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No Soliciting Unless You Are Dropping Off a Bottle of Wine or Want to do my Laundry! wood sign on Etsy, $18.00
WTF fun facts
It's FIve O'Clock Somewhere - Rustic - Beachy - 8x10 Typographic Art Print - Country Song Lyrics. $12.00, via Etsy.
Um I could spend all day on this site
the cure for snoring husbands!
Someone else out there thinks like my husband...
Psychology Major Rat
Just When You Think Winter Is Over // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
cool today s funny quote -today quote
28 things that are worse than talking about politics on facebook...25. Cannonballing into a pool of ice: SO FUNNY! GIF image watch him!
Broom and Dustpan Slippers. You'll never have to bend over again. Prevents achy backs or are they totally pointless?
Warning Here to See My Daughter Gun Sign No Sense Polystyrene Sign Man Cave | eBay
Nailed It!
Teenager Quotes: 20 Inspirational And Funny Sayings From Tumblr
mes About Women That Are All too true
teenager post
I get enough exercise just pushing my luck! - vintage retro funny quote
Funny Quotes – 41 Pics
This is very true....Ive went through very many friends. and very many bfs. i always thought there was something wrong with me.
33 harmless April Fools jokes... I'm gonna be happy I pinned this. I can never think of something fun when I need it.
On "suggestive" bra straps: | The 31 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Woman
What i am giving up for lent...mental insults!
why did i laugh so hard at
You know you're desperate for an answer when you look on the second page of google.
Why didn't I think of this
Shut Up About Your Diet #diet #shutup #food #lettuce #sadness
awesome When Girls Are On Their Period
I could
Danny's transformation scenes were awesome. | 19 Reasons "Danny Phantom" Was One Of The Best Nickelodeon Cartoons Ever
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