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Step by Step Reupholstering
most comfortable shoes | Easy Petite Looks
Something to look at before getting a tattoo
Wine Chart
Best time to fly; best days of the week to book flights online, and tips on how far out to purchase flights! Good info!
8 ways to reduce a tummy - my biggest battle!! Some great diet tips I hadn't realized before too!!
Anyone who knows me knows I love spray paint♥
99 things to buy at the dollar stores. This is from a survival preparedness site, but is good for budgeters who want to know what's worth it to get at the dollar stores
FOR EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW!!!!How to do a smokey eye. A is 3rd darkest, B is lightest, C is second lightest, D is darkest.
8 Common Habits That May Damage Kidneys. The kidneys are important body organs, they take care of the urination process in our bodies by filtering body waste and excess of water. Despite being such an important component of our body many of us do not prop
40 ways to help induce labor naturally. Some are hilarious, some may help move things along if you are already close....
How to make a perfect bow out of any fabric you choose! Good to know if you don't have any ribbon on hand or if you just need a bow to match your decor perfectly!
Necklace Lengths and Layering // #Accessories
Top Plants for a Stunning Shade Garden. Photos show good variety of shade plants and they're identified for you.
A mom's real life after-pregnancy-progress: Help on what to keep and what to throw out! And tips on how to pack your meals!
5 DIY projects that are known to increase home value. Good to know which ones to focus on.
This Mod Podge formula guide explains all of the different Mod Podge formulas and how to use them. Completely updated with all of the new formulas for 2015!
How to Clean a Cowhide Rug. I don't have a cowhide right now but I might get one eventually.  At least I now know how to clean one lol.
6 Stretches To Prevent Rounded Shoulders
7 Ways to Save on Your Utilities!
How to "unshrink" your clothes! I've saved myself a LOT of agony with this tip! :-)
This Mod Podge formula guide explains all of the different Mod Podge formulas and how to use them. Completely updated with all of the new formulas for 2014!
What to eat (and not eat) before your run or workout. Great info. No more nausea after running from too heavy a pre-meal. #getbeachready #BLR #BiggestLoserResort
7 Things Every Silhouette Newbie Should Know - Life After Laundry
How to Filet a Fish
Acetaminophen vs. ibuprofen: which over-the-counter works better?
How to Sharpen a Punch
Want to know what the best lights are for makeup application?
Guidelines for Leaving Kids Home Alone with Printabl
guide to who should pay for what in a wedding!
How to divide hostas. When they look like this. Dig. Divide. Early, early spring.
Yes. Helpful!
Cheap and Wise: Clean Pee from a Mattress. Because, naturally, toddlers wet the bed AGAIN after you take off the sheets and are busy getting a new diaper and pj's when its so early it might as well be night time. *le sigh*
R. M. Drake @rmdrk Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram)
household-medications-for-pets2-thumb | The Dogington Post (*Note, do not use the imodium, only the kaopectate)
A College Drinking Guide to Help You Avoid the Freshman 15! [Infographic] : CollegeCandy – Life, Love & Style For The College Girl
ne of the first things we learned in nursing school.
all about interfacing and a site for all things sewing
Everything you need to know about lactation and breastfeeding. Great site!!
What Should I Plant in My First Garden? - A Beginner's Guide to Gardening
Wheelchair seating and positioning - great guide, would be good for orienting new employees and for students!
1000 Life Hacks
port- a device that communicates with components inside the computer case through a wireless connection
fat squares for quilting | Here’s another handy chart thanks to Pinterest. What did I do before ...
How To Choose a Paint Color: 10 tips to help you decide. This is SO good to know!
Acetaminophen vs. ibuprofen: which over-the-counter works better?
Women know that we should go to the doctor for a checkup once a year. Did you know what kinds of things we should be aware of and at what age? This chart has some great information about how our bodies age and what we should be looking for each decade.
Oh My Lord.. why didn't they teach me this in keyboarding class in the 7th grade.
R. M. Drake @rmdrk Instagram photos | Websta (Webstagram)
How to know if your eggs are fresh
Tip of the Day #50: What to Wear Today's quick attire tidbit comes from a fabulous Pinterest post provided by Wedding 101.  I often have friends reach out to me asking for advice on what to wear fo...
