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Keep Calm and DIY
sound advice
Do it.
If you don't do wild things while you're young, you'll have nothing to smile about when you're old.
nly way to go through this life..
Love this quote - class decor idea
yeah. so there.
Retro Inspirational Quote Giclee Art Print by RockTheCustardPrints
Some of the best tennis advice can be distilled down into one sentence. Here's a simple tennis "one-liner" that can do so much to improve your mental strength during a match - play one point at a t...
To strong women
some things about introverts
boys room print
Keep running.
so true!
Don't OVERthink... definitely one of my resolutions for 2015!
What I'll tell my daughter EVERY day of her life. Might even make this a sign to hang in her room.
Yes! I'm easily intimidated during confrontation, at least I'm honest though.
Beach and wine/cocktail hand stamped "toes in the sand wine in my hand" necklace on Etsy, $32.00
This is really not the time to pretend we have morals . - Completed cross-stitch design. on Etsy, $20.00
Sounds like a good idea!
Start where you are Use what you have Do what you can
great MOTHER'S DAY gift idea keep calm and drink a by zoeysattic, $20.00
The Rebel's Manifesto
This is so true and it made me laugh out loud so I love it!
So true!
If "Plan A" fails, remember you still have 25 letters left.
Classical Conversations At Home: If I Could Start Challenge A Again, I Would Do These 7 Things Differently
Keep Calm and Drink Starbucks 8 x 12 Keep Calm and Carry On Parody Poster. $15.60, via Etsy.
live by
Quotes inspiration
cutting family out of your life quotes - Google Search
Listen to a person when they look at you, not just when they talk to you.
quotes from alice in wonderland | Alice in Wonderland E very Adventure Requires a First Step wall quote ...
audrey hepburn quotes - Google Search
No bitch
So true
Some of the best tennis advice can be distilled down into one sentence. Here's a simple tennis "one-liner" that can do so much to improve your mental strength during a match - play one point at a t...
xanarias: Tom Hiddleston’s motto, I suspect…
One day at a time.
I'm pretty much always a lady, it takes a LOT to get the other to come out, but when she does.......
Printable - Keep calm and just be the best you can be
"less bitching /more bewitching" | I'm totally on board with this quote. :-)
I Craft So I Don't Kill People - crafting keeps me sane!
asons to be fit
cupcake quotes.
Just say yes Tina Fey quote / {motivational monday: when it's ok to quit} | The Sweet Escape
Keep Calm
Resume of a Sagittarius - A Visual Guide To a better understanding of a Sagittarius at work. Core competencies, strengths and focus. Their approach to work and work environment.
Love this sentiment. There comes an age when nothing is good enough unless it's authentic to you. Present yourself in the best possible way. Cheap will always look cheap!....x
A Respiratory Therapist's Motto
Qui-Gon Jinn: Don't center on your anxieties, Obi-Wan. Keep your concentration here and now, where it belongs. Obi-Wan Kenobi: But Master Yoda says I should be mindful of the future. Qui-Gon Jinn: But not at the expense of the moment
RotG x The Croods - Grug and Pitch Black....i repinned just for the look on Pitch's face!!!!
THERE'S NO TIME FOR BULLSHIT Poster 12" x 12" – The Champagne Diet #boss #girlboss #buildyourempi
Betty Boop
Cutome piece i had made, Family Rules, it's this awesome!!
Pain is temporary, GPA is forever.
ans absolutely everything to me.
I wish I could send this to your mom so she could send it to you, little blue elephant, cause I know she loves you that much. -MD
Find your favorite sayings at Country Furniture & Gifts at Gardner Village! {love the wood backgrounds used for making these signs... inspirational idea.}
'The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.' ~ Ayn Rand #quotes
The Gentleman's Guide 112 never let a girl sleep mad or sad #advice
Bitch I Might Be Tank
25 Signs He's Cheating On You - this is on my scary board because the things listed ARE NORMAL THINGS GUYS DO and it scares me people believe this ****!
the essentials
Ascendant and Saturn in Cancer