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Custom birth announcement pillow..cute idea for a nursery rocking chair. Another thing my babies will need!
J.Crew - Girls' jeweled-shoulder shift dress
Awesome galaxy projector lamp
STOP doing that for your kids! You are doing more harm than good!
10 minute crazy hat tutorial using pipe cleaners + a plain stocking hat. Great for crazy hat day during Dr. Suess week
8 Effortless Summer Fun Ideas For Lazy Moms Like Me
This dress-up armoire is a great DIY project for the little one if they like to look fancy on more than one occasion. Can't wait to see the princess decals and pillows to complement it!
How To Paint U.S. and World Maps
Gary McBournie
Teaching With a Mountain View: Smooth Sailing Back to School Tips and Giveaway: Preparing for the New School Year
Felt Sandwiches!
Hands In Clay: How To Make A Paper Mache Tree
Choose your own magnets by SallySuesShop on Etsy
100 Fun Summer Ideas for the Whole Family – Geared Towards Younger Children (Pt. 1 of 4)
Ways for Kids To Earn Money Around the House. I especially love that these cards have step-by-step directions for the kids!
Exercise dice for a using-up-energy game - you could have two, one with 'moves' and one with numbers. Do the activity as many times as the numbers dice says.
zoo-scavenger-hunt, wonderfully helpful to use as a conversation starter after your trip with pre-readers :) these points help you remember together the things you saw!
Spend a day with the kiddies crafting a #sundial and discover that time actually will move more slowly for a change.
A Thrifty Mum: 80 no cost or low cost summer activities
How to Help Your Kids Develop Compassion by @Deb @ Living Montessori Now
Sidewalk fun.. this would be great if you have a lot of sidewalk/paths at your house, cool way to keep kiddos entertained!
Water Gun Paining - How fun is this!!!!!
Did you know that toddlers can solve their own problems? Yes, it is true! With the help and guidance of us grown ups, who often are too quick to offer solutions without giving children the opportunity to come up with a solution on their own, they just mig
I like... I don't like... to eat... adapted book. Practice saying and writing personal opinions with your students with this easy to use adapted book. Special Education, Speech Therapy, Autism.
Edible paints for babies and toddlers, A great sensory activity for a 1 year old! Just use Cornstarch, water and food coloring.
Nerf+party+battle+gear.jpg 1,600×1,065 pixels
Cutest costume ever!
DIY Hidden Pictures Flip Books. Can be customized for toddlers clear up to older kids & are Awesome for traveling.
End of Year Bulletin Board
Baby boy nursery wall decor. Custom name monogram frames perfect for above the crib or changing table. Customize your colors, backgrounds and letters with Hyde&Chic Boutique.
Top 7 Bug Crafts!! Some great ideas here for playgroups!
Painted Salt Sculptures - a NEW recipe and activity from Fun at Home with Kids - fun for all ages from toddler on up!
Pool Noodle Light Sabers: A must have for any Star Wars party!
DIY Distressed Nautical Crate - The Girl Creative
"Fever in Infants and Children" Great chart that has you follow yes or no answers in regards to your child’s fever as well as their symptoms, to help you understand if the illness is minor or needs medical attention.
Abella's Braids: Braid Inspiration (with links to tutorials)!
Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toddler Saucer Chair
Time for Play: Smashing Balls (baked cotton balls)
This dress-up armoire is a great DIY project for the little one if they like to look fancy on more than one occasion. Can't wait to see the princess decals and pillows to complement it!
#10 Schedule of a Stay at Home Mom | Tales of Beauty for Ashes
ini Boden Sweater Jeans (Toddler Boys, Little Boys Big Boys) available at #Nordstrom
This timeline maps out what you can expect to see as your child grows up.
Teach kids how to write an appropriate thank you card
@Target's Toy Emporium makes shopping easy + easiest ever DIY LEGO table. #TargetToys #cbias #shop
Some day a little boy will want to do this! Star Wars Lego Science - Save Han Solo! If like to save Han, but not this one. :)
Tooth Fairy Receipt Printable
Whether you are frugal, green, or just want the best for your kiddos, these baby wipes are amazing!!! Use as diaper wipes or for sticky hands and faces.
baby finger foods
sewing activites for kids
Lots of practical ideas to make your summer count with kids.
Elevated playhouse with a sandbox. My husband made this for our two girls. He modified it by installing another beam for on the other side of the house for trapeze swing, rings and a tire swing.
Achieving Creative Order: Basement Playroom-Playhouse Under the Stairs
Students design "Mother's Day Portraits" of their moms and write adjectives that describe their mothers for this project idea.
Project Based Learning Pre-assessment and Planning
Kid's bedroom decorations idea
Reading list for girls
IKEA Hackers: Lego playhouse - this is cool - kind of like a dollhouse for boys . . .
These cute little owls come with three different personalities and with this pattern you can mix and match to make your own little characters.
Playhouse Sandbox with Rolling Cover & Pavilion Sandbox: Such a great idea to be able to cover it, especially at night to keep animals from using the sand for other purposes.
DIY Felt Board
Shut up, I'm off to make my fort.
Bubble games for all ages!
Ninjago Coloring Pages
DIY Wall art for Lilia's "big girl" room gray and purple nursery | Girl’s Nursery ~ Client Reveal | Cathy Green InteriorsCathy Green ...
22 Really Stinkin' Cute Haircuts for Toddler Boys
Chore Checklists
Keepsake Bear Memory Stuffed Bear made from an by CrazyLeggies
connect the teddy bear to kid's shoe/backpack/belt loop, if you lose your child in a crowd, you push a button and the bear will start beeping so you can find your way to them
sweetpotato peachtree: modern DIY outdoor playhouse: tour and how to
This indoor baby swing is guaranteed to impress your toddler. | 23 DIY Projects That Will Blow Your Kids' Minds
Help siblings get along with this technique to reinforce kindness.
butterfly clothespins - ideas for mother's day crafts
sign language
50 things to do on a trampoline **I totally remember playing crack the egg as a kid!