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Washi tape frames
(A must site to visit !) Autism Classroom News: 3 Tools for Data Collection: Getting Credit for What You Teach
Repurpose foil or cling wrap tube into a washi tape organizer and dispenser
RECIPE: Stamps: Tape It, Something to Say, Another Thank You, By Definition Paper: Sahara Sand, Whisper White, Hello Honey Ink: Sahara...
Wire, plastic and foil, masking tape then paper mache
RECIPE: Stamps: Tape It, Something to Say, Another Thank You, By Definition Paper: Sahara Sand, Whisper White, Hello Honey Ink: Sahara...
ake your own DIY washi tape- another cool way to make it - in different widths as well..
I tried this project with a two year old today...BIG hit.  We taped it to the floor first, but then used masking tape to tape it to a window.  He really enjoyed the effect of painting with the light showing through.  We used Q-tips or fingers for drawing
Use masking tape and white paint to make an old Ikea dresser seriously stylish.
Washi tape bunting
Chevron wall art
Decorate small gift bags with washi tape and put birthday greetings in them. In English and Swedish.
Nature Bracelet with Masking Tape - just ♥ this simple outdoor activity for children. Turn a strip of masking tape inside out and adhere to wrist. Double over for extra width. Encourage kids to go out + explore the garden, adding their treasure hunt
social studies CRCT survivor activity; build a structure from newspaper and masking tape in teams; no talking allowed 10 min.
RECIPE: Stamps: Tape It, Something to Say, Another Thank You, By Definition Paper: Sahara Sand, Whisper White, Hello Honey Ink: Sahara...
inside-out security envelopes re-secured with decorative tape
Newspaper "party hats" - would be fun w/ the girls for a fancy "tea party"! Could use wrapping paper too. Fun craft!
make your own washi tape!!  from "art & cupcakes"
DIY : Rangement pour crayons avec masking tape / toilet paper rolls/ washi tape/ hot glue gun
Fizzing Watercolor Tape Resist Art ~Fun science investigation and art for kids
Nature bracelet - before taking your kids on a nature walk, put a thick strip of masking take sticky side out around their wrists. As they are walking they can add whatever they find to their bracelet.
By Narelle Fasulo. Uses Stampin' Up "Wetlands" stamp set. Background made with ink-on-tape technique.
washi tape mani... With a before and after clear coat I can't imagine that there would be any damage... Seems like it would work like those expensive nail stickers if you could cut them to good shapes!
Pool Noodles are the secret to making palm trees.  Tape two pool noodles together end to end with duct tape.  Cover with paper bags. Add a bit of brown spray paint. Tissue paper palm branches.
Washi tape geometric wall decoration // Washi tape dreieckige Wanddekoration
How to make rain sticks with kids
Super cute! This lil pot is sure to brighten up any space!
How to move hostas             ****
asking Tape Shoes! This is the coolest project I've seen in a while. I wonder if I could do this/teach this?
Nature Bracelet (Inside-out tape)
Sanding tips, and how to prevent glue drips.
mood boards!!
votives decorated with scrapbook paper or "washi tape" - aka "colored masking tape that you paid too much for because it is trendy"
Some little notebooks
Love washi tape but not entirely sure what to do with it? We've got 8 great DIY card ideas using pretty Japanese masking tape.
Faux taxidermy ram head DIY
RECIPE: Stamps: Tape It, Something to Say, Another Thank You, By Definition Paper: Sahara Sand, Whisper White, Hello Honey Ink: Sahara...
Washi Tape banners!
Q-Tip War - Straw and 10 qtips per person. Line or net down middle. Shoot the across net until time is up. Winner has fewest on their side.
An easy tutorial for painting shapes on your nails! Hah, what a great idea! Soooo many teeny tiny punches....
put masking tape (or blue painter's tape???) in spaces, draw, then remove the tape for space to write.
Plastic cling wrap instead of taping everything when painting- so much easier!
washi tape
Put masking tape with child's name on a canvas. Allow them to paint (or fingerpaint) the entire canvas. Dry. Take off tape. Too cute!!
Pearl Of Great Price Craft  Egg Carton  Masking Tape  Acrylic Paint  Craft Glue  Felt  Pom-poms  Wiggle Eyes  Monofilament or String (optional)  Scissors  Utility Knife  Paint Brush  Now we can start...
DIY Inspiration: Masking Tape Adressaufkleber // masking tape address labels
Simply beautiful.  The photography and the subject.  Too bad handwritten letters are a lost art. But, that is okay, I'll continue.
Tips Tricks Thursday: Creating Faux Washi Tape with Wendy — Skipping Stones Design
tched casserole dish with a custom casserole carrier. This site is so awesome!
Temporary Wall Treatments for Renters
Figures made from tape & wire
ROCmomma: Easter Games for Kids
Dress up tea lights on your table with a little bit of washi tape. #entertaining
how to set up your washi tape so you can perfectly print sentiment lines via your printer ... great idea for a short poem or longer sentiment
Tips for stamping individual letters together to make a word without it becoming messy. Why didn't I think of this. So many messed up words.
Easy Way to Spray Paint Drawers...wish I had thought of this for my first bureau project.
Holding the Tough-To-Embroider Items (I took an embroidery class and they used the light blue painters tape)
That mom is awesome. Children before processions. You can always buy a new couch, but you only have one life with your child.
polka dot wall stickers and playhouse outline in washi tape at the head of the bed - cute for a kid's room
ake your own feathers with washi tape!
The Technique Zone: Raster Screen .. lots of techniques on this site
Washi tape head board--keep thinking of endless children's bedroom possibilities with this inspiration
How to make a chequerboard pattern using masking tape - video tutorial
Actually these nails are pretty easy! All u need to do issue some masking tape for those fine lines!
IMG_6209 Fabric tape: Wax paper, mod podge, masking tape, fabric
Tape your mirrors to prevent cracks during a move or relocation. The Top 50 Moving Hacks and Tips - Ideas to Make Your Move Easier on Frugal Coupon Living.
ZIG ZAG Race for fine motor control
washi tape card with stars
Tillbaka stort på trenden är glasbordet, som var en riktig must have på 70- och 80-talet. VITTSJÖ satsbord i glas med mörkt grafitgrå stålram har en minimalistisk design som ramar in dina tredimensionella objekt på display i två höjder.
aking bias tape from knit fabric amazing simple tric! Must try this next time !
washi tape flags!
Rather a Unique way of Using painters tape to create a copy of any area is a technique to create custom patterns. No Tutorial good visual. There will be some Trial Error involved
Recycling Tutorial:Turn a scotch-tape ring into a pencil holder - with a cardboard base, and wall paper #DIY
cacti garden with a happy bunting by anastasiart, via Flickr
cool art
{Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk} Using Tempera Paint *Too cool
1 Rolls Japanese Washi Tape Masking Tape decoration Tape. $3.90, via Etsy.
Floral Fushion Washi Tape Set