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anaging Your Turn-In Tray with Clothespins - Cheap and Easy!
Great Idea for Stone Art
Introduction to Factoring
Great ideas for using chalk, with ideas for art, games, math, literacy, action games and puppets
What the Teacher Wants!: Common Core Data Checklists! They have grades K, 1 and 5 posted now - I'm staying tuned for when they put out 3rd grade!
Walking tacos - great idea for a kid's birthday party
Science and STEM based activity in the mail every month. Great idea for a gift.
50 Great Ideas for Small Tattoos // Mr Pilgrim Urban Artist Blog
decoupage vase DIY Show Off #SpringTimeinParis #michaelsmakers
This is such a fabulous idea from Thienly!  She made the cap from the GRADUATION DAY SVG KIT, topping off a champayne glass filled with mints with it!  How cute is that!  Check out her blog to see what other surprises she did!
Duck Tape® Clipboards. Great idea to make over those ugly cheap clipboards
Bathroom makeover
This is not only a great idea for storing fabric but also a good way to audition fabrics for your quilt. She tells how to do this and is sounds very easy
Such a cute bed and great idea for maximum storage in a small bedroom.
journal sticks - great idea for teens or adults who find it difficult to open up about themselves.
Gospel ABC's, matching cards, and puzzles!! More great ideas for sunday activities! #Monson #puzzle
- Bodengehege
this would be so handy for traveling and keeping snacks in the back for the passengers $10
How I finished the staircase (4 of 4) July 06, 2013
Rout dead-center dadoes
Great idea for instant shade in your garden. Cut out metal panels.
this is the best idea I have seen for a chore chart thus far!!! Could even make one for the hubby as a honey to do list lol
To end class
How To Lose 10 Pounds the right way! from At Race Pace - Time to get bathing suit ready!
DIY How To Make A Cloud | Great Idea for Party Decor or Photo Backdrop
Good use for used travel sized baby wipe containers
Great idea for instant shade in your garden. Cut out metal panels.
difications - purchase a wire drawer unit that is a perfect fit for the hanging closet even clears the shower plumbing. - Check out many more mods.
Creating your own stamps with Sizzix dies and foam
15 ways to bring boxed brownies to the next level- perfect for a quick and easy dessert that tastes gourmet!
Dr. Suess Character Letter Art | great idea for a library bulletin board- recreate with paper for Read Across America Day next year
If you are a frequent reader of this website you know we do a lot of posts on ways to save money. Well today we’re looking at ways to save something equally as valuable…TIME! If you’re like me and believe time IS money then you’ll agree these two subjects
Easter egg popsicles - so clever!
Life is sweet: Son-shine Easter Package for Our Missionary
Great idea for the sun deck. Would look good in an old birdcage too.
Pole Bean Tepee
Brilliant Transformational Transportation Design: The Track N Go Converts Your Truck Into a Tread-Equipped, Snow-Going Beast in Under 15 Minutes
Getting ready for Easter? Check out these great ideas -- 20 Easter ideas including recipes, decor and more! -- Tatertots and Jell
Journal prompt
Privacy fences don't have to be boring. Lattice toppers and decorative pergolas can add lots of character.
good idea. I wish some of the families I babysit for would do this.
Fold-out bed in "Dudley" DIY Sprinter conversion. Making the most of space in a 118" Sprinter camper van!
Great Ideas for April Fools Day!  (not mean, but funny pranks!)
nacho bar - super great idea! who doesn't like nachos? well, i am sure somebody out there doesn't - so don't yell at me, ok? (;
Nursing scarf, what a great idea! Wear it as a scarf, then open it up to discreetly nurse.
ffice space
DIY Firepit using concrete tree rings; i definately want this for next summer
Desk arrangement all done! This is a great idea for classrooms that have desks.
Kids chore baskets - I love this idea!
Great idea for a large back yard: Use your solar lights. They aren't just for the ground!  Take a 2x4 and cut them into squares to fit the existing fence posts. Using galvanized screws - not nails - to screw a "L" bracket to the underneath b
Cute clock! And you could use any symbols and words on the would be relevant to your life! Great idea.
