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Would love to have this dress... I love the strands of beads holding the upper arm band w/ drapes.
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Tolquhon Castle (pronounced: "toh-hon", is located in Aberdeenshire built by William Forbes
Hunters’ Chicken’ has many varieties but it’s always a tasty stew of poultry, slowly braised in a tomato sauce with mushrooms, onions, garli...
"A face is not well done unless it expresses a state of mind." quote and painting by Leonardo da Vinci
Summery white culottes paired with a wide-brim hat and green pointy flats.  // Banana Republic Summer 2015
Love it
Renaissance Colored Crystal Stemware by Varga | Gracious Style
making a partlet and other renaissance clothes
greensuede - medieval wench garb renaissance wench  wish my lifestyle would allow for wearing these types of dresses
dieval Coloring Pages for Adults | Start -> coloring page of history -> coloring page of renaissance ...
HandbookDiagram - Fingerloop Braiding from Medieval and Renaissance times
DIY Gold-Leafed Succulent Pots by Miss Renaissance - any plant would be honored to be in one of these!
"The Hobbit"
skirt old jeans
naissance corset gown of cherry red silk shantung, shoulder paned sleeves by ~DecosaDesign on deviantART
Recreating 16th and 17th Century Clothing: The Renaissance Tailor - " say your waist is 28" and your skirt width is 120". 120 minus 28 = 92. 92 divided by 28 = 3.28. So the space between each pleat needs to be 3.28". This is a lot so y
Renaissance Ring, gold and intaglio
Lovely gallery
Detroit. I've always wanted to photograph the church in the backdrop of the Ren Cen. Nicely done :)
Renaissance art re-envisioned with modern superheroes.
15th Century Italian Women's Clothing | Tea from the east has been introduced and is slowly catching on here ...
Possible new idea for Ren Fest Costume 2013
Table à ouvrage en forme de papillon en marqueterie, Italie du Nord, début XVIIIe siècle (circa 1725) H. 29 in – W. 50 in – D. 23 ½ in Aucun des musées contactés pour notre recherche ne nous a indiqué de table comparable (Musée du Textile de Cholet, Musée
Chapin House, (1867) New Hartford, CT Italianate style - low roofs, wide eaves, and ornamental brackets, Victorian Italianate houses suggest an Italian Renaissance villa; Some even sport a romantic cupola on the roof.
Renaissance, hand fasting, medieval wedding dress p.s. most popular dress on my page ? :)
Predjama Castle, a renaissance castle built within a cave mouth in southwestern Slovenia
Gorgeous red coat.  Medieval
This is for my mom!
adonna and child, 1510, Bernardino Luini. Italian High Renaissance Painter (ca 1480 - 1532)
Lily's Tangles: "Renaissance" Butterfly
soprarno suites una esidencia de epoca en florencia
23 Stunning Anamorphic Artworks That Can Only Be Seen With A Mirror Cylinder
WTF Renaissance 2
Renaissance French Hood Tudors Medieval LARP by CadwaladrCostumes, $95.00
Lovely brown kirtle. The seller advertises it as Elizabethan, but I would place the sleeves as Italian.
Valknut Pauldrons by ~vofffka on deviantART extra protection for Dolan's weapon-lifting shoulder
medieval renaissance vampire gothic pagan dress by camelotcostumes, £166.00
Nicolas Sénégas - beautiful... this is so delicate
Renaissance Festival
Dear Everyone who ever lived in Texas and had to move and craves Chuy's Creamy Jalapeno. I found this recipe and made it and it does NOT disappoint! Very hyped.  :)
Venetian Dress
Bojnice Castle is a medieval castle in Bojnice, Slovakia. It is a Romantic castle with some original Gothic and Renaissance elements built in the 12th century. Wikipedia
Antique Amethyst
Women's Renaissance Gown Brown Celtic Irish or Scottish Dress ...
Langston Hughes - prominent figure during the Harlem Renaissance and one of my favorite poets. #blackhistorymonth
Queen of Shemakhan Wool Coat - medieval renaissance cloak cape. so beautiful
Duchess Renaissance Gown: Renaissance Costumes, Medieval Clothing, Madrigal Costume: The Tudor Shoppe
Dundas Castle (Roscoe, New York)
15th century.
