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So many books so little time
Ohhhh that's an interesting one lol.  Too bad it's too late when you hear about it. Some ppl never grow up and trust the wrong ones.
What Florida Cities Actually Mean: this is embarrassingly, hilariously accurate! They are so true!!!!
Top 40 Funny Minions Quotes and Pics
<br /></div> These 33 One-Sentence Quotes Will Blow Your Mind Every Time. Especially The 8th One.
That responsibility but no authority is tough!! Therapeutic Interventions: March is National Social Work Month!
Children are often spoiled....
all or nothing... holding something back might as well be lying
75 thoughts every runner thinks while running…laughing so hard right now. Every one, every time.
the power to change.
15 Undeniable Truths About Book Nerds | Blog | Epic Reads | Your World. Your Books.
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45 Quotes From Literature That Will Actually Change Your Lif
All of the above
Pink & Gray 'Life Is Like a Camera' Canvas | Daily deals for moms, babies and kids
So true!!!
Don't let the heart that didn't love you, keep you from the one that will.
a lifetime of adventures - Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland
You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.
Haha so true!
Dalai Lama Quote The Mind Is Like A Parachute by HangWithUsToday, $10.00
a lifetime of adventures - Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland
ake the right choice
Wise words.
you know you're from kansas when...
20 Awesome Quotes you must read
All the time :)
"Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around with you for months..." ~ Markus Zuzak, author of The Book Thief
Grey's Anatomy Problems 284. When you wash your hands, you often pretend that you're scrubbing in for surgery. Nursing school almost fulfills this need :)
Actions speak louder than words.
inspirational quotes -
This is so true! I have been in too many relationships where I was not appreciated nor respected! You cannot put up with that crap! You have to heal and get over it! There is light at the end of the tunnel and you are going to be a better person because o
Not only do you make me smile all over my face, but, you make my heart smile just as much ☺❤
Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be.
Even Superman wants to be Batman...yah hailey "even superman wants to be batman"...
Laundry room
If you've found the perfect valentines day card for your perfect valentine, but can't find the right words to express exactly how you feel about him or her, this collection of 25 love quotes is just what you need. I love all of these, but I especi
n the beach we forget to count the days
"Sometimes love isn't firecrackers. Sometimes love just comes softly." - C. S. Lewis
God will make a way.
I am not even trying anymore. This happens to me every single day!!
Cuteness! Love this quote! Reminds me of Charbear @Laurie || Adventures of Little
Wise words.....
So true
click through to Buzzfeed for the whole list. This hurts though
Screw your BS
y people :)
Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there is no reason to continue. by deeