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Homeschool Elementary Science curriculum choices. #homeschool
Elementary Science Inquiry-Paper Airplane Experiment!!
agnet project...great product for station idea
What a delicious lesson! Teaching Matter with Root Beer Floats!
Science- forces unit
Astronomy Book
Compete instructions on how to do a science fair project and set up a board. Includes pictures, examples, resources and step by step original projects.
Blog Post from Creating Readers and Writers: St. Patrick's Day Science!  (Five Magical Investigations)  #stpatricksday  #scienc
What a delicious lesson! Teaching Matter with Root Beer Floats!
Geology cake...awesome!
What a delicious lesson! Teaching Matter with Root Beer Floats!
Upper Elementary Science Fair Project: which brand of gum lasts the longest?
Put the lightbulb in a cup of water then put it in the microwave. It lights up! How cool is that! Lots of cool science experiments on this website.
s. Plant's Press: Plants {In Pictures}
States of matter
Great recycled craft! Moon phase activity for kids. Build a moon phase viewer.
Bouncy Egg Science Experiment!
ake these fluffy, puffy, colorful rainbow clouds with just two common ingredients for some art, sensory, and science fun in one amazing activity!
Oobleck! Science and Reading Unit using Dr. Seuss' book Bartholomew and the Oobleck! Learn about solids, liquids, and gases and non-Newtonian substances. Your kids will have a blast! The unit also includes comprehension questions for the book and an a
This experiment can help students further understand erosion by performing the process in this way. SM
Awesome Candy Science Experiments for Kids | Perfect for Fall Science with kids! Can't wait to try some of these
3rd grade science fair project | ... project, below is one suggestion for the layout of your project board
great experiment for force and motion and inquiry process
35 Amazing Science Fair Projects
A is for Adventures of Homeschooling: St. Patrick's Day!
This plant activity can be used for first and second graders. Students are able to learn new words and understand their meaning by looking at the labeled picture of a flower.  -Briana Richardson
Kids create their own mini colorful eruptions with the Baking Soda Experiments. This science activity kept my kids entertained for over an hour!
Rock Cycle Word Wall - This is a set of 16 rock cycle vocabulary terms with pictures to post in your classroom on a rock cycle word wall or bulletin board.