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"No, I don't need a knight in shining armor... I am perfectly capable of riding my own horse."
Horse barn tack room ideas. Especially for barn owners who offer lessons, or boarding.
This is a GREAT story!!! She said her parents wouldn't let her have a horse, so........
No excuses...simply amazing.
Oval horse walkers have benefits for both, for humans and for horses. A benefit for humans is that the unit can be built into narrower areas. And the training is even more efficient for the horses, due to the increased amount of straight track.
Jog outs, enough said.
DIY horse jump, step by step how to build horse jumps
Samson, yacht, braid, rope, halter, bridle combo
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She said her parents wouldn't let her have a horse, so........ cows are so great
Horse Face....obviously it's ten times more attractive!!! DUHHHHHH!!!! Srsly ppl get with it!! LOL
The truth!
When life gets bumpy... Start posting
Flexible and Rich Fellers
Clever capture. All the glory of a horse.
horse jumping exericse low wide oxers
I love the rich look of the aisle in this Wellington horse barn. Warm wood tones, bold Lucas Equine stall door. Happy horses!
The Most Amazing Thing Happened When Our Horse Discovered A Kiddie Pool! | PetFlow Blog - The most interesting news for pet parents around the world.
I knew Santa would bring me a pony!
Top 10 Perks of Dating/Marrying a Horse Girl. Thank you, Horse Nation!