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Vervet Monkeys
Pandas: too cute for words.
so pretty...... Himalayan cat - Himalayan cats are the result of crossbreeding Siamese with Persian cats.
ama Bear + Baby Bear
"Harvest Mouse on Sunflower"
Backyard chicken basics. They’re less work than pets and more fun than an Xbox. Plus, they provide delicious, nutritious eggs
OMG helloooo
The Tufted deer (Elaphodus cephalopus) is a small species of deer found in high altitude forests of Burma and China. They have a prominent tuft of hair on their heads which gives them there name, but they also look like an adorable vampire.
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This is a GREAT story!!! She said her parents wouldn't let her have a horse, so........
Baby Sloth
#English #Bulldog Love
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A cat wearing sunglasses and a cabbage leaf hat deserves to be repinned.
Giraf Leap
Bullie love
Beautiful winter
the Australian quokka is so dang cute it hurts
Palmar Treefrog (Hypsiboas pellucens) by Alejandro Arteaga #Tree_Frog
Adorable Cairn Terrier.
A giraffe usually sleeps for only 1 - 12 minutes! Source photo by ZooBorns
ub a dub dub, baby's in the... bidet?????
~ Giraffe love ~
When I was little I colored every horse black with a white mane and tail. This is the closest I've every seen.
ye to eye
Pug Mama & Pug Pups.
35 Examples of Inspirational Wildlife Photography - Speckyboy Design Magazine
baby pandas
what a face!
Persian kitten
mommybird:    “You know how it is. Sometimes there’s a crowd waiting to get in, chatting away.”  (via Ladies)
Bunnies are cute but dangerous. First you have one, what's the harm? Then you have two, well why not? Then you have three, because what one more at this point...Before you know it, you work for them.
Beautiful black panther! Image credit: Charlie Burlingame
Animals that are ready for sweater weather! This isn't really about nature, but these animals are cute anyway!
#Bulldog nap time
Dragonfly (by sarahbuhr)
24 Animals (That Aren't Dogs) In Costumes - Neatorama
baby mouse :)
ning Glorys n Bluebirds    ahhh  I will miss the morning glories on the fence back at the old home, the lemon trees, peach trees, the evergreens David Hoppe and I planted on the west side of house ... and more  but it is nice where I am, I don't have
cute dog
Am I really bad luck?
Country Living ~
white deer love them. I wonder if they know they are awesome.
Beautiful bedewed dragonfly • photo: Claudio Pia on Flickr
Beach bum
Very Cute And Stylish Cat
Animals that are ready for sweater weather! This isn't really about nature, but these animals are cute anyway!
Baby hamsters
Adorable Nubian Goat Kid.
ajestic Falcon.. (by FalcoPeregrinus) Lovely falcon! Makes me think of the one at Medieval Times! ^^
All time faves! | A community of Schnauzer lovers!
house, sweet sent to me by my granddaughter Chelsea. She said this reminds her of my beautiful garden!
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Newborn Rothschild's giraffe - endangered species
♂ Wildlife photography Red bird in snow "Little fellow in the red suit on Christmas Day!" by Steve Heath #bird #snow #lonely
French Bulldog
A swallowtail Butterfly on a sunflower
Sea Turtle