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Hahahahaha! Oh my god I don't think I'll ever love anything more than I love this fandom. (Sorry future children.)
Spanish jokes for kids, chistes para niños
Gas laws Have kids make mind map?
When these puns happened. | 31 Times Tumblr Had Important Realisations About Disney
The evolution of Liv’s haircut: | 33 Jokes Only "Law And Order: SVU" Fans Will Understand
Cheese and Crackers. When you have the #cheese, but not the #crackers...
This workout is no joke! I did it this morning instead of running but I feel like I ran!
I actually get it! I defined this 172515 times this week for my medical online class! Go me!
16 Hilarious and Harmless Pranks...I wouldn't do these but some are quite funny.
ust have been a seriously hilarious joke :-D
I used this joke five years ago, but hey!
Why God created Woman from Man's Rib. A beautiful article about who you are as a woman, and how ( and why) men should treat women.
I'm knitting you a muffler...
And the footage they should have rolled. Every. Time. | 24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand
The one accountant joke that every accountant knows but will still tell it to every accountant they meet thinking that the other accountant doesn't know it...
LOL jokes of the hour (7:55:52 PM PDT Sunday, March 22, 2015) – 10 pics
Keep it down! I'm on the phone!
18 Jokes Only "Harry Potter" Fans Will Find Funny - BuzzFeed Mobile
She knows her puns // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
How to Turn an Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser into a Silly String Launcher « Hacks, Mods & Circuitry
Isaac Newton meets Wicked. | 26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand
Tumblr Marvel #4. The Thor and Hulk joke is'd I get that two years late?!
Teach your dog how to walk on a leash. Stop leash pulling with these essential leash training tips.
LOL jokes of the hour (7:55:52 PM PDT Sunday, March 22, 2015) – 10 pics
chemistry cat
As the old mom proverb goes… | 19 Jokes You Should Send To Your Mom Right Now
Top 40 Minions Quotes #minions
School Jokes: lunch note printables; for students who may need appropriate social skills at lunch. Great idea and would be good at other times as well as scripts for gaining attention!
Kitty Cat Hide and Seek Level Creepy ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart fails meme humor
A Marching Band Guide for Parents | TONE DEAF...funny stuff.
faith in humanity restored, once again
spongebob says bye squidward bye mr.krabs bye squidward Patrick asks why did you say bye to squidward twice? sponge-I like squidward
girls boys win humor jokes
Jokes Only "Call Of Duty" Fans Will Get
LOTR humor in a soldier.... :)
I've always felt that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don't take or hide their feelings, and they are the most loyal creatures on earth. And somehow we humans think we're smarter...what a joke!
Funny Jokes -
A large Collection of Happy, Inspire, Jokes, Love, Riddles, Emotional, Interview Quotes: Riddl
Lunchbox Jokes and How To | This is awesome! Not only are these jokes funny, there is also a tutorial on how to create your own cards for the future.
Hahahahah, I don't normally post things like this but you have to agree it's pretty funny!
Banana who?
today my work asked if i wanted to join a "maintain don't gain" for the holidays, i responded that i fully intend to gain :)
And the nerdiest vandalism of the year. | The 32 Nerdiest Jokes Of 2013 Lol that's so nerdy!!
Cartoon: What do you think of 12 hour shifts? - About A Nurse - Nursing Cartoon Series
I want to give this to my Algebra teachers SO BAD Hahahaha!
This wonderful pun. | 26 Jokes Only Theatre Nerds Will Understand
Huskies Tell The Best Jokes // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
Attack Of The Funny Animals - 30 Pics
This mom who puns so hard... | 29 Parents Who Are Clearly Way Better At Texting Than Their Kids
#jokes #kids #humor
This exchange: | 33 Jokes Only People Who Watched "Lost" Will Find Funny
Never trust people who don't swear. They're keeping all kinds of shit bottled up inside. Let it out people. Let it the fuck out.
This deadpan delivery. | 24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand
The pizza delivery guy. We see them on the road all the time. Theyre often the butt of jokes, especially in teen comedy movies. But when you are watching the game and theres nothing in the fridge...
It’s becoming difficult to tell whether or not this is a joke.
Goggles. | 27 Struggles Only A Swimmer Can Understand
Cat-Ions are pozzitively charged! I get it because I'm actually doing good in Chem this semester.. Go Me...
Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 74 Pics
LOL jokes of the hour (07:54:17 PM, Tuesday 21, April 2015 PDT) – 24 pics
Gives a whole new meaning to breakFAST food. and Hash Tags
Urdu Latifay: Men & Women Jokes in Urdu 2014, Urdu Latifay 2014,...
Taylor Swift has announced that it has secured its own feet for a record $ 40 million, a move his justified fear that they can no longer use to dance on stage with losses estimated about 200 million dollars
Playing cards with the Joker
ust see this show
Oh surprised Rupert Grint, you are the best Rupert Grint.
