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Lesson Plan – Teen Finance – Student loans, paying for college and what Jay Z has to do with it. #lessonplans
How do you plan what you teach? Learn to plan for the whole year, then for specific topics, and then down to the daily lessons. Great advice on planning out your school year.
Link to possibly the greatest lesson plan format I've seen yet. Will buy and organize/spiral bind for next year.
Teach Junkie: 17 Quick Cootie Catcher Printables and Lesson Plan Ideas - include definitions
A fun invitation to play involving floam and craft bits to create aliens!
This is a lesson plan that focuses on speech with students with autism. They use assistive technology to assist them in this.
ganized teacher binder and lesson plan template... could I spin off of this to keep ME ( a non teacher) organized? hmmm. bm
Life in the Colonies
300 Page Unit For THE OUTSIDERS by S.E Hinton.  Fun class activities, quizzes, vocabulary, presentations, assignments and more! Middle or High School
Palm Craft with lesson ideas for the Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday)
A is for Astronaut - the cutest lesson! Letter of the week plans - What they did for each letter of the alphabet
DIGITAL Poetry Slam - introduces students to performance poetry and lets them make audio or video files of their poems to take the fear out of presenting it live! Project includes multimedia lesson, directions, rubric, and Teacher's Guide to help with
Use these FIVE FULL WEEKS of lesson plans as you take your students through the magic and scandals of Greek mythology. Help your students connect the themes of the classic tales to our modern world and their own lives. Beautifully designed, relevant activ
Elementary P.E. Lesson plans. Some of these are pretty good; they're organized by different units and are PDF files so you can easily print them. There is a space on the l.p. where all the NASPE standards are listed and space to write in the state/ co
Guided Reading organizational ideas
Flexible Lesson Plan System
» Spring Theme – Preschool Nuttin' But Preschool
Complete art lessons for exploring great artists :: artist profiles, creative art projects, supply lists. 25 great artists.
Weekly clothes organizer for each kid. All the clothes and other items they need for that day of the week. Would be so convenient!
Biography Research Finished Example
Natural Materials Lesson Plans Education Albright-Knox Art Gallery - would do with yr 9-10
Ocean lesson plan pre-k  #crustaceans #lesson8 #crabs
Great post on getting set up and organized for back to school with your planning binder!  Love this product, it has everything you need for back to school and more!
A Special Sparkle: Tips for New Special Education Teachers: Working with paraprofessionals
Yes, 100 of them - all different!  Add some crafts to your lesson plans, amigos.  --AnneK at Confesiones y Realidades
Layers of Earth's Atmosphere visual
Sunday is a teacher's day of REST: the REST of the laundry, the REST of the housework, and grade the REST of the papers. View 90+ funny teacher quotes and humorous graphics on this page of Unique Teaching Resources.
Complete art lessons for exploring great artists :: artist profiles, creative art projects, supply lists. 25 great artists.
Could be used with Ezra Jack Keats 'Pet Show'.
Bloom's revised Taxonomy with verbs!
Fun idea for how negative attitudes/behavior can ruin friendships
DIY engineering / bridge lesson plan
A is for Astronaut - the cutest lesson! Letter of the week plans - What they did for each letter of the alphabet
Cloud art.    This blog is making me really want to do a cloud unit (and, secretly, ask this teacher for every lesson plan she's ever written).
Earth Day Persuasive Writing Unit
Continents, Oceans and Landforms: This unit includes a 2 week lesson plan, practice activities, graphic organizers, and assessments. Also includes 18 landforms reference charts, a culminating landform building and writing project PLUS cross-curricular lit
Place Value with 3 Digit Numbers - Games and Lesson Plans This 24-page game packet contains 4 great place value games and activities. Partner games and individual activities are included in this place value packet. Printable games included in this set: ♥T
YEAH!! This is fantastic, since we are, as my girls call it an "adopted-forever family!" A Year of FHE: Adoption lesson plan
End of the Year Activities
Civil war lesson plans
The Create a Documentary lesson plan includes everything you'll need to excite your students and ignite their love of learning. I've used this activity with my own students. The result was a resounding success!
keep calm
Get elementary lesson plans, enrichment activities, assessment rubrics, & more.