Custom Made Hand Carved Door Frame, what a great idea for a country cottage!
great idea for old license plates! does anybody return them to the state like you're supposed to?! LOL
100 Days of Polymer Clay Ideas GREAT ideas here. This pendant is one of them
Some of these ideas are really awesome - esp. for high school & college students on limited budgets to make for friends & family. This one is 25 ideas, but has the link to parts 2 & 3, for a total of 75 ideas.
Establishing rhythm helps you get organized by providing a framework to your day and is thus a form of time management--albeit a much more flexible one.
great idea for my anniversary
s. Lee has tons of great ideas for her gardening unit: as always, cute and enticing for the kids!
bird houses.
GREAT ideas for new uses for old things!!!
Great Idea for Stone Art
{Get rid of 100 Things Weekend} Welcome Spring! *This is my goal today! Wish me luck... again.
Top de 2 voltas
journal sticks - great idea for teens or adults who find it difficult to open up about themselves.
What To Do With Oak Cabinets — DESIGNED w/ Carla Aston  It is amazing how good these medium oak cabinets look with some dark contrasting cabinets and the new backsplash and counters. Great ideas!
Creative DIY House Numbers • Great ideas & tutorials!
7 Tips and Tricks to Growing Strawberries. Great ideas and tips for DIY and home gardeners for cultivating the best strawberries!
It is  interior of a ski resort apartment in Menuires, France...but accully great idea for a small children's room.
Using 1 iPad in the classroom
This summer -- Make a container garden for growing cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. in rubbermaid tubs. Great idea if you live in an apartment or just don't have the yard space.
Flip-Flop Socks
tumblers-flower girl and ring bear.. Great idea so drinks dont get spilled and make a mess at the bridal table Sara Greene
Panda Sakura Hanami Bento
Great idea for easter egg evangelism. Try it. Christian workers in East Asia do this each year. #eggEV Resurrection eggs share Christ | AsiaStories
Edge Banding With Iron-On Veneer Edging - Article | The Family Handyman
19 Magical Ways To Remember Your Disney Vacation that won't cost a fortune!
Fun and easy to set up pond sensory bin. Kids can create their own sensory bins
This is a two-sided, high-quality flyer. One side features each of the most common wholesale member starter packs. Other side are 55 uses for the Everyday Essential Oils Collection (updated oils, t...
8 ways to detox for fall.
Not everyone can afford the full sets of beach house furniture. Here's a great DIY for making a beach home coffee table
16 Bra Hacks To Keep Your Girls Happy
DYI Fidget Ball:  Put Play-Doh inside a balloon to make a little "stress ball" for fidgety hands.  (Beans or rice are other options for filling the balloon.)  #fidgetball
If you often take long road trips, make sure you are ready with an inflatable bed! It takes up very little space, inflates in minutes, and turns any back seat into a comfortable bed!
I love this idea!
Love the way the curtain rod in hung off center and at the ceiling.
10 ways to practice multiplication facts beyond the traditional use of flashcards.
This easy embroidered photo is a perfect Christmas gift for Grandma or Grandpa! Click through for excellent directions.| The Glamorous Housewife
Some of these ideas are really cute
Book list
Literacy & Math Ideas: Vary Sentence Structure
Cute idea - would be cute when talking about careers - have them draw a picture of what they want to be when they grow up - caption, "My future is so bright I have to wear sunglasses!"
Perfect Teacher's Gift... Typography Art by lesleygracedesigns
Hanging Fresh Herbs in Mason Jars
Fun little summer project (okay, not too little) for adding a little color into your center activities. Step-by-step directions for creating colorful cookie sheets.
Use full extension drawer slides to make a sliding gate.
Want to give your garden a splash of color this year? These long-lasting colorful garden markers are not just adorable, they are a snap to make with supplies you probably already have on hand!
18 Things to Consider When Decorating Your Secondary Classroom by Blog Contributors Created for Learning, Created by Mr. Hughes,Julie Faulkner, Laura Randazzo, Students of History, The Teacher Team, and Tracee Orman
Fun with frozen: making ice grow
Ideas for beta fish plant and vase habitat.
Sofa Chair Arm Rest TV Tray Table Stand with Side Storage Slot for Tablet Magazine
99 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil : Learn all the ways to use this healthy fat to make you life simpler!
Been doing this for years. It's also good when your stomach is upset.
laundry - stain removal
Learn a few simple ways to make your Independent Reading Time more engaging, effective, and meaningful in your classroom.
Get to sit in the "Sweet Seat" for good behavior!
Picture Books for Little Inventors and Engineers
Pre-fab over window trellis. Three options seen when click through. Gallery: Flower Boxes Azek Trellis
DIY Design & Home Decor - How to Create a Chevron-Stripe Flag for the 4th of July!
Crafts, science & exploration activities for kids -- all inspired by great children's books!
Next year..
s. Terhune's First Grade Site!: Anchor Charts
make a toilet from a 5 gallon bucket and a milk crate. Step by step directions.
Animal Yoga for Children - Some great poses for kids! Repinned by Apraxiakidslearning.
"Did this for Mom for mothers day. I got wooden letters and painted them, then took photos and got them framed. I plan on doing it every few years as the kids grow up."
Repurposed stump Flowers Garden Love
DIY Idea diy craft crafts craft ideas easy crafts diy ideas diy crafts easy diy
18 Amazing DIY Transformations You HAVE To See!
Grow-a-Word-FamIn the center of the flower, write a word family.  Tape a strip of green construction paper to the back of a Poppin’ Patterns Flower and attach leaves that have words from that word family written on them.  Display the flowers on a “Grow-A-
ake A Cloud, with this fun science experiment for kids. Learn what three things a cloud needs to form and make your very own cloud in a jar!
Wine Bottle Betta Fish Tank Aquarium...cute for the kitchen.
Synonym Rolls - Love it!
Animal Yoga. Great active, outdoor or indoor activity.
Five SIMPLE kitchen cleaning shortcuts
Tree Activities for Kids ~ huge collection of ideas all about trees. Crafts, activities, games, science...
Prepositions of Place Exercises With Pictures
Check out these simple ways to incorporate writing into any subject
Good idea for photo series. (camera book - what did you take pictures of... vacation.. at an art museum...field trip.. etc.)
Easy to make pumpkin scented paint- great for Fall art and sensory projects, and you only need TWO ingredients! This paint made my whole house smell just like pumpkin pie.
Food Chain Collage - such a great way to integrate science and art
Trampoline Tent. Seriously!?? My kids would love this!!!
s.b.creatively: Easy craft for a weather unit! Use glue to create raindrops
life hack
Some of these ideas are really cute
OH MY GOSH!!! I AM IN LOVE!!!!! Disney Alice in Wonderland MAD HATTER Style Hat. $40.00, via Etsy.
No-sew curtains
The 52 Week Money Challenge – you game? Totally doing this!!!
Sounds like a fun experiment for introducing the Scientific Process....Soda sink or float. Have kids predict whether sodas will sink or float. Most will assume they will all act the same but they won't! Diet pop floats and regular sinks. Nice way to t
ake Your Own Natural Tick Deterrent
I'll have to remember to take a fitted sheet to the Beach.
Creative Grad Cap ideas - Harry Potter cap!! OMG YES IM GOING TO DO THIS!!!!! JUST 2 MORE YEARS!!!!
Bribes Teacher Gift
Classroom Digs- Love this reading area
Upgrade an old Disney shirt, I really need to do this next time we go to Disney
Incredible Edible Cell Need to remember for school
Wine Bottle Christmas Decor Frosty and Santa by EmbracetheEarth
Busy Beehives...: teacher appreciation
Ring Around the Collar Remedy
Let It Snow On Your Nails - 20 Snowflake Nail Arts - Fashion Diva Design
Super easy project! Make your own magnet board... #DIY #Magnet board
DIY: Car First Aid Kit
For Dad Father's Day Grandpa Husband 223 bullet 308 casing 270 rifle shot Gun Bullet Key Chain Hunting Key Ring
THE ULTIMATE SLOW COOKER SHREDDED BBQ BEEF      1 roast of your choosing (mine was a rump roast, around 4 lbs)     24 oz. bbq sauce of your choosing     1/4 cup apple cider vinegar     1/4 cup brown sugar     1/4 cup ketchup     2 Tbsp dijon mustard     2