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"I did this last year and the kids loved it!! Countdown to last day of school. Pop one balloon each day. Inside is a special surprise for the day. Ex. No homework, read outside, work with no shoes on, chew gum in the morning, etc."
tip: how to cook bacon in one batch without the splatters and burns - it makes mornings so much easier. life changing!! | the improv kitchen
ing cycle
8 things happy people do in the first 5 minutes of their day
you and me and coffee
This is a weekly staple in our house! It makes mornings easier and is the perfect breakfast.
pancakes from scratch! made these this morning and they were DELISH!
Tuileries Paris
#Grumpy Cat
If you find a man that will hold you like this... Marry him! :)
paris + balcony
benefits of cinnamon
10 Ways to Start Off Your Workday Right ~ Levo League
ning Glory in a Container
This morning, as I was about to leave for work, my boyfriend danced into the kitchen singing a made up song consisting o
I don't drink caffeine (only have coffee once a week or less - and always decaf), but this buzzin bee is cute.
A small trellised planter perfect for patios and corner accents.This would be nice with morning glory!
5-Minute Morning Yoga Routine to start your day with a calm and clear mind. Yoga for beginners.
Don’t Throw Away Stale Bread, Turn It Into A Tasty Meal Intead stale bread
Now that's a good morning
Good Morning Friends, Motivational Good Morning - Everything happens for a reason..
crayon resist easter eggs
"Good Morning Sunshine" Breakfast First Birthday Party // Hostess with the Mostess®
Adult morning doves - they like the bird seed in the pan on the ground but I've seen them at the feeder, too
Sometimes you have to wake up in the morning and ask yourself...."What Would Blair Waldorf Do?" Click the photo to purchase this adorable coffee mug! I would make a fantastic gift for any Gossip Girl fan! ($20)
backbend #yoga
Ikea First :59 & Morning Motivation Solution - The Crafting Chicks
ning glory provacy
Happy Sunday! Just remember, A Lady Always Drinks Responsibly™.
Jackson’s 30 Day Challenge Sample Workout Plans
Calvin and Hobbes, MONDAYS - Today my SPIRIT is going to school while my body stays in bed. ...Now my spirit is in bed.
The puppy alarm clock
13 Attractive Ways To Add Privacy To Your Yard & Deck (With lots of pictures and resources)
Honey and cinnamon cleanse Every morning, on an empty stomach, half an hour before breakfast, and again at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup water. If taken regularly it reduces the weight of even the most obese pers
dern Hepburn
Are You Up Yet? Golden Retriever Greeting Card!  [for those sleepy heads - how can you not wake up to this; adorable]
Brittney Lee
Egg And Avocado Toast ~ This trio is utterly tasty and wonderful, and it will fill you up with vitamins and energy that we need so much at the morning.
5-Minute Hairdos That Will Transform Your Morning Routin
Affirmations affirmations. It would be a cool idea to have these cut out on a jar and pull one out in the morning or when your needing a pick me up. U could add your own too.
"There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine. O traveler, if you are in search of that. Don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that." ~Rumi ..*
Spanish jokes, chistes. Visual joke - coffee. ¡Un poco más de café!
How to make overnight oats | MNN - Mother Nature Network
A Moment A Mile
"July Morning" by Andrey & Lili, via @Behance #fashion #photography #glamour
R a i n ✿⊱
Good morning!!
WEIGHT LOSS:Daily in the morning one half hour before breakfast and on an empty stomach, and at night before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water. When taken regularly, it reduces the weight of even the most obese person. A
19 Five-Minute #Hairstyles To Transform Your Busy Morning
#iwokeuplikethis good morning everyone
Inspirational Quote (picture only)I believe all my teacher friends are optimists.
best-skin-care-rountine-for-mid-twenties.jpg 685×1,028 pixels
The beautiful meadows along the Karwendel, Bavaria - largest mountain range of the Northern Limestone Alps, Germany. (it stretches through to Austria)
So good to know that my "morning hair" is considered high fashion by Pinterest, hahaha! <---- funny last pinner! But so true lol
Positive mind set.
benefits of cinnamon
meal of the week: power morning smoothie. Banana, chia seeds, flax seeds, frozen berries, almond milk. Nutribullet.
Back On Pointe
here's a #Yoga sequence in case you can't make it to class today.
This deer has visited this cat nearly every morning since it was a kitten.
Sweet, creamy, and packed with protein, this smoothie is SO what you want to wake up to in the morning! I love breakfast food. Just not… for breakfast. Is that totally weird and stuff? Or are you guys like that too? I mean, I’ll eat an egg on OR in anythi
Being more mindful at work, no Lotus position required.
Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer.  This is a great moisturizer.
Bedtime / bed linen
How to trick yourself into exercising in the morning.
Cozy mornings
Health tips – 8 things happy people do in the first 5 minutes of their day
"Rum-Coconut Banana Bread"...Delicious, dense and moist banana bread infused with dark rum and coconut.
Hot cups of coffee and tea by a fireplace.... That's my kind of night! ♥
arly morning coffee dates
hot cross cinnamon sticky buns
How To Become A Morning Person   "your morning routine sets the rhythm for the rest of your day"
Rituals For The Modern Woman
Blueberry Cashew Smoothie
Island Mango Goji Berry Sunrise Smoothie.
universefeathers: Likes | Tumblr su We Heart It.
Isaiah 40:8
6 ways to get yourself motivated in the morning!
Thursday Morning Coffee | Good Morning Thursday Coffee. You can make great things happen today or you can stay stuck right where you are. You choose. Pastor L. Clayton