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And slap that face.
When people pressure you to be more social, whether you like it or not.
LOL!! I think you'd save more then $600 :)
Boy Meets World - Cory and Topanga!
Children are often spoiled....
NERD VANDALIZING this is from my hilarious board, check it out and give it a follow
Retro Inspirational Quote Giclee Art Print by RockTheCustardPrints
Image detail for -... FAIL - EPIC FAIL Funny Videos and Epic Fail Funny Pictures
Bahaha yay for being almost a redhead... very strawberry blonde anyway. My brother's a true redhead though.
Also wont make you skinny. Haha Women's "Hating Me" Racerback Tank by Beautiful Disaster (Heather Black)
The only reason I have a Sam's club membership is for the impending zombie apocalypse.
Soul mates, scientifically explained
So true!!!
This bathroom notice: because this clearly was an enough of an issue.
I deserve a medal for making it through this week without stabbing someone with a fork - sometimes this is a daily statement.
LOL!! I think you'd save more then $600 :)
th lab // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
I had this same caboodle..I loved it!
Work at Disney World and be a Disney Princess :) This pin leads to pictures of people living me dream haha
Haha oh god! I did this SO much in middle school and high school... And probably some in college too.
Proverbs 9:8 "Don’t correct jealous, cynical people, they will hate you anyway". Haha
She hates flip flops… | 29 Reasons Emma Watson Is The Light Of Every Human's Life
I can count!
✧elιzaвeтн Lisaιzzayнere✧
awesome Dobby quote - one of the best lines in the series :)
You appear to be unarmed...
This cake is called better than anything cake because it is literally so hard to control yourself around it! I mean, it is so good, it is literally impossible to stay away, so make sure make it for a party or gathering so it's gone quick! Haha
you know you're from kansas when...
y to-do list from today seems to consist of everything from my to-do list yesterday.
I died.
spongebob says bye squidward bye mr.krabs bye squidward Patrick asks why did you say bye to squidward twice? sponge-I like squidward
Best Friend Quotes And Sayings - Bing Images
This bathroom notice: because this clearly was an enough of an issue.
she's so over being the "girl" on the team
Castle view
Things About Boyfriends
Teenager Posts
all of the time
Our baby's will have this it's so cute!!
Teenager Post 1 - 100 - Teenagerpost Wiki
Ha! XD
This is one fibro funny I fully intend to use!
You can't swat kids in a Honda Element...true story, seats are too far apart
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 30 Pics
No bitch
Even Superman wants to be Batman...yah hailey "even superman wants to be batman"...
And if people continue to say idiotic shit to you about your pregnancy? | 33 Ways The Third Trimester Trolls Pregnant Women
Look at this Red Marble 'I Work Out' Racerback Tank & Red Hipster on #zulily today!
mg yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the ones that will talk to you in the middle of the game. like really!!!!
Teenager Posts
I am not even trying anymore. This happens to me every single day!!
Too soon
Food Pyramid #Pizza by AwesomeBestFriendsTs on Etsy
she's so over being the "girl" on the team
The Son of Neptune should have been named this instead :) #percy Jackson #finding percy #the son of neptune
Gossip Girl
"Run as often as you choose; but do not faint." - jane austen
Shut Up About Your Diet #diet #shutup #food #lettuce #sadness
bad girls, best friends
Disney’s royalty // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
S & M Minion
I couldn't not repin this.
#oliviabosschick Instagram photos | Webstagram - the best Instagram viewer
24 Products That Are Totally Feeling You Right Now (via BuzzFeed)
I didn't get this until I glanced away and sort of saw "it" out of the corner of my eye. haha
Photograher Magnus Muhr
Hey, Lita. I couldn't read this, so I am really glad I put it in my Adult Humor!!!
So true!
Fitness? More like fitness whole pizza in my mouth!
You just read that in Alan Rickman's voice - - Harry Potter Memes and Funny Pics - MuggleNet Memes
I dont know why i find this funny...
I want this sign but instead of dog say maltese and instead of cat say poodle. That'll show em!
I used this joke five years ago, but hey!
haha ... you really gotta spell it out for some people or they'll never understand the signs! LOL
Selfies Gone Wrong: 45 Of The The Worst Selfies Ev
32 paintings paired with Mean girls quotes: one of the funniest mean girls memes I've seen. Ha!
I so agree
Oh that's so you
Haha! For any guy that marries me someday, this would be perfect! lol
turning 40 jokes | Funny 40th Birthday Card | ThisNext
Very true -_- lol
Tuesday humor – A day without laughter is a day wasted
big bang theory women dressed as disney princesses funny pictures. My husband would so behave like Sheldon.
LOL pictures of the hour (4:18:48 PM PST  Friday, February 27, 2015) – 10 pics
This shit needs to be mine.
lo freakin l!!
The Most Biting Walking Dead Memes - While I love this show, these are seriously hilarious & true! ;] Oh and let's not forget the baby!
Lol I love this it's how I feel some days
18 things we learned from Boy Meets World.......truth!!!
OMG: 20 Hilarious #Frozen Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud
leslie knope
40 Of The Top Hilarious ECards On Drinking/Alcohol - Sarcastic Charm
"wish i could be...part of that world...." hahahahahahaha
Top 40 Funniest Minions Quotes #Humor #Pics
30 Hilarious “Simpsons” Sight Gags or reasons why I looove the Simpsons
Happy Hour Humor 56 | Hampton Roads Happy Hour - 9..4
Funny Memes: Now That's Well Played (18 Photos) - NoWayGirl. The whole list is so freakin hilarious!!!!
Bahahah I just pictured doing this... my dentist is my best friend's dad so I think he'd just be like, okay stop I'm trying to clean your teeth here.
Died laughing
There's Waldo! Should just put this all over the walls in school for a senior prank!
when hilarious people meet chemistry
funny+pics+of+animals | ... pics), animal memes, animal pictures with captions, funny memes, funny
lol, thats me! | Miixx- hon utan fingrar men med massa glädje
Amazing Creatures: 30 Funny animal captions - part 12 (30 pics)
These Memes Are Nothing But The Truth From Instagram (13 Photos) - NoWayGirl
Hahahahah, I don't normally post things like this but you have to agree it's pretty funny!
For my April Fool's birthday boy .  41 Genius April Fools’ Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall F
Omg so true!!
Orange Is The New Black
Product Title
250 Funniest Nursing Quotes and Ecards #Nursebuff #Nurse #Humor
Rhino hoof boots.
At least
Funny Pictures Of The Day
any box will do
Ice Age. I use this line soo many times -especially when in someones face.
So true on some days :)
The 20 Funniest Pictures of Babies With Cats!
For my April Fool's birthday boy . 41 Genius April Fools’ Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall F
This basically sums up my life. Correction every teenaged girls life. except those fake Barbie girls.
teenager post | teenager_post_2.jpeg
7 Funny Questions to Ask Siri for Your Own Amusement ... | All Women Stalk
Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from savagely beating one of my coworkers with a keyboard. #Friday #Humor
Lets get naked tanktop - LHDC Clothing
Large Cabochon Amethyst & Diamond Ring
20 things that kill more than sharks. Not really funny, but interesting nonetheless.
Funny beach pic idea! Lol front back
Fitness? More like fitness whole pizza in my mouth!
Afternoon Funny Pictures - 69 Pics
Funny Stoner Weed Memes Photo Gallery #1 - Karma Jello
Totally my mom!!!!!
Short People Problems
cool inventions......... I really want this!