How To Choose a Paint Color: 10 tips to help you decide. This is SO good to know!
good to know. Countertops.
Guide to Spider Bites | 22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping
Baby Milestones
Anatomy of the Everyday Overnight Man Bag
10 Spray Paint Tips: what you never knew about spray paint (like how to spray paint thrift store junk and make it look great!). Good to know...
An amazing movie about Pitbulls everyone should watch whether you like or dislike them its good to know and full of information! It is on Netflix
st of the modern dislike of character descriptions is the result of four pitfalls.
Good to Know!
I am here to talk about my pelvic floor. My hypertonic pelvic floor to be precise. I would like to unload some of the information I have learned over the past few weeks of research and physical...
Cleaning tip
FOR EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW!!!!How to do a smokey eye. A is 3rd darkest, B is lightest, C is second lightest, D is darkest.
foot tut
guide to who should pay for what in a wedding!
How to Paint Doors The Professional Way ! Excellent Tutorial !
Even though I've never done IVF, I know each of these :-/   --Research Study - Use of Kisspeptin in #IVF treatment
How to tape yourself properly for a backless outfit..not gonna lie----this is good to know :)
This Mod Podge formula guide explains all of the different Mod Podge formulas and how to use them. Completely updated with all of the new formulas for 2014!
Common shooting error chart
7 Ways to Save on Your Utilities!
Greenhouse Heating – A Need to Know Guide - My Greenhouse Plans
How Long Will My Meat Keep?
10 Paint Secrets: How to choose the right paint finish! Good to know!
A list of drugstore make-ups that are duplicates of department store brands..... I finally found the one with the link!!!!!!! :D
Napkin Bow Fold
Herbal Remedies For Cavities - SHTF Preparedness
Not really up to date haha but i think my mom would find it useful
41 Camping Hacks That Are Borderline Genius
How To Remove Grease from Kitchen Cabinets
great online store for crazy quilt supplies!!!
check out this life hack!
8 Effortless Summer Fun Ideas For Lazy Moms Like Me
5 Ways to Wake Up Faster Every Morning | via @StyleCaster
The most popular New Uses for Old Things on Pinterest from Real Simple.
laundry - stain removal
Homemade Mosquito Spray- so easy just 3 ingredients! No harsh chemicals, no sticky feeling on your skin and the fragrance is much nicer then what you find in the store.
DIY Ideas for salt
How to Get the Smoothest Finish on your painted furniture- Good tips.
Infographic: Laundry Stain Removal Guide. Pre-treat stubborn stains with everyday household products.
Hmmm may be worth trying!!
professional organizer's blog post on how to organize digital photos in 6 simple steps.
Prevent Migraines With Magnesium.. I am a chronic migraine sufferer and this has helped!
Coconut oil uses
Nothing is safe now! You can make any color of furniture glaze - and its so easy! How to make furniture glaze in any col
#Knitting_Stitch -  "This Beautiful Trellis Stitch would be gorgeous for a winter scarf or sweater and although there are 8 rows to the pattern there are really only 4 rows with a change at the beginning to alternate the trellis Simple really!"
There’s the South Beach, Atkins, The Caveman (Paleo), The Zone, Weight Watchers, The Mediterranean, Nutrisystem, HCG, Glycemic Index, The Fat Smash, Fruit Flush, Raw Food Diet, Juice Feast/Fast Diet I...
Infographic: Laundry Stain Removal Guide. Pre-treat stubborn stains with everyday household products.
ashup Mom...How to get rid of Ants....mix 1/2 C sugar, 1 1/2 Tbsp Borax, and 1.5 C warm water. Soak cotton balls in the mixture, and put them out by the mess of ants.
7 Brilliant Bathroom Cleaning Tips: Here are several bathroom cleaning tips that will help make cleaning easier and faster!
Been doing this for years. It's also good when your stomach is upset.
laundry - stain removal
How to make your own ombre tie dye shirt.