No, not medieval or renaissance, but I like it and don't have a board for AWESOME Bollywood costumes.
I gotta make this! Peacock fairy. I tell you, Renn Faire in Wentzville, MO just isn't long enough!
Vikings and Anglo-Saxon names - Concise lists of Viking and Anglo-Saxon names, ideal for stories and writing activities.
Such a pretty Steampunk outfit!
Traditional Restored Shingle HomeThis is the ultimate patio! It is perfect for entertaining with comfortable patio furniture and a cozy outdoor fireplace. The table is from “Restoration Hardware” and the bench is from “Patio Renaissance”. Barrel chandelie
I want this for the Renaissance Fair.
upcycled doily vest
Rose 'Isabel Renaissance'
medieval renaissance vampire hooded gothic dress custom made. This would be awesome for renaissance festival next year
Bristol Renaissance Faire
Lassie kilt
Krikor Jabotian Couture S/S 2014 Brocade Dress
Ocean Wave Stained Glass Panel from Renaissance Glass.
Long Necklace Brass Chain Clear Quartz  Wire Wrap Crystal Necklace Rustic Quartz Pendant
Art In Our Blood: DIY FLOWER HEADDRESS TUTORIAL; renaissance fair instructions, so it would hold up well
Swords and knives from the medieval period is part of a fascination with military battles from the renaissance era.
Augusta Savage
Goth Renaissance Headdress *Noir Queen*
Circa 1534 Noblewoman of Saxony
15th century Italian outfit take 2 by PetStudent
Sexy new steel boned Gobsmacked corset pairs perfectly with the Nightwalker skirt, and the Buckle Up Damsel shoes really finish it off! Super steampunk, kinda goth, all awesome!
Wolfstone Kilt Co. Irish Dress.    *stunning* hand woven fabrics that are actually comfortable to wear! ♥
Renaissance Faire Maiden Wench Bodice Dress por thewencheswardrobe
Etsy- SilverMoon Circlet Headpiece Wedding Bridal Celtic Elven Medieval Fairytale Renaissance Headdress Tiara
love the hair (wig)
dieval Clothing and Footwear- 15th Century Women's Turban (wrapping directions further down the page)
Alicia Buszczak | Prop Stylist | Los Angeles - GALLERY  ~  a crown???'s a wonderful idea.  Love the eclectic feel and patina that only old silver has.
Brown Boot Tops
naissance corset gown of cherry red silk shantung, shoulder paned sleeves by ~DecosaDesign on deviantART
Blue & Gold "Coat of Arms"
Irish Dress: Renaissance Costumes, Medieval Clothing, Madrigal Costume: The Tudor Shoppe
Off the shoulders with arm thingies
Starlight Masquerade Glamorous Handmade Costumes
Lord Mayor's chain of office (or livery collar) for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival by Karen Troeh for Courtly Charm
Fragment Date: ca. 1550 Culture: Italian Dimensions: L. 13 x W. 22 inches (33.0 x 55.9 cm) Classification: Textiles-Laces-Network Accession Number: 79.1.77
Steampunk hat 4 Burlesque Rockabilly Retro by OohLaLaBoudoir
This shows which pattern to use for the corset. The pattern doesnt actually zip you either need to alter it or leave off the back detail
Celtic Dress: Renaissance Costumes, Medieval Clothing, Madrigal Costume: The Tudor Shoppe
The Betrayal of Christ by Giuseppe Cesari 1597
Duchess Renaissance Gown: Renaissance Costumes, Medieval Clothing, Madrigal Costume: The Tudor Shoppe
Possible Viking embroidery
Raphael- so beautiful Madonna and child- project 8 the expressions the sfumato/ chiaroscuro - modeling & brilliant colors
ake a English Longbow
Raffaellino del Garbo - Portrait of a young man (1495)
Blue and Black Gothic Whitby Medieval Wedding Dress Hooded Renaissance Wiccan | eBay
dieval Dress
c1440 Italian Renaissance costumed doll - beautifully done and good historical accuracy - showcasing leaf-shaped dagging of the sleeves ... Might be on a doll but I'm drooling over it to wear it!  #renaissance #garb