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this child is more sartorial than I am.
Baseball Lithograph Boys Sports Children brothers Artist print, 11x 14 unmattedFrom LaurieShanholtzer
4 Ways to Teach Your Children Money Management -- so many great tips suggestions in this post!
Soldiers dedicate their lives and hearts to protecting people.
Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with kids! Great collection of crafts and snacks that you can make with your toddler, preschooler, or elemetnary aged child to help them learn about Mexico and Mexican culture.
Neon Crochet Pot Scrubbers Tutorial
Children are often spoiled....
live your lif
Great idea for small space! Still gives a child all the space they need while taking up only the room of a twin bed!
A Storybook Theme Baby Shower - so many cute children's book & food pairing ideas! ♥
The Crooked House ~ Sopot, Poland
A Christ-centered home protects children from pornography.
Seriously...they make matching infinity scarves for me and my daughter!!?? Gonna have to remember this! Were so dressing alike!
salt dough heart footprints gift- maybe for special close relatives. . or just for your home as a keepsake. .
mama & baby
Water Dragon by Xin Wang
12 Amazing Special Needs Stories
Great ideas for using silly putty or therapy putty with children to develop a variety of skill building and sensory needs.
"Your Child's First Day Home" - excellent, non-infant first day advice.
Character building books for kids
classroom rules
Funny Mother's Day Mugs! Love these fun gift ideas!
Great page for teaching similies :)
23 of Our All-Time Favorite Kids' Book Quotes: Some of the words that we find ourselves saying most frequently to our kids are those on the pages of our favorite children's books — Where the Wild Things Are, Matilda, Alice in Wonderland.
If I were to get a tattoo, maybe something like this with my child's name in it and the word love
Daddy Handprint Frame from Child by The Grandparent Gift Co. The perfect gift for Dad this Valentine's Day!
"Fever in Infants and Children" Great chart that has you follow yes or no answers in regards to your child’s fever as well as their symptoms, to help you understand if the illness is minor or needs medical attention.
This timeline maps out what you can expect to see as your child grows up.
isha collins with his son
aww! Cute idea for father's day!
“Oral motor exercises may be implemented into your child’s therapy program for various reasons, whether it be to increase muscle tone and/or strength, stability, movement, or to increase overall awareness for feeding and/or speech production. Often times
This is great for ANY learner because it explains right/left brain, and what side controls what.  Interesting!
1/2 c salt 1/2 c flour 1/4 c water ( give or take ) mix together, roll, press adults hand in first, then childs hand bake @ 100 degrees for 3 hours  Paint desired colors.
“Mommy, why do I worry so much?” At some point, children with anxiety want to understand why they are suffering from persistent worry. Try walking your child through this infographic. Kids love to learn that worry actually has a very specific...
'In one month, she will be four. I am celebrating these last few weeks of her being just three. This shoot is just that, this little one being entirely herself. Time is going by too fast! This sassy little one is Chloe, and she is everything about me
Adventures In Acetone: The Digit-al Dozen DOES Black and White Day 3: Doctor Who Empty Child Nail Art!
5 Steps to Managing Big Emotions Printabl
Landseer Newfie Their huge body tends to move rather slowly.....When an intruder is caught they are more likely to hold them at bay, either by trapping them in a corner or placing themselves in-between the burglar and the family rather than an all out att
A is for Astronaut - the cutest lesson! Letter of the week plans - What they did for each letter of the alphabet
ake the right choice
Zwerg Gnome Winter Blumenkind Waldorf von KatjasFlowerfairys
50 Of The Best Resources For iPads In Education. This also has a ton of other articles and slide shows of ideas for iPads in the classroom.
How To Poach An Egg (Without Using Vinegar) - a quick, 10-second dunk in boiling water first!
How to Make Homemade Frozen Pizzas at Home - excellent tips! Frozen pizzas make a great food gift to give new parents too busy to cook or students heading back to school.
adonna and child, 1510, Bernardino Luini. Italian High Renaissance Painter (ca 1480 - 1532)
Harry Potter
Precious Moments girl with flowers embroidery pattern or coloring page
Understanding Motor Development in Children: Hand Dominance. How do children become left-handed or right-handed? Learn from an expert in the field of occupational therapy!
Lord, please help me remember the power of my words and attitudes on my children’s hearts.
These varying levels of professionalism. | 22 Pictures That Only Fans Of "The Avengers" Will Find Funny
Jacqueline Kennedy with Caroline and John Jr put flowers on John F. Kennedy’s grave after the funeral, 1963.
Julia Child's French Baguette Recipe
21 creative consequences for kids. Disciplining our children takes dedication and effort.  It also helps to mix in a little creativity when needed.  The creative consequences from parenting expert, Lisa Welchel, might seem a little strong, but let them in
aising children quotes and sayings | Quote from THIS talk.)
storage solutions for children s arts crafts, crafts, organizing, repurposing upcycling, storage ideas
Crochet and Amigurumi Tips for Beginners
Sweet Jesus love
GIFs involving kids are pretty hilarious as well. | Are These The 43 Funniest GIFs Of All Time?
6-week Children's Ministry Curriculum!!!...This looks like something my nephew would love.
mother and child
"The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home."
$20 for a 8x10 print - saw this somewhere else without credit and wanted to track down the artist. Lots of color and darling animal choices
Each students paints 1/4th, cut up, and put back together.
children's names tattoos for women - Google Search
Dead children, killed and tied to a tree by their mother, in a village of Kobzowa,1923. Four Roma children, killed by their mentally ill mother after her husband was arrested and her Roma group dissolved. The murder took place in night of 11/12 December 1
Daily / Weekly Behavior Log. Could try this and send home in Friday Folders have parents sign and return. Parents are aware of how students are behaving.
Oh, the Places You'll Go signed every year by your child's teacher.
Love that smile... #provestra
Good for focusing children. Shake it up and watch it separate again! science project?
The cuteness overload.
Good Manners Print Collection | Daily deals for moms, babies and kids
This coat!
Le Toy Van - Kids Wooden Toys - Chococcino Machine
I would love something like the Is for baby.. something personalized in the nursery colors... Maybe a little more gray. Elephant Baby Crib Quilt in Aqua grey and by AlphabetMonkey, $190.00
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Baby massage - helps with teething and colds
♥ ok #daddy, let's be beautiful.........
For each of the kids, but the bottom one with their baby picture :)
How to set up a playroom your kids will use. How to update it for older kids.
I Claudia
Sidewalk paint: 1 part cornstarch (1 c.), 1 part water (1 c.), food coloring, sponge brushes, mix cornstarch and water, add food coloring and mix!
paint can drum kit
looking out window.. get that cute nose/lashes profile.. focus on eye..
Posing a newborn baby
Bessie Pease Gutmann
17 Ways to Encourage Sibling Bonding - From Moms Who've Been There - at B-Inspired Mama
How do YOU Decide if it's Bullying or Teasing! -- there has to be a line drawn so our kids can know how to stand up for themselves, and when it's time for me to step in.
Biography Research Finished Example
lots of ideas
Baby Girl Cotton RomperDeers in Pink and Grey by ChasingMini
Nap Nanny - Helps your baby sleep. Helpful for babies with colic, reflux, gas, cold and the flu.
Portable Activity Kit for Little Boys {and girls!} | Mama.Papa.Bubba.
The best Baby Teething Tips and Remedies.
Brother and Sister ~ Etiogo, Africa
A Simple Guide To Making Homemade Organic Baby Food: Blueberries, Banana & Oatmeal - Stage 1
Forget about cliche lemonade stands, go for the gusto with a tattoo stand!
Store all the Lego manuals in one binder so you have them at your fingertips (plus find a bunch of other great Lego storage ideas in the link under the photo).
Never buy play dough again! This recipe makes the best play dough ever.
Fun thinking games for kids. Great boredom busters for waiting, in restaurants, etc.
Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me goodnight - sign for your childs room or nursery -
Adorable baby girl outfit..
Lactation Boosting Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Milkshake Great smoothie/milkshake/ice cream recipe options for lactacting moms who are breastfeeding. Kids will also love it!
Custom Dyed Didymos Wrap converted to Mei Tai by Ocah
Style Maker - Tutu Du Monde | Little Gatherer
Peeking Out Shed Window
Fairy playdough
Coral ceilings in white nursery with multicolored tassel banner over crib
Cup Races | 27 Insanely Fun Yard Games That People Of All Ages Will Lov
Toddler Approved!: Build a Photo Garden for Babies & Toddlers
Kids Baseball Room Decor
Easiest DIY Bug Antenna (Ladybug and Bee) Ever by The Silly Pearl
DIY Galaxy Pyramid LED Night Light
Favorite Shorts Romper with Pockets Pattern + Tutorial by Handmade Martini #sewing #tutorial
Baby ballerinas in white
frozen pacifier for teething. Need to remember this
Waldorf Doll.
Austin Moms Blog | 55+ Places in Austin To Eat Outside With Kids
Disney's Stitch painting by IntoTheOpenAir on Etsy, $15.00
D15-57.jpg (818×1000)
japanese girl in traditional dress.
Baby Girl Dresses
Brazilian boy
how precious.
ther & Daughter outfits. Precious♥
A Lovely Lark: Even More DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids
Fun Summer To-Do List
Look at those little wranglers.
measurements for various sized dresses if you you are using fabric rather than pillowcases to make dresses
Who is the parent taking this photo?  Get your nekkid child out of the road.
Kitchen Tasks for Kids Ages 9-11
Glue Art on Canvas with Watercolor Paint
beautiful eyes
Nap Nanny - Helps your baby sleep. Helpful for babies with colic, reflux, gas, cold and the flu.
Possible gift for grandparents...
So fun
LOVE a mix!    Knit the top, and sew the calico skirt.
lego table. this one sits on casters. and slides under the bed. out of sight. out of mind. and still organized.
Craft Project Ideas: Rock Candy Experiment