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Lesson Plan – Teen Finance – How and why budgeting is important and how to budget your daily life.
V is for Vegetables-Over 45 playful ways to teach young kids about vegetables
Grow the bacteria you find on your hands when you refuse to wash. May my kids never fight me about hand washing again!
"Blind Trust" Lab from @Joe Jonge Cohen Jonge Cohen Jonge Cohen Jonge Cohen Jonge Cohen Tong
Anyone who has been a substitute teacher knows that with all the perks there are a lot of issues that subs face that regular classroom teachers do not. Here are some tips and tricks that I've picked up along the way!
This is a great lesson to use with Unit 1 in family dynamics. The lesson is over what technology does to the family.
use with food safety lessons with Alton Brown, funny and informative
Love these felt hearts
First Day of School Activities for Big Kids
Walt Disney:  “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”
FHS Cooking Terms Memory Game is a memory matching game (like Concentration). It has the following match cards: Beat/to mix ingredients vigorously which incorporates air into them, cream/to beat shortening or another fat with sugar until the mixture is li
What a delicious lesson! Teaching Matter with Root Beer Floats!
"Take a breath and do your best!" - Test Prep Idea - The Teachers' Cauldron
A blog post on how to create and use QR codes in just a few simple steps!! It's a lot easier than you would think!