila #margarita
Rainbow name bracelets - so cute for a rainbow party favor or craft project!
Lots of fun Relay Races for parties
Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolor Paint
Summer science experiments for kids!
call numbers
Drinking straws and box top make this fun maze. You could make it simpler or harder. Think about a magazine cover picture of some animal to make it more exciting! Game of escaping the lion, etc.
Fifth Grade Physical Science Activities: Molecule Madness: A Water Experiment
Plant art activity ideas: Make Dandelions Using a Fork (Kids Craft) - Sassy Dealz
Love this game!: DIY Ladder Golf Game
I am from... (love this journaling idea)
For the music classroom! 20 pages of Listening activities/worksheets . #musiceducation #musedchat
draw something cue cards
school-Pre K, My Feelings Theme, great printed and laminated on the wall for a quiet area to talk about feelings
Telling time ~ Helping kids build a thorough understanding. (Blog post full of hands-ideas.)
developing fine motor skills....important for using a pencil and scissors!
Great ideas for using silly putty or therapy putty with children to develop a variety of skill building and sensory needs.
10 well known diseases in backyard chickens- their symptoms and treatment
How to make a weighted lap band to help fidgety kids calm down,
Bible Hidden Puzzle sheets- great quiet activity sheets for kids to do during worship; more types of activity sheets on this site too.
▶ The only way you will ever need to teach theme - YouTube
Tart, lightly sweet, and delicious. A great warm weather party drink! ~ #cincodemayo #tequila #margarita
Compass Painting ❤️
The BFG by Roald Dahl: word-match activity. A word-match activity that looks at some of the quirky vocabulary used in The BFG.
ideas for 3 year olds
Butterfly Matching Boards - A puzzle and visual discrimination activity for preschool and pre-k.....could be a great addition to a busy bag or a unit on "The Very Hungry Caterpillar".
The Marshmallow Challenge. A great team building activity for the first days of school! Watched it in action, all types of students get involved! Love it!
File Folder Games and Activities - The Idea Room
Under the Sea Theme - Hermit Crab Project great for Eric Carle's Home for Hermit Crab extension activity
Cheerio Worms - Simple Fine-Motor Skills Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Mamas Like Me
Novelty sugar cubes you can make and cut out. So simple for tea parties for little girls.
Edible sludge sensory play for kids - a messy slime-like dough from And Next Comes L
Deluxe Toddler Busy Board. (how things work...)
“Oral motor exercises may be implemented into your child’s therapy program for various reasons, whether it be to increase muscle tone and/or strength, stability, movement, or to increase overall awareness for feeding and/or speech production. Often times
Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons Craftivity, Literacy Centers, and Math Centers Giveaway to 4 Groovy Followers until Wednesday, April 25th at 4:00 pm EST
color mixing science mystery
A is for Astronaut - the cutest lesson! Letter of the week plans - What they did for each letter of the alphabet
Literary devices interactive dictionary... Help students explore figurative language with fun, engaging activities! Grades 5-8 $
Ping Pong Puzzles! Encourage development of the arches of the hand, web space and in hand manipulation. Practice academic and visual perceptual skills.
Following Directions test hahaha I used to love/hate these!! I'd always fall for it. Another idea is to make it extra credit in the directions if a quiz or test. (Put your initials next to number 8 for 1 extra credit point) Teaches them to ALWAYS read
Autobiography Island - Shake up how you get to know your students. could be a good way to introduce a mini lesson/assesment on map skills
5 Fabulous Quiet Activities for Sacrament Meeting: #LDS Popsicle Puzzles #mormon
nsand = 8 cups flour + 1 cup baby oil.... I make this for the kids all the time and they love it!
DIY Spray Chalk ~ Perfect outdoor activity for kids.
12 tribes of israel children's activities | Certain tribes have two possible symbols
75+ ways to learn through play - educational gross motor activities including literacy, math, shape and color recognition, and more!
Frog Spot: Subtraction Fun (using frogs on a log for 5, bendy snake for 6, carrot patch, octopus legs for 8)
Peel your kids away from the television and have #fun with these boredom busters that any kid would enjoy. #crafting
7 team-building games for a winning marriage. #marriage #games #date
DIY Tin Can Lanterns - recycle food cans, good activity for kids
Cute plant unit
75+ ways to learn through play - educational gross motor activities including literacy, math, shape and color recognition, and more!
Tissue Paper Art Activity for Kids - the end result is gorgeous!
Exploding Balloon Caterpillar Race.  Two teams line up with balloons in between each person, no hands.  First to get to the other end of the yard without dropping a balloon wins.
Telling Time - Clock Playdough Mats from This Reading Mama
121 Homesteading Skills for the Modern Day Homesteader -- or Things My Ancestors Had to Know to Survive.
Hi Sugarplum | Easy Canvas Art Perfect activity for the kids and Father's Day gift!
Headstand Helper! You can do it! Here is the step by step! Don’t jump into headstand or any inversion for that matter! Lift and breathe. You’ll feel calm and easy the whole way and have a lot more chances of “sticking it” than if you launch yourself. Head
preschool ocean theme ideas and activities 1
All types of activities ranging from Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies for Middle Schoolers.
Kool-Aid Watercolor Tutorial #ad #shop #CollectiveBias #KoolOff
ake Rainbow rain! Fun weather Science for Kids
Worm craft for children. Make a worm using a stick, pipe cleaners and pom poms. #kidscraft #preschool
Emotions Color Wheel - Description: This activity is good to break the ice with any client. It is also an easy “check-in” to find out how the client is feeling and the issues he/she is dealing with at this time in his/her life. After creating a pie chart
Here you'll find many practical ideas and strategies to help students with a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, learn to read and spell.
Hands on coordinate planes. Fun.   Students toss two dice, form a coordinate pair and place a marker on that intersection. Students alternate turns, each trying to be the first to get four markers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
have each bin labeled as pictured and run everything off the friday before - that way it's in place and ready to go for the next week
Great food for thought. Take the Best; Leave the Rest! #PersonalLeadership #Women
Useful Links for Educators teaching Physical Education
Room sharing tips for a big kid and a baby to help make the transition easier on everyone.
Disneys-Frozen-Olav-in-a-snow-storm-bottle & 19 other FROZEN activities for kids
homemade shape puzzle for kids using household items - trace the items onto a sheet of paper, then give the kids the basket of items to match to the shapes!
Instagram summer scavenger hunt! #summer2013scavengergram
How cute are these for kids to make for a summer beach themed party !!  lol
Toddler Finger Painting Craft: A great toddler activity for a rainy day.
mother's day gift mom pillow gift for mom grandparent by coverLov
Life Cycle Articles and QR Codes for student research. I love using these in our Life Cycle Science Stations. My students LOVE the videos! Includes informational articles about ants, bees, butterflies, frogs, lady bugs, praying mantises, and silk worms.
Upcycled Mason Jar Butterfly Feeder - just use regular sugar water instead, cheaper and better for them.
Strawberry Margarita Punch ~ a delicious and easy recipe that is perfect for a crowd! Easily made non alcoholic by omitting the tequila
Drawing made easy : a helpful book for young ar...
Tons of great ideas on investigating quadrilaterals!
printable sight word flashcards.....must remember to do this again ! Worked great for Brannon :)
35 Butterfly Crafts
diy-wall-art - this would be neat done in the colors of your room
Simply Beautiful!
Dollar store frames are perfect for making window art with glue and food coloring. | 27 Useful Dollar Store Finds Every Parent Should Know About
ake your own harmonica - simple craft that will delight your kids!
How to make a Whimsy Reading Nook for kids using curtains. Really easy tutorial and it looks beautiful! #
Crafts for 2 Year Old | think I liked the 4 year olds prints the best. I loved the blue with ...
Can make this ant with construction paper body and legs.....Easy Bug Craft
This pumpkin moon sand DIY is a total win this time of year. | 23 DIY Projects That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds
10 Ways to Raise a Confident Child: Baby through Toddler
A Step By Step Guide On How to Create Flashcards Using Google Spreadsheets ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
Rainy Daze activity sticks. 30 ideas for your kiddos to do on a rainy day... or snowy day... or any time!
7 days of Water Play. Fun water activities for kids.. with most of them easily enjoyed regardless of the weather.
paint holder - brilliant!
Yes, this idea is all over the internet  … but I’ve fallen in love with them and just had to share them on my very own post. They are super simple to make.  All you need is: a container (I used pint-sized Mason jars, but you can use a empty soft drink con
10 Books about Siblings. These books are perfect for new BIG SISTERS and BIG BROTHERS after a new baby.
Last Day of School "Party Car" i am so doing this.
Use what you have for a letter sounds game for your kids in this Super Simple Letter Sounds Match | This Reading Mama
Time for Play: Smashing Balls (baked cotton balls)
i love this...i was just thinking how i could make patio furniture for my 2nd patio..Recycle pallets and turn them into a outdoor furniture...
The term grounding means connected to the Earth, and it is one that spans numerous different cultures, traditions, and spiritual practices.
ther's Day Handprint Art Keepsakes
annual outdoor family games: teams, competition, and the coveted family trophy
Cheerio Worms - Simple Fine-Motor Skills Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers - Mamas Like Me
35 Butterfly Crafts - these butterfly crafts are so bright and colourful and a great way to welcome Spring and to make right through the Summer! So many great ideas for all the different age groups - the only tricky thing will be to decide which butterfly
Paint your flower pots - Andrea's Notebook
Young Women Inspiration: Where's mom when I need her activity - Combined YM/YW activity where they divide into 3 groups and rotate through 3 different classes/activities: budgeting, cooking & laundry
Bridget Jones' Diary (2001) | 58 Romantic Comedies You Need To See Before You Die
General Conference Printables
5 ideas for a Summer Scavenger Hunt
Apple with Dip in a jar wrapped - easy and inexpensive
Tarp Toss! Cut holes in a tarp and then make a game out of seeing who can toss the ball through and get the most points.
Fairy terrarium
32 Of The Best DIY Backyard Games You Will Ever Play
A simple board, some letter stickers and then start painting, love this DIY version for this sign
Learn with Play at Home: Quiet Box. Independent Activities for Kids.
candle made with crayons
This is a great simpler version of the color mixing mystery activity I did with my kids this week. This one is perfect for 2 -3 year olds!   An invitation to create color surprise eruptions for kids!
Resident run programs = a successful program for all involved! Read more here.
Cloud jars.  Shaving cream as the cloud.  Watch colored water drip down.  Toddler preschool science.
How to Paint Ceramic Canisters
ur bucket list
Super awesome science for kids! Make crystal names in  jar. {Playdough to Plato}
How To Make A Windsock: Rainbow Craft For Kids
Abstract Invitation to Play: Pom-Pom Drop & Color Sorting Fun for Toddlers - would take a little preparation to collect and paint the tubes.
I wonder if I can make it a ladybug...
Canandaigua Wine Trail in the Finger Lakes region of New York State with 5 wineries and a wine center, a brewery plus restaurants, hotels, BBs, attractions, shopping and golf. The quintessential Finger Lakes experience!
Backyard Scrabble (or inside playroom), just consult your scrabble game for number of pieces needed for each letter, some cardboard, some tape or paint, and let the game begin!
Gardening unit touching on language arts, math, science, and more
diy canvas quotes. another great use for old book pages!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Printable - The Hungry Caterpillar ate through a lot of food to become a butterfly! This fun printable game pack is a great way to retell Eric Carl’s, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Directions and video to create this game.
This fifty state word search will keep you and your students or kids busily searching for quite a while. Ready to print and enjoy.
Say it, build it, write it sight word activity with Dollar Store cookie sheets.
Back to school ideas for parents - printables, recipes, projects and tips | teaching 2 and 3 year olds
ur bucket list
Paper Mache dragon, view from below.