Teaching Mondrian and Geometry at the same time! A beautiful natural pairing, this 3rd grade lesson AND assessment is the perfect lesson for anyone looking to connect art with math.
y Anger Road Map is a creative lesson plan that includes handouts, visual aides, and question cards that takes a road trip through angers development in an effort to help identify one's triggers, behavioral signs, reactive and preventative strategies
Ocean in a bottle! Fun sensory activity for Ocean preschool lesson plan
Complete art lessons for exploring great artists :: artist profiles, creative art projects, supply lists. 25 great artists.
Writing Feature Stories: How to Research and Write Newspaper and Magazine Articles
Kindergarten adn Preschool bug lesson plans
Students using Videos for Math, ELA, Science, Humanities and more!
lesson plan template - not a fan of the "one page a day" thing... But might help me change up what I already have... (KL)
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Unit....Unbelievably awesome post FULL of great activities!
Guided Reading :: ideas and organization!!! Great layout for plans. (She teaches 2nd grade.)
Preschool at home lesson plans & organization tips
Set yourself up for some serious classroom success! Keep your entire school year streamlined in one easy-to-use app. Create lesson plans, organize grades, take notes and collaborate with students—all in OneNote. Find out more about how OneNote helps your
Students design "Mother's Day Portraits" of their moms and write adjectives that describe their mothers for this project idea.
brain breaks
2 Organized Apples: Classroom Solutions for Grades 3-5: Guided Math
TPT Common Core Informational Text Lesson PLan What was it like to be a young soldier in the Civil War? Explore the origins, sufferings, and aftermath of the Civil War through the writings of Aiken, a young soldier. Letter writing was the main form of com
Palm Craft with lesson ideas for the Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday)
Influenza 1918 : 1 hr The worst epidemic in American history killed over 600,000 Americans during World War I. movie and lesson plans
Creative Elementary School Counselor: Friendship Bugs
Lessons in Therapeutic Riding | Lesson Plans, Patterns, Activities, Games & More for the Therapeutic Horseback Riding Instructor
Body Parts lesson plans. Few Creative activities, wish for more creativity, but DAP.
Complete art lessons for exploring great artists :: artist profiles, creative art projects, supply lists. 25 great artists.
In this adorable story, Lisa has a very important homework assignment- measure something in several different ways. What did Penny select to measure?  Her dog, Penny!   She has to use standard units like inches and nonstandard units like paper clips to fi
Huge List of Contemporary Artists - great resource with lists of art ed blogs for elementary and secondary
It looked Like Spilt Milk Activity! We love this book! Can't wait to do the activity match
Fruit of the Spirit Coloring Pages
Adron's Art Lesson Plans: How To Draw A Fence In A Rural Scene
A Self- Esteem Checklist. I don't relieve believe in the terminology "self-esteem", for me, it's more like "self-worth", but this list can be helpful to get a better understanding of an individual's view of themselves.
Have students list ways that they can reduce, reuse, and recycle the natural resources they use every day.
How many weeks, days, hours left until the end of the school year? Are you counting? Read this article from #WeAreTeachers for some great ideas for year-end lesson plans!
Cinco de Mayo pinatas made from empty milk cartons. Fun craft idea
Earth science: Very detailed lesson plans on how to create a bidome.
40 STEM iPad Apps for Kids (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) by imaginationsoup #STEM #iPad_Apps
do this for library research skills
frog craft for frog and toad writing
agic Milk--learn about color mixing. I love this idea from Life Lesson Plans. We will have to try it!
The Colorful Art Palette: Week 13 Native American Indian Art and More...
value of the visual arts
40+ kid made gifts that grown ups will really use
Coloriage pour La St-Valentin
4 poles: 7 exercises : Great exercises for horses of all disciplines!
