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Got to Teach!: The Fish Bowl: A Cooperative Learning Strategy {Post 5 of 5}
pikGroup- an App that can set up groups or randomly pick students for you to call on
The Bucket Game - Good review game!
As an extension of their "50 States" unit students each designed their own postage stamp to go along with their state.
ission Organization: 21 Ideas on Organizing Your Teacher Area
First Grade fractions
Did they learn anything? Questions and prompts with language from the learning framework to quickly assess students' learning
Turn them into mailboxes for your students. | 35 Money-Saving DIYs For Teachers On A Budget
Lots of ideas here to help you organize a Wax Museum. Awesome way to integrate social studies and reading and writing and the kids (and parents) really enjoy it too!
Differentiated Instruction - Choice Boards...might be nice to keep something like this handy in the classroom to be more constantly cognizant of differentiating instruction
Story Bags- Put random stuff in each bag and have them make up and write a story based on what is in the bag. Great for fictional writing.
Great timesavers: Top 10 Class Management Tools for Educators.
Corkboard Connections: 5 Math Games Every Classroom Needs to Play
As an extension of their "50 States" unit students each designed their own postage stamp to go along with their state.
If you need a book for that teaching strategy you want to try...this is the site to come to! The site takes one strategy (like making connections) and lists lots of books to use with the strategy!
Interactive SMART Board Games: Making review games fun through the smartboard (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader, Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, Classroom Feud)
Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: Building with Paper (Simple Engineering Challenge)
Textual Evidence bulletin board. The board serves to provide students with ways to cite evidence from a text.
when students participate when no one else is or answer a challenging question they can get 'smart beads' to wear. they trade in smart beads at the end of the day for a little note that goes home to their parents! AWESOME
Request to Retest, put the ownership back of the students. Love this!
I am not a teacher, but it is good to see that some teachers still use paper and creativity, not just computers and printouts! ohmohamed [licensed for non-commercial use only] / 5th Grade Interactive Notebook
21 DIY Ideas for Decorating Your Classroom: Try some of these fun DIY projects to bring a little more color and life into your dull classroom. Turn boring stools into fun furniture with a little paint. If the school permits it, paint your ceiling tiles. P
Social Studies Interactive Notebook for Grades 3-5-Includes 60+ activities to meet your specific state standards! $
Tips for building reading stamina in Kindergarten! WOW... This blog hop has TONS of amazing ideas I can use right now! BOOKMARK
PERSUASIVE BROCHURES! A great alternative to persuasive letter writing, and they can be adapted to any subject area.
Formative Assessment Exit Slips - NOW FULLY EDITABLE!  Use these 20 Exit Slips to assess understanding or reading comprehension in any class.  ($)
journal sticks - great idea for teens or adults who find it difficult to open up about themselves.
4th Grade Classroom Decorating Ideas | tried to come up with a quick list of some helpful tips when you ...
Five close reading strategies to support the Common Core
The Big, Bad Middle School Classical Literature List - 100 Classics - Grades 5-8 or Ages 9-14+
Fourth Grade Studio: Learning, Thinking, Creating: Perimeter and Area Problems--Cooperation Time!
I died and went to teacher heaven. I MUST do this for my supply closet.
Find the Evidence with these Text Detectives pages- LOVE that kids get to color-code! Now available for almost every month (with the rest coming soon!)
Teaching in Room 6: Keeping Track of those Behaviors in a notebook to put labels in
ini Biography Organizer & Writing Paper (expository writing, research, nonfiction text)
End of the Year Letter to Students - Great Expectations
Figure Me Out! "All about me" math activity for Open House.
Cute for an Open House or Back to School activity
Perimeter and area
Don't Break the Ice game with sight words
This would be such an awesome lesson! Around valentines day, have students pick out a blind date with a book and then present their blind date to the class on Valentines Day! Still celebrating, but also learning.
Chevron Themed Classroom Newsletter! Can be customized for any classroom. Only $1
This is really good stuff -- all kinds of Writing Workshop lessons, SMART Board resources, showing/not telling, etc.
Open House - Meet the Teacher - upper elementary
Cornell Note-Taking Method
Desk arrangement all done! This is a great idea for classrooms that have desks.
Teaching Heredity in Elementary School: Yes you can...and it will be fun!
dandelions and dragonflies: classroom set up
create a superhero identity
25 Awesome Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing
First Day of School Activities for Big Kids
5 End Of Year Student Gift Ideas: Beach Ball Signatures- give each students a beach ball from the dollar store and a sharpie and let them have their friends sign it on the last day of school
Love her boards....go here for setting mine up!  Like the idea of putting a star by the skill once she introduces it in class.
ini Biography Organizer & Writing Paper (expository writing, research, nonfiction text)
Idiom of the day
Get elementary lesson plans, enrichment activities, assessment rubrics, & more.
Science -- Weather: Fill the cup with water. Put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain.
What Stuck With You sign for your classroom. Students use post-it notes to show what they learned and then stick it right on the poster.
use timers and music for transitions
Students using Videos for Math, ELA, Science, Humanities and more!
We are each unique and beautiful but together we are a masterpiece...cute for beginning of school year
Cool way to play "I Have, Who Has"
This is a combo Anchor Chart/daily math practice. Make it tougher for 5th graders, but a great 'when you're done' activity.
This is one of THREE themes that I have made for my ULTIMATE Teacher Binder! I call it the "Funky Chalkboard." :) You will NEVER have to thumb around your desk and filing cabinets for what you need. You will already have it in your binder...orga
Desk arrangement all done! This is a great idea for classrooms that have desks.
I love the desk arrangement in this classroom. Open group concept. Student desks are in groups, but all face the smart/white/chalk board.
Creating a story wheel is a simple way to get the kids responding to literature.
Classroom Management Apps
increase student engagement
i like this as a first day gift for my kids. Reminder that it's ok to make mistakes. I think I will add a note before wrapping "It's OK to make mistakes, as long as you make the effort to correct them."
great ideas!!!
Social Studies
Definitely want to make a brochure like this because open house is such a hectic time! Lots of great ideas for open house on this blog!
have each bin labeled as pictured and run everything off the friday before - that way it's in place and ready to go for the next week
Put words on binder clips for organization --to be graded, make copies, homework,etc. great idea!
All Hands In display in a 5th grade classroom. Kids told all about themselves using their hand shape and we hung it around the room. This really was a fun and easy project for the first week of school.
soak the egg in vinegar and the eggshell disappears. This can be used to identify the different parts of the egg and the life cycle of a bird.K-2.5 Recognize that all organisms go through stages of growth and change called life cycles.
Avoiding first-day mistakes for new teachers.  This blog includes many other useful posts about classroom management and teaching life in general.