When Timmy Turner learned he was a mistake: | 33 Jokes That Went Way Over Your Head As A Kid
And the footage they should have rolled. Every. Time. | 24 Jokes Only "Once Upon A Time" Fans Will Understand
"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home" -J.K.Rowling
Lol gallery of the hour (02:05:35 AM, Friday 20, March 2015 PDT) – 10 pics
Love Jennifer Lawrence. She is seriously one of the most down-to-earth celebs out there. |20 Signs That Jennifer Lawrence Is Your Spirit Animal
Believe Another Beer 8 x 14 Vintage Metal Sign | Man Cave Kingdom - $32
Life after Nclex-RN
The pecan pie: | The 18 Best Autocorrect Pranks Of All Time
Lol pictures of the hour (03:35:40 AM, Monday 30, March 2015 PDT) – 10 pics
47 Medical-Surgical Nursing Flashcards & Memory Aids | NurseBuff #Nurse #Mnemonics #Flashcards #MemoryAids
20 jokes that are just so stupid ... I told #11 to Dale, and he was not amused. Good thing I was!
I will miss the fact that he gave me just a little more time each week with the real-life, Dwight Schrute alike I knew back in my college days.
Everytime I Shave This Happens... The struggle is real | From kyngofdafuq
Grinds my grears so hard
33 Teachers Who Got The Last Laugh... All reason I could never teach, I'd be too tempted!
Jess and Rory
my dad used to quote this all the time!!!
Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at
Yep Sometimes all in one day!
nfl memes | Pro Sports Chick | Tag Archive | NFL meme
Daryl Dixon
QUICK! To the Mothership!
Over the Hill, Getting Old, Senior Citizen Humor
If only it were true. My kids for weeks say, "I want to go to nursery, not primary." LOL
You only get to climb an ice wall once. | 31 YOLO Moments That Went Terribly Wrong
ake Fake Dog Poop For A Great April Fools' Day Prank. Here's how we did it...
Funny Yo Mama Jokes | Welcome, Guest | Login | Register | Forgot Password |
Ariel in swirly colored pencils. Pretty. Tumblr
all of the time
This made me laugh way too hard when I finally got it
Funny Cat Pictures With Captions | Funny Cat Pictures with Captions 45 (hhahahahhahhahha poor cats, click on the pic, theres some more weird/funny ones haha)
COFFEE first your BULLSHIT second Adult Humor by SLANTEDmind, $4.99
Successfully Styling Your Hair: Expectations Vs. Reality. This is SO me.
funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
Repin this if you read it in Rainbow Dash's voice, as did I.
18 Jokes That Will Definitely Make You Groan  Cute ag-related jokes that could be used to spice up the classroom!
27 Deep Dark Fears That Will Make Your Skin Crawl. These are terrible, but yet hilarious.
Funny Jokes for Adults
Duck dynasty :)
the walking dead Lauren, Steven, and Norman! (Maggie, Glenn, and Daryl)
Vintage 1950's Housewife memes, funny sayings, sarcasm, e cards, funny pictures, women's humor
Daryl Dixon
It's been said you can't teach an old dog new tricks...but, a call light? Really?! #allnurses #nursehum
When your mom says you can't take your car to college: | 30 Things Everyone Who Went To College Will Understand
Then I think of it again and start laughing for another five minutes ME ITS SO ME!!!!! And then at home my mom is like "okay enough already, Crista" and I start laughing again, because how can you not? Lmao
NightGlow was born from a spark of unbelievable magic from luna moon but not her daughter
I can't stop laughing
Fun Claw - Funny Cats, Funny Dogs, Funny Animals: Funny Dog Pictures - 22 Pics
my new favorite joke
And help you plan ahead for the future. | 27 Texts You'd Only Get From Your Best Friend
Ariel The Little Mermaid ART PRINT illustration by SubjectArt
True American rules YES...thank you internet!! This is on my bucket list. Want to play this so bad!
haha amazing
guilty! ;)
This is true.
Urdu Latifay: Men & Women Jokes in Urdu 2014, Urdu Latifay 2014,...
That time Meg was so not impressed with Hercules. | 25 Times Disney Face Characters Were Completely Adorable
Love it XD
'Thank You', from Snoopy and Woodstock.
This made me laugh way too hard when I finally got it
People’s lives on the Internet // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
Nursing School: Assessment Mnemonics
You don't hide your lack of enthusiasm for socializing, and your friends are OK with it...mostly. | 31 Unmistakable Signs That You're An Introvert
That looks so weird. It kinda looks hairy<--- i know! And then you realize its water ...
Has anybody seen Ken? | 24 Hilarious Divorce Cakes That Are Even Better Than Wedding Cakes Lauren Bellotti
"Texts From Mittens" Is The Best Blog About Text Messages From A Cat Ever - BuzzFeed Mobile
Tuesday is just mondays ugly sister funny meme monday humor instagram funny meme tuesday
diabolic cats :D
So close! (gif - wait for it...)
@Morgan Kader doesn't this sound like something I would do to you? (pssst I probably will do it to you sometime muahahhaa)