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Does your son know about these 19 things?
5 Most Underrated Kids Products At IKEA, including this knife rack as a car or train holder.
How to make MINECRAFT Diamond Sword and Diamond Pickaxe
These 11 questions focus your children on how to make themselves happy. Eventually, your children will internalize these questions and ask them in their own heads. Then you'll have given them the gift of happiness, which will make you so (you guessed.
Chair rail of chalkboard, cork board, and magnet boards? Genius.  Great way to have space for them to hang their treasures!
With an attention span that is so short, how do we teach toddlers anything at all? Fret not, here we have compiled a list of toddler learning activities that are so much fun, your toddler will be more than up for them.
shadow puppets (diy entertainment)
Boys Baseball Sports Decorative Wooden Wall by LettersFromAtoZ - do these with an R and a B for the boys bathroom.
DO A DOT Printables
Daycare, doctor visits, moving, going back to work, new baby? These 3 strategies worked wonders for us.
Build a car using only 2X4's, the total cost was a little more than $20!  Perfect for a playground. (More Like Home: Day 26 - Build a Little Car)
Thank you bags for labor & delivery nurses - bring along with you to the hospital as little thank you gifts for the amazing nurses!
Brody and Preston
Sidewalk fun.. this would be great if you have a lot of sidewalk/paths at your house, cool way to keep kiddos entertained!
Summer Reading Nook Outdoor Hideaway Building Plans Rósa Guðjónsdóttir revivals
Planning to purchase monogrammed Easter baskets this year. Who doesn't love Pottery Barn?
I've been thinking about ways to get back to the basics of letting the Bible be the foundation for the discipline and training of our children. Here are some ways you can start using God's Word to correct in your family.
DIY Bath Crayons ... She actually makes these for her kids as well.. Recipe tested
Gray, white and navy poufs hanging from the ceiling are great decor.
llow Mummy: Toddler Massage Tips and Techniques
Homemade Pine Cone Bird Feeders - Mother nature provides the main "ingredient" in these easy fall crafts. Using pine cones are the perfect way for you and the kids to partake in a fun, frugal and fall inspired project.
abigail brown - paper mache masks
Blinded By The Light: Newborn Procedures to Reconsider (cord clamping, vitamin K, Erythromycin Eye Ointment, circumcision, hepatitis B, first bath) - very detailed explanations with medical references.
Toilet-training secrets from toddler-room teachers.
Easy Mother's Day Crafts - Grandma's Flowerpot - A Student at Mama University - What To Expect Blogs
paint 6 toilet paper rolls with green, yellow, and blue (washable) paint. Cut the ends of all the tubes into a point, poke a hole through to thread pipecleaners cut & fold over to make joints. Use school glue to glue 2 google eyes & a small piece
Simply warm up the rocks in the oven (I did 220 for 10 minutes), then put them on a stack of newspapers (or something else you don't care if it gets crayon in it) and let the little ones go to town. Just remind them it is hot.
Activities: Footprint Penguin Sweet idea for a greeting card.
50 Busy Box Ideas for Preschoolers || The Chirping Moms
A Handy Guide to successfully potty training your child in JUST 3 DAYS! I was very skeptical but decided to try this method, and my child was 100% TRAINED by the end of day 3- I can not believe how well this works!
How to set up a playroom your kids will use. How to update it for older kids.
Gift guide for your LEGO lover - includes clocks, games, toys, books, clothes, and more!
homemade shape puzzle for kids using household items - trace the items onto a sheet of paper, then give the kids the basket of items to match to the shapes!
Awesome activity for a rainy day! Paper plane target practice.
Kids will love this outdoor chalkboard, too.
diy I love the tie
monster bubbles 11 C water 4 C dish soap (not antibacterial) 1 C corn syrup
Bug Magnets from Bottle Caps Something cute to make with kids. use for a metal tic tac toe travel board.
Kids Playhouse Ribbon Cutting Ceremony GIANT Giveaway
Structuring the Day for a Toddler - good article. *Pinning this again because it changed my life!!* my 2 year old now finally takes a nap everyday and goes to bed at the same time every night...repetition and patience is the key...
Stained Glass Kite Decorations Made from Tissue Paper
Traveling With Young Kids | Homemade Activity Book Idea - OurKidsMom
32 DIY Backyard Games - for all ages....try getting the balloon in the basket with the pool noodle!
Bubble Wrap Paint Print
20 Frugal Date Night Ideas for mommies and sons and fathers and daughters.  Great for Valentine's Day Weekend with the family!
want to make something like this for the playroom as a lil fort or store or whatever they girls want it to be that day.
Tons of Fun: Easter Ideas. A collection of Easter activities with plastic eggs for young children - in the picture shown an adult makes holes in the top of a box that are just the right size to push a egg through.
5 Mindful Games for Kids – Fun with Benefits!
ake Your Own Glow in the Dark Sidewalk Chalk using only two ingredients; such a fun way to play after dark!
Super simple, but it was the FIRST thing gone at our birthday party for my daughter!
12 Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Busy. via Babble #preschool #kindergarten
Coffee filter lily Maybe start by mixing blue and yellow for a big green paper to make lilly pads, and mixing blue and white for the background paper
Next Generation Stay At Home Mom: All Natural Toddler Cough & Congestion Remedy
Here's a great idea, create a chore board and when the kids want money, they pick out tasks that equal the amount they want to earn!