"Sunset #51" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Rita Kirkman
ilk Carton Bird Feeder ~ Recycled bird feeder spring kids craft
Kids love to create pipe cleaner crafts, and we’ve collected over 360 ideas to keep the kids busy for hours.
pastel art! I want to try! I did try and it didn't go so well. Love this use of color though. The blue is perfect
Double Consonant Web - activity done w/magazines to help identify double consonant words.
six tips for division with decimals
How to Write the Perfect Artist Statement
arth book (good for cause and effect)
Art and Math – inspired by Klee
quations radicals square roots fractions slope formulas volume area inequalities pythagorean theorem irrational numbers transformations
The Cabbage Experiment / 20 After-School Activities That Are Actually Fun (via BuzzFeed)
Art Curator for Kids - Making Art with Kids - Block Printing Art Tutorial, Printmaking
Homeschool Helper Online's Color Wheel Worksheet
Nouns and Verbs Scoops
Colorful Stained Glass Kites - Spring is almost here! What a great way to welcome the season and dress up your windows. I love this no-mess craft!
Plant a Poem, Plant a Flower craft for Earth Day and Poetry Month
This article lists several children's books for kids that are about special needs. Check it out!
Like the dot method as a way to mix the primary colors to create the secondary.
Flip Flop Prints
A Nature Scavenger Hunt! What a cool way for kids to learn about nature in their own yard or neighborhood! Could be done in each season, so kids see the changes.
DIY Dressage: Tutorial: How to Make your own Polo Wraps
St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: Handprint Art   - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit  ht.ly/63sNt for all our pediatric therapy pins
College isn't the online option - ideas for high school grads who aren't ready for college
stellarsky Dark paper, outline w/ glue, pastel the inside, left to right ->warm colors, cool colors and mixed
Watercolor Pineapple Colorful Art Print, Rainbow Colors, Kitchen Art Print, Watercolor Painting Watercolor Print
100+ Memory Tools for Different Subjects
5th or 6th grade art project idea lesson watercolor bugs and backgrounds
Artist worksheet
How Does it Rain? Make it rain in a jar with this simple science experiment for kids.
analysing artists work
Polar Bear Paintings
Elements and Principles of Art
ther's Day Crafts for Kids | Holidays Central
Could it be Bigfoot? The Loch Ness Monster? The Abominable Snowman? Make a mask of your favorite, fearless beast!
Yellow paper tooth, white paint, toothbrush to make the tooth white again! Love this, especially with some other learning activities about dental care for little ones.
Are you looking for ways to spice up your elementary economics unit? This file includes several vocabulary posters with picture cues, lessons, and ...
One teacher's strategy for using data to drive instruction -- this is worth a look!
Top 15 At-Home Science Experiments for Kids
Foldable Friday: The Planets
Paper Plate Dinosaurs! I love these little kids art projects. They are fun for homemade Valentine's Ideas. Templates on how to cut the paper plates too!
I feel a Piet Mondrian phase coming on. (This is inspiration not a link to how to). We made these by placing the colored paper on contact paper. Then when the design was complete we flipped the contact paper over and backed it with black cardstock. These
Cotton Candy Craft - Circus Craft - Preschool Craft - equal parts shaving cream and glue mixed with paint #shavingcream
Saatchi Online Artist: Yuliya Vladkovska; Mixed Media, 2012, Painting "One sweet goodbye"
This is a FUN and simple homemade Sensory Toy! A great addition to any classroom too!
This Mini Piñata Tutorial shows you how to make a handsome mariachi band from cardboard toilet paper tubes and tissue paper for your Cinco de Mayo party.
Squarehead Teachers: Rainbow Fish Activities (2)
I lOVE the way technology can help our homeschool succeed. Wondering what the best homeschool apps might be? You'll love this great list!
How to mummify an apple ~ Ancient Egyptian Craft Projects for Kids
Chalk Pastel on Velour Paper - Conway High School Art Project
A Chemistry game, which is made in a file folder, helps kids understand the basics of the periodic table.
Contractions - I am so excited to do this activity!
Great tips to help your stuttering child gain more confidence. By The Stuttering Foundation.   Great how they help parents and teachers, but also the students themselves!
Preschool Lesson Plan
Elements Of Design | Notes The Elements of Art Principles of Design
Painting and printing with bubble wands is fun and creative for kids of all ages.  Laughing Kids Learn
Toddler Approved!: 4 Very Hungry Caterpillar Activities
Erica's Ed-Ventures: My First Grade Plan Book
Celebrate National Pi Day with a Scavenger Hunt - "In Search of Pi for my Pie"
Earth science: Very detailed lesson plans on how to create a bidome.
Create a garden sensory bin that kids will love. Perfect for Spring and so easy to put together.