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Teaching Reading - Reading Ideas - Rock Your Fluency - Classroom Organization
Fluency practice by The First Grade Parade
Teaching Reading - Reading Ideas - Rock Your Fluency - Classroom Organization
Literacy Centers Ideas - she does her's very similar to how we do our's. But shows some really cool activities.
Teaching Reading - Reading Ideas - Rock Your Fluency - Classroom Organization
homophones list
Kids push up one lid for each word in a sentence to help them understand what a word is (concepts of print.)
TEST-PREP READING IDEA--Wish there was a way to put a formula in front of your kids to help them succeed on constructed-response questions on the test?
Picture opportunity
Creating Structure to "Turn and Talk"  Gives students ways to begin statements and guides their listening.
Site words parking lot... I am totally going to do this TONIGHT! Might even have one child call a word while the other parks and then switch :) CAN BE USED FOR MATH SCIENCE READING>>>ideas are endless
First Grade Fairytales: Ten Pin Linky: Reading Ideas & GIVEAWAY reminder!   Anchor chart/Decoding Strategies all in one place...
Decoding Strategies....tooooo much on one page though!
Fluency practice by The First Grade Parade
Fabulous in Fourth!: Book Reports
Read about lots of great ideas to help you teach character traits in reading.
ay be good for next year
Differentiated Instruction - Choice Boards...might be nice to keep something like this handy in the classroom to be more constantly cognizant of differentiating instruction
Paper bag characterization is a great book report idea..."It's in the Bag"
Bossy R Phonics practic
atch the picture to the sentence. Fluency, sight-words, and comprehension!
Color Coding Text Evidence
Phonics Relay Races: Great when you have a class with too much energy.
Fantastic book to teach students about lying, adjectives, and adverbs.
Word doctor. A really fun game for decoding words. This would be a great guided reading activity.
Do your kids have trouble remembering what they read? Try this simple reading comprehension strategy. For kids grades 1-12!
Point of View Lesson! Voices in the Park.CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.5.6 Analyze multiple accounts of the same event or topic, noting important similarities and differences in the point of view they represent.
The "Great and Powerful" Blog
How to Start a Book Club for Elementary or Grade School Children - This description refers to an after-school book club organized by parents
Word Work
Draw It! | 21 Cool Anchor Charts To Teach Close-Reading Skills
This word game provides practice reading words with the CVC pattern. It is played like the game of Sorry. Students will have fun and get much neede...
Performing in Education: Using novels in the classroom: Character Trait & Textual Evidence Lesson
Ideas for Shel Silverstein poetry party
lementary art | The Elementary Art Room!: Dr. Seuss Creations: Tizzled Topped Tufted ...
Figurative Language Sort! Great idea for getting kids to think about different fig lang ideas
Text Structure Question Fans - 75 different questions for examining text structure. Makes 5 separate fans (cause and effect, description, compare and contrast, problem and solution, and sequence), or clip them all together with a binder clip and hang from
The BFG by Roald Dahl: word-match activity. A word-match activity that looks at some of the quirky vocabulary used in The BFG.
A great way to let kids know when you need to work without being disturbed. Great for small group time.
Books Good for Teaching Vocabulary: Shades of Meaning, Synonyms and Antonyms
Fun and engaging reading uses music and fluency together, plus 4 levels of comprehension, rubrics, and keys.  Uses repeated and choral reading, leveled questioning, interactive comprehension and auto grading.  Sweet!  It saved me time during centers or fo
Parent Support for At Home Reading
Explanation of one teacher's use of Article of the Week to include more non-fiction and increase student's reading skills
The Classroom Key: Taking the Rocket Science out of Close Reading
list of picture books that work for teaching specific comprehension strategies
Polka Dot Lesson Plans: Main Idea
fairy tales
Guest post from Brenda of Teaching...Seriously discusses how to develop standards-based unit plans: Minds in Bloom
Time 4 Kindergarten: Sight Word Practice
visualizing... Read it to your class, as they draw what they see....Love!
Digraph CH sound activities that are ready to print and go - all differentiated and fun phonics word work
Have you noticed a difference in the informational text scores when you compare boys and girls? One of the presenters of an inservice I attended told us that girls typically score lower than boys in the non-fiction/informational text section of standardiz
The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash Activity Pack
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