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DIY:  How to build a flower box - good beginner's project.  This would be a good base to use your salvaged pieces & leftover paints to dress it up.
Vegetable Garden Arbor DIY Plans-49
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How to compost
I had no idea that these plants repelled mosquitos. Feeling a little clueless but I am sure I'm not the only one right? Decorating + entertaining with mosquito repelling plants @Mandy Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Bryant Dewey Generations One Roof
Grow in Raised Beds
Sue Langley and several hypertufa projects
Wine bottle planter
(svd) Birdhouse
Lovely Rose
Cucumber growing Box. This might be good for peas and beans too.   .,, this is actually a site to make pickles but still a good idea
beautiful gated/walled secret garden
Flower Bed Idea
Swallow Bird House
Nancy's new garden shed, photographed by Country Gardens Magazine | Decor Ideas | Home Design Ideas | DIY | Interior Design | home decor | garden living | outdoor gardening
10 Back Deck Ideas on a Budget by The Everyday Home
Grow green onions in water. Easy method for regrowing green onions from your garden or the grocery store! #eatingrichly
I saw this at a craft show and absolutly want to recreate it for my garden (when I plant one :- ) )
Gorgeous container!
Dwell on Joy: Tips for Beautiful & Balanced Container Gardens
So cute and I just happen to have a huge box of popsicle sticks!
Sherma Jones wonderful wall of glass
Now I know why I havent stained my fence yet. Cant wait to do it this spring.  Nine Red: DIY Scroll down to her Oct 5th blog and you can click on the link for the tutorial.
Kong Coleus... perfect for partial shade. I love coleus! Looks like impatiens, too.
Love this idea!!!
Nice view... Cactus & Window
It’s time to bring out that green thumb! Use the SOCKER plant stand to create an elegant presentation of flowers, plants or fresh herbs.
Planning and Planting Your Catholic Garden
I love the layered sand & soil in these planters! The cactus my mother-in-law planted for me over the summer are getting so big ... I need to cut them back and replant some of them ... this would make an awesome gift.
How to make a raised vegetable garden. Super easy tutorial for beginners!
Wisteria: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Wisteria | Almanac
How to Stain Concrete! Safe and Inexpensive! Using simple and safe ingredients you can change the look of a concret…
5 ways to build healthy soil
Hanging plants for shad
How to keep stella d'oros blooming all season -- a guide to deadheading lilies
Did this stone wall on one side in front already, trying to choose flowers/shrubs now
How To Grow 100 Pounds Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet
DIY Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Flood Staining Made Simple and Better Backyard Sweepstakes
shovel heads used to display small terra cotta pots
Curb Appeal on a Budget • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials! Including this one on making mosaic stepping stones.
Great idea for a large back yard: Use your solar lights. They aren't just for the ground!  Take a 2x4 and cut them into squares to fit the existing fence posts. Using galvanized screws - not nails - to screw a "L" bracket to the underneath b
Add Pops of Color
PINK PAMPAS GRASS - Cortaderia Selloana - Pink Pampas grass can grow 8 - 10 feet tall and will form beautiful pink fluffy plumes that are decorative and very attractive. An attractive ornamental grass as a focal point in the garden. Zones 6-10 (hardy); ca
Why Grow Vegetables
another wrought iron flower gate
Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping | front-yard-landscaping - this looks just like the entrance to our house! Now I just need to add the landscaping!
Snapdragons. Perfect annual to use as a border and adds height to your garden/flower bed. With so many variations in color, you have lots of options to choose from!
Evening Primrose: It flourishes in poor, dry soils receiving hot sun, and thrives despite drought!  Eager to reseed, it quickly establishes handsome, mounded colonies just 6 to 12 inches tall that return for years of beauty! The cup-shaped blooms are blus
tire recycling - Up-cycling makes me happy. Here are some crafty things to make utilizing old tires. Enjoy.
How do you identify poison ivy. This is good to know since there is poison ivy all over NC
Simple way to make an inground water feature.
This is a guide about growing pomegranates. If you live in the right area a pomegranate tree can be a wonderful addition to your garden. These delectable fruit will be great to enjoy with your family and friends.
chicken coop
Inexpensive Backyard Ideas | Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget: Backyard Landscape Ideas ...
Decent Image Scraps: Animated Roses 3
A sliced lemon studded with cloves and left outdoors will repel wasps and white flies. Great for the garden patio area.
Rogers Gardens Landscape | Orange County
creating a bee friendly garden- plants to attract and feed beneficial bees. save the bees!
Plants that attract butterflies -zinnias
Backyard swing bed
Peace Lily  The peace lily will be happiest out of direct sunlight and in a warm room. Peace Lily plants are proven to improve air quality by absorbing common pollutants such as Benzene as well as toxins emitted from synthetic carpeting and plastics.  • K
how to make a simple stone path
How to Plant Strawberries @Melissa Squires Squires K. Norris  #gardening
These dripping lights are incredibly romantic.
Who says you need plants to edge your fence or retaining wall?  River rock provides a beautiful natural element that is a perfect compliment to no need to water it!
Easy Tips to Build a Better Backyard Garden Pond
Hydrangea growing and pruning tips
21 Ways To Build A Miniature Garden With Items Found In Your House
How to compost
How To Make a Butterfly Feeder, DIY
Pallet Planter Box, Pallet Garden - Pallet Furniture DIY Like our Facebook page!
Really great idea for saving water! Rain water is better to water flower beds with, so this is an awesome idea. I saw this on a show not too long ago. You can hook up your hose and water your garden too.
air plants
Great read before heading to the nursery ~ tips for creating beautiful lush hanging basket displays.