Helpful Bible Verses for Panic Attacks and Anxiety. Cast your cares on the LORD, Do not be anxious about anything, Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 3:5, The LORD is my strength,
Zero-Waste Laundry Stain Removal Chart. How to Remove Clothing and Upholstery Stains Naturally for minimalist capsule wardrobe maintenance.
thers Day or Grandparents Day Idea ~  "This isnt just a butterfly as you can plainly see. I made it with my feet which is a part of me. it comes with lots of Love Especially to say I hope you have a very Happy Grandmother's Day!" - LOVE this
Easy DIY tutorial that makes a perfect bow every time. NO SEWING!
Flight attendant shows you how to pack 10 days worth of clothes into a carry-on... i will be happy i pinned this next time i pack
How to Use Excel More Effectively: 10 Great Excel Tips & Tricks
Easy tips for staining unfinished wood. Love the warmth of stain but scared to try it out?  Don't be!  Follow these quick tips and you'll be a wood staining expert in no time.
Another pinner wrote: "Outdoor use. flies HATE pine-sol. I mix it with water, about 50/50 and put it in a spray bottle. Use to wipe counters or spray on the porch and patio table and furniture Drives them away! We used to use this in the barn"
10 Steps to Prepping and Painting Furniture, Petticoat Junktion
How to get rid of fruit flies easily and effectively. This totally works! Within the first half hour I had already caught 10.
Introducing messages!
Stop Eye Twitching (8 steps)
Tips And Tricks That Can Save Your Life
OTC remedies for treating canker sore pain (baking soda dissolved in water was tolerated by the 8 year old)
If I can tackle the clutter in my home, so can you by following the steps I took to get it done. | In My Own Styl
The do's and dont's of starting your morning right
32 Brilliant Homemade Cleaning Recipes for a Frugal Household - DIY & Crafts
Dump A Day Top 20 Life Hacks Of The Week (Mind Blown!)
ix and match these stackable Muji acrylic drawers for customizable makeup storage that’s easily accessible. | 52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You
life hack
Keep feet dry by waterproofing cloth shoes. | 21 Helpful Hacks That'll Make Your Shoes More Comfortable
How to trim your dogs claws. Informative!
The #konmari method put to the test: An honest look at whether it works for families
Big list of DIY homemade cleaners
Have to try this one day
How To Effectively Build Your Brand Online
How to remove ink stains -- MATERIALS: 2 Parts Whole Milk 1 Part White Distilled Vinegar Large Bowl INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Combine Milk and Vinegar. Pour just enough milk to cover your garment into a large bowl. Add about half as much white distilled vinegar. 2
Want to protect your fabric? This is a simple way to waterproof fabric and repel stains. It will cost less than $20 and you can do it yourself.
Become a BETTER BAKER by learning the surprising differnces between baking soda vs. baking powder!
ake a container full of plastic bags that pull out like baby wipes for car, RV, Camper or home TUTORIAL
st comprehensive how to that I've found for homemade bug repellent candles. I plan on using all my baby food jars for ultra portable candles to take camping, outdoor events, and to use for prepping in general.
55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks
The Little Mermaid Candelabra; I may have to make one of these...
Life Hack: How to successfully cheat on a test (Hi-Def) know lots of people that woulda liked to do this in school lol
Infographic: Laundry Stain Removal Guide. Pre-treat stubborn stains with everyday household products.
Wow nutmeg is a hidden gem of a spice! I'm going to start using it today.
Clean your face with oil. It really works! Gets rid of blemishes, scars, uneven skin tone. It's a miracle worker!
With so many ways to save money, reading all the information can be overwhelming. Here is a comprehensive live of 107 ways you can save your family money big-time. Includes everything from coupons to surviving a layoff to saving money on a baby to bargain
16 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Vitamin E Oil For Skin, Hair And Health | StyleCraze
ake no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are.
Your closet isn't the only thing that needs an occasional decluttering. Your life does too.
On the iPad: make typing more comfortable by switching your keyboard to thumb mode. | 19 Mind-Blowing Tricks Every iPhone And iPad User Should Know
DIY: Car First Aid Kit
How to pack for a long journey into a carry on...I knew about rolling instead of folding clothes, but this could seriously come in handy. Good idea using a pillow case as a laundry bag, too.