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Enjoy the taste of fully loaded nachos layered and baked in this irresistible Baked Nacho Casserole recipe. It makes the perfect summer barbeque dish!
ading is...
Easy Lipton Onion Roasted Potatoes
Homemade laundry soap for 1 cent a load! My friend showed me her bucket of this last night. She has an HE washer like I do, and said its worked great - and it smells great too! Tide gave her trouble with her towels like me - they came out all crackly and
hahahahah would be a funny gift. ESPECIALLY since most my friends call me old cause they are younger than me, ie Cecilia Hernandez
the perfect locket
Tropical Shrimp Ceviche ~ This is a tropical version of the classic Ceviche. It uses Jumbo shrimp (pre-cooked, or raw if you prefer) Mango, Diced Sweet Orange, Avocado, Red Onion, Grape Tomatoes, fresh Lime Juice, and Fresh Cilantro. A sweeter version tha
Gotta get my Norco before the pharmacy closes.
The"Skinny Mom, Skinny Fruit Salad" recipe combines fresh fruit with a creamy glaze that is perfect for my Easter brunch! I'm taking one to my friends house for dessert as well for after we eat her healthy Easter dinner!
Super easy chocolate almond biscotti recipe. Why do my friends seem surprised I made it?
These 32 #Friendship #Quotes Will Remind You Why Loved Ones Are Most Important
Filipino Ensaimada
How To Make Loaded Baked Potato & Chicken Casserole | Food is my friend
How to Do a Spiritual Fast: Fasting is a spiritual discipline that feeds our soul while we starve our body. Every time our mind signals “I want food” it’s a signal to pray. When our soul aches, our daily to-do list is a mile long and we can’t hear God ove
Secretariat wins the Triple Crown.  He was a handsome horse and wore blue and white checkerd print.
karenhallion: powerpig: It’s Not Easy Being Green on Flickr. Or lime, for that matter. My friends Chris is awesome. Just saying.
I want this.
The Statue of Liberty #nyc
USA Travel Tips include top Ohio #travel spots Put-in-Bay (South Bass Island) and Cedar Point Amusement Park
agic Scan Checkout Counter From The 1990s
I am not responsible for what happens if you insult her........  She's my best friend. Not your punching bag.
Crockpot Green Chile Chicken Recipe! ~ from this Slow Cooker chicken is so yummy, SO easy to make, and perfect for Taco night!! #slowcooker #recipes #thefrugalgirls
y Friend is Getting Married I'm Getting Drunk Junior Fitted Hi-Lo Tank
What Every Daughter Desires to Hear from Her Mom
I'm So Fancy You Already Know Faux Gold Foil by mirapaigew
A Little Piece of My Bucket List for Summer | Her Campus
Baby quilt
Is it bad that I accidentally say these in normal conversations and my friends think I'm crazy?
Boy meets world the best show ever!!
Cute, my friend has a shirt kinda like it. Shoutouts to Amanda!!
lol everyone in my old school was like who are they and I would say OMFG you guys SUCK!! then I would get sent to detention for cussing! lol I didn't care it didn't stop me!:D
Otaku House Cosplay Idol 2012 » PandaBestest : Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. #cosplay
#Virgo none of your business
I'm Really A Mermaid Muscle Tank. Gym Tank by HelloFabulousApparel
strawberry shortcake and blueberry muffin
How To Effectively Build Your Brand Online
Very true. My past step mom and many of my friends complete my small family for me.
Sometimes all someone needs is a hug. | Community Post: 15 Important Things You Can Learn From Watching "Invader Zim"
ass kissers
What does every daughter long to hear from her mom? Here's a beautiful list for all of you women who were perfectly made to be the moms of your precious daughters! What Every Daughter Desires to Hear from Her Mom ~ Club31Women
that would be me and my friends..
10 Last-Minute Tips For the Week Before Your Marathon - for all my friends that run marathons! #running #marathon
keep+calm+and+love+fluffy+unicoens | KEEP CALM AND LOVE FLUFFY UNICORNS
Take pictures with your best friends! click the pic to see ideas for Seniors, families, couples,
yep all the way true
“You know you’re a oncer when you try to imitate Rumple’s giggle.”
I love those people!
Truth...its all or nothing
y people :)
Take pictures with your best friends!  click the pic to see ideas for Seniors, families, couples,
A boy attending Martin Luther King’s speech, 1968
Crazy Cakes you can actually bake
Guilty. This has happened many times. Like when my teacher was explaining ww2 and Germany taking over Europe and I had to stop myself from laughing! XD
Photograph friendship by Mr. F and the light on 500px
32 Funny Pictures with Captions There are two kinds of people in the world