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A gaggle of geese
Abandoned hotel - urban decay
Batman quilt from Pottery Barn- the boys would love!
Inkwell ca. 1580, German
Schwerin Castle in Schwerin, Germany
unich, Germany
30 of the most fabulous and unique bridges of the world.  This one is the Bastei Bridge in Germany
geese....French farmhouse
Lake Königssee, Bavaria, Germany
Eidelweiss Lodge & Resort, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
DIY/HOW TO - Backpack Through Europe On A Budget - Southern Blog Society
#lampwork #beads
abandoned ~
Cronwell Atelier, Flower Power carpet, 1970s. Germany
#Viagem. Berlin, Germany
Spaghetti Bolognese-Delicious homemade spaghetti sauce made with simple ingredients that are probably already in your pantry and your fridge!
John Pawson's white minimalist refurbishment of St Moritz Church in Augsburg
graceful sconce
V 8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany | 16 Hotels That Are So Cool You'll Want To Stay Forever
Tetris Apartments / OFIS arhitekti
Neuschwanstein's Castle! in GERMANY - been there, loved it.
ust Try Food in Munich, Germany
Beluga Whales migration, Nunavut Inlet, Canada
Sun Hives, a new hive design gathering world-wide interest, are part of the movement towards "apicentric" beekeeping – beekeeping that prioritises honeybees firstly as pollinators, with honey production being a secondary goal. The Sun Hive is mo
Rhine River Castle - Germany
German Prune Cake • German Recipes
Weimar, Thuringia, Germany
beautiful carved #door
Neuschwanstein Castle in the winter ~ Hohenschwangau, Germany by CanBerriWren, via Flickr
Street Art in Germany Artist - Sam Spratt
English Garden - Munich
German Rhubarb Cake with Meringue Topping
Black Forest Waterfall, Germany
Bavaria - Southern Germany and Austria is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Checked off bucket list in 2000
Walther Klemm (1883 -1957) Heron, 1910. Woodcut. ***yesterday, a heron slowly stalked my place before the little lake...didn't see me watching quietly***down into the marsh he strode on stilts in silence, oh so softly shhhhh...15.9.14
Burg Eltz (Eltz Castle), Germany
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German archaeologists have uncovered the beautifully preserved horse’s head from a Roman equestrian statue. The life-size statue is gold-plated bronze, and they also found the foot of the rider, thought to be Augustus. “This bronze sculpture counts among
Cremeschnitte, cream filled pastry - Vanilla Pudding Filling: 2 ½ cup milk 5 oz granulated sugar 2 vanilla instant pudding mixes 2 large eggs vanilla sugar 1 Tbsp rum 9 ½ oz softened unsalted butter
The mercenaries that dominate Abandale. Kinda like gangs but more deadly with minimal guns
that sounds amazing omg
Burning books in Bochum, Germany, in 1933.
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Colmar in Alsace, France
A small group of US heroes rescue European culture! :) That's how Hollywood spinned a half-hearted US attempt to salvage some of the monuments they themselves were destroying with daily bombing raids. Paintings destined for German museums, would not h
I would LOVE to visit Germany someday!!! Both sides of the family are from Germany and I would love to visit a part of my heritage!!
Alsace, France
draft image: Page 8, Figure 13, Bindungs-Lexikon für Schaftweberei, Franz Donat, 4S, 4T
aibaum, Bayern (Maypole, Bavaria)
Residential house 'Dupli Casa' in Ludwigsburg by J. Mayer H. Architects
Dresden, Germany
.French farmhouse
The Obersee Lake | Bavaria, Germany
Burg Sooneck is a Medieval Castle in Germany This castle above the Rhein River is small but well preserved.
inside Magdeburg Cathedral illuminated for the yearly event called 'night of the lights' Germany
Romantic road - I'm dreaming of going back to Germany.
'Walk Water Balls' on Lake Alster in Hamburg, Germany #JetsetterCurator
Germany, papier mache shoulder head dolls with wooden jointed bodies, molded black hair with painted features, shell pattern resembles multi-color textured fabric, larger doll retains original shell head dress Size: tallest 7"
Ramsau in the Bavarian Alps
Spaghetti Bolognese by vikalinka: Delicious homemade spaghetti sauce made with simple ingredients that are probably already in your pantry and your fridge. #Pasta #Bolognese
Nadezhda Gerber
Lighthouse in Lindau!
Emmanuel De Bayser Berlin Apartment | Yellowtrac
Berchtesgadener Land ~ Bavaria, Germany
The 40 Most Breathtaking Abandoned Places In The World Abandoned Sanatorium. Berlin, Germany
ay Wine. "traditionally drunk for May Day celebrations in Germany (and also, an old pagan drink, I believe)" chilled german white wine,  sweet woodruff, strawberries
VIKING MAP: Viking River Cruise's 15-day Grand European Tour. Sail from Amsterdam to Budapest
Professor Dezso George-Falvy of Mississippi State University in a German Horten Ho IV glider - one of two to survive the Second World War. (1960)
Kunstmuseum, Stuttgart, Germany
yland Castle, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Patterson Mak
White style.
that sounds amazing omg
Elevated, Bastei Bridge, Germany
The Mother tower in Landsberg, Bavaria, Germany
176 Things to do in Trier, Germany (oldest city in Germany)
sburg, Germany
Schwerin Castle in Schwerin, Germany
Weimar, Thuringia - Germany
Lake Königssee, Bavaria, Germany
The Alpine Road, Germany
For My Miniature German Flag: The typical, expected thing to do was to take Spanish, to prepare for its growing prevalence in the world, but no, not I, after all I was quite obstinate.
