Awesome images about schools

Plan No. R-810 c. 1918 Representative California Homes by E. W. Stillwell
What type of vinyl do I use for my Silhouette Project? The Answer is here! All vinyl types explained - 651 631 indoor outdoor permanent wall transfer tape transfer paper matte glossy | Silhouette School
Create a system of silent hand signals that don’t disrupt the class.
Nursing School: Pharm Mnemonics
GENIOUS!! Since most kids dump out the bottle of bubbles halfway through, this makes perfect sense...and you won't be too mad because it costs pennies.
A friendly face teaches every lesson  Virtual Nerd from Pearson "Real math help. Over 1,500 video lessons covering Middle Grades Math through Algebra 2." Over 2,600, now. Also, Geometry has been added. All are organized by topic.  407 tutorials
CookieCrazie: Scrub Top and Adhesive Bandage Cookies (Tutorial)
Thing 1 & Thing 2 snacks. Cat in the Hat jello with cool whip.
End of the year student gift idea.
The Centered School Library: Do a reading survey at beginning, middle, and end of year. Includes questions to get started.(Data)
Give kids a visual way to represent their status as they work independently.
Beginning of the school year art project!
cereal box organization
Happy Home Baking: One-Dish Wonder Rice and Seafood
No-Bake Energy Bites
50 EDITABLE Candy Bar Superlative Awards for the End of School. Each candy award is offered in both a girl graphic & boy graphic. It's also available in both a colorful sunburst background and one with a white background to help save your ink. $6
The Marshmallow Challenge. A great team building activity for the first days of school! Watched it in action, all types of students get involved! Love it!
Deals to Meals: "Orange" you glad it's summer? Adorable end of school gift idea
Oakdale School near Loyston, Tennessee. 1933
How to cut a cake to turn it into ANY number (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0)....
Tyler Knott Gregson Quote Framed Made On Typewriter by farmnflea
Great beginning of the year book! Always loved doing this one with my fifth graders... might work in first grade too
We love this adorable back to school outfit!! Make it UNL and red instead of yellow and I love it!
Ever wanted to start your own custom t-shirt #fundraiser? Follow these simple 4 steps to get started!
Cooking For Children – 50 Fantastic Food Ideas for Kids and Picky Eaters! I like this photo especially.
Haha oh god! I did this SO much in middle school and high school... And probably some in college too.
Directions on how to print your powerpoint notes on flashcards! Saves you time on rewriting your notes for exams. Also, it gives you more space to write notes on the back of the card! angelina. hearts. nursing.
Good Grief! This site has every classroom procedure mapped out that you could think of! Keep this one handy!
A High School Graduation Party-caprese skewers with marinated mozzarella balls from Costco
25 Ways to ask your kids how was school
School Auction Mosaic Table (Kindergarten) by jackienoyes, via Flickr
Utilize that wasted space on the back of the door to organize office and craft room miscellaneous. Via A Bowl Full of Lemons #Brother #LabelIt
Elspeth Beard, shortly after becoming first Englishwoman to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle. The journey took 3 years and covered 48,000 miles.
Following Directions test hahaha I used to love/hate these!! I'd always fall for it. Another idea is to make it extra credit in the directions if a quiz or test. (Put your initials next to number 8 for 1 extra credit point) Teaches them to ALWAYS read
15 vegan lunches to take to work
Autobiography Island - Shake up how you get to know your students. could be a good way to introduce a mini lesson/assesment on map skills
Check out these simple ways to incorporate writing into any subject
Grey's Anatomy Problems 284. When you wash your hands, you often pretend that you're scrubbing in for surgery. Nursing school almost fulfills this need :)
Fresh asparagus and zucchini are grilled, then tossed in a lemon and basil sauce with tangy garlic, and scallions.
Set yourself up for some serious classroom success! Keep your entire school year streamlined in one easy-to-use app. Create lesson plans, organize grades, take notes and collaborate with students—all in OneNote. Find out more about how OneNote helps your
Cosmetology school isn’t all just hair and makeup! 4 Surprising Things You'll Learn in Cosmetology School
Argumentative paper
I have made these lots of times and they are easy to make and I just use air to fill balloons.  No helium needed!
The perfect Sunday School Curriculum for this Mother's Day! #ChildrensMinistry
# Incredibly Genius Inventions To Make Your Life Easier 31 ( not sure on this one. LOL)
Hogwarts School Floor Plan just in case you wanted to know. Ok, it's not, but it would be the perfect place for a wizarding school.
Old School Cadillac DeVille | 1970 Cadillac Deville by ~ZeROgraphic on deviantART
Fibro.City [Esteban Castro Chacon, Marcin Komar, Aikaterini Papadimitriou, Yilin Yao], MArch GAD, Research Cluster 1_Bartlett School of Architecture UCL
sCHOOLHOUSE ROCK!, the beloved hip yet educational series that was originally produced for ABC from 1973 to 1985, is a favorite
) How I love being a #pisces
Easy Teacher Gift Ideas - Faithful Provisions
Foldable "Our Father" prayer
Pardon the language some of the people used, but these are pretty funny!!
DIY Back to School Candy Pencil Case-very cute
Kids school lunches: healthy, easy, fast.
"Puppy Room" for students in a University in Canada - WTF fun facts: Win-Win situation helps w/ puppy training and reliving stress :D
50 Life Changing Motivational Quotes for Entrepreneurs – as Awesome Posters – Design School
Printable Teacher Appreciation Gift Tags
Old School Style Lumberjack Skull Tattoo Design, Watercolour paint
Fabulous tutorial about aperture, ISO and Exposure!
study/work motivation
End of the Year Teacher Gifts
7 Ways You Can Purify Water - Guide For Prepping And Surviving
Lucky Brand
Nursing School: Pharm Mnemonics
have each bin labeled as pictured and run everything off the friday before - that way it's in place and ready to go for the next week
Good post from Crafting Connections to go with this chart
Fantastic story to teach self awareness, anti bullying. Brilliant!
Growing in Pre K - Ideas throw a ball around the circle having students answer a question
20 Genius College Hacks They Won't Teach You At Orientation. 19.) Make your 12-pack mini-fridge sized.
Check out this cool new tees and hoodies designed for scrubs wearing, patient caring, life saving, heart blessing nurses that we love so much. Wear this with pride and spread our love!
Tapered cake covered with fondant. Cap is cake. All fondant accents. Filled cupcakes topped with buttercream swirl and fondant paw.
Sam and Dean. Very different.
Personalized Printables -- Counselor: This digital art sign makes a great gift for any counselor, nurse, psychologist, principal, social worker, etc. You get to personalize it! Choose your name and design.
Kitchen and Bedroom Sorting
website if you don't have boardmaker, or for when someone takes your disk! Lol
Foundation / Primary library ideas
Figure Me Out! "All about me" math activity for Open House.
Ama’r Children’s Culture House, Denmark. Dorte Mandrup Architects
♥ my alma mater - Boston College
Hellerup, Copenhagen - Great school design
Westfield State New University Hall / ADD Inc.
Evelyn Grace Academy by Zaha Hadid Architects in Brixton, South London
Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Bringing School Counselor Mini-Meetings to Life!
Federal Center South Building 1202 / ZGF Architects
Perfect Learning Starts With An Outdoor Learning Space
Circle Time cheat sheet with language skill building program ideas for a preschool autism classroom. #ABA #earlyintervention byTeach Early Autism
Rosie the Riveter We Can Do It Bulletin Board for Testing