10 Things To Do in Köln, #Germany
Eidelweiss Lodge & Resort, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
10 items for minimalist packing -- summer
ust Try Food in Munich, Germany
Is Munich on your travel bucket list? Enjoy these insider tips!
Rathaus Glockenspiel Marianaplatz Munich, Germany
ドイツ・ノインシュバンシュタイン城 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Rhine River Castle - Germany
Autumn at Lake Riessersee in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany • photo: Stefan Gerzoskovitz on 500px
12 Reasons Germany's 'Romantic Road' Is The Ultimate European Road Trip
Lindau Lighthouse - Lake Constance, Germany. One of the most scenic and photographed of the country's lighthouses, it was first lit in 1856 and is the southernmost lighthouse in Germany.
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Christmas in Hamburg, Germany
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"Eschenheimer Turm (Eschenheim Tower) was a city gate part of the late-medieval fortifications of Frankfurt am Main and is a landmark of the city"
It looks like any old roller coaster, with curves and heart-stopping loops. But instead of zooming by, people are walking—on inclines fitted with steps. This creation in Germany's Rhine Valley is an interactive sculpture, but it’s also one of the worl
Authentic recipe for German Marble Cake: Marmorkuchen.  Will try making this with a little almond extract added to the vanilla portion and a few tbsps of dark rum added to the chocolate bit.
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ღღ Lichtenstein Castle, Germany ~~~~~~ Lichtenstein Castle is situated on a cliff located near Honau on the Swabian Alb, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Historically, there has been a castle on the site since around 1200. Wikipedia
Pfistermühle | Munich + other places to eat & drink in Germany
irabell Gardens, Salzburg, Austria. Yes from "Do Re Mi" in the Sound of Music.
Castle Eltz is located in the hills above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier, Rhineland-Palatinate - Germany. It is still owned by a branch of the same family that lived there in the 12th century.
Black Forest Waterfall, Germany
Germany; Neuschwanstein Castle- few things you should really know about it besides the Disney aspect. It means 'new swan stone' in German and isn't too far from the original. And ... the guy that built it (King Ludwig II) was quite the charact
Freiburg ,Germany
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Badenixe (bathing beauty) sculpture in Hamburg, Germany | See more Amazing Snapz
Neustadt is one of the quaint old towns on the wine road, Germany
You must stop everything you are doing, and start daydreaming about these beautiful places! (Via Kelsey Celeste Kacher)
Castle reichsburg cochem, germany
Rudesheim, Germany by Tio Cheo.  This is an awesome picture of an even more awesome German town!
"Heidelberg hillside" by Jim Hill Hillside in Heidelberg, Germany near the famous castle. Notice the people on the stairs at the left of the shot. When I shot this I didn't realize they were in the picture. One of the great things about phot
Bamberg Germany
Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany (via Nuremberg #1, a photo from Bayern, West | TrekEarth)
Berlin, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland- “Travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really e
Heidelberg, Germany
aibaum, Bayern (Maypole, Bavaria)
60 Crazy Things to Do Before You Die
Freiburg, Germany
Landstuhl Germany: The view from a Burg Nanstein Castle's archway.
Schnoor Viertel in Bremen, Germany
Rothenburg-ob-der-Tauber, Bavaria, Germany
Cathedral of Aachen
Stolzenfels Castle along the Rhine between Cologne and Rudsheim, Germany
st Beautiful Ancient Castles - Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany
Ramsau in the Bavarian Alps
#Palmsonntag #Palmkätzchen #Tradition #Tradition #Bayern #Bavaria #Tracht #Germany
The wonderful window boxes that dress Bavaria. | Oberammergau, Germany
Ludwigsburg Castle, Stuttgart, Germany
The Obersee Lake ~ Bavaria, Germany
Christmas market at Berlin, Germany: what an amazing holiday destination; it is a gift wrapped in a well-planned gift!
Garden of Castle Linderhof, Germany
Bacharach, Germany This adorable town situated on the Rhine river, abounds with half-timbered houses a charming market place and loads of local color.
Aachen Cathedral or "Imperial Cathedral"
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
Burg Eltz Castle above the Moselle River between Koblenz and Trier, Germany • photo: Cam B. on Flickr
Berchtesgaden - Bavaria - Germany - Was there many - many years ago for a Army Community Service Volunteers Conference - it's absolutely breathtaking
dieval Plonlein, Germany at night
Castle Stahleck, Germany
So true if you don't take it too seriously.... Good thing nr. 136 is especially true :D
Colorful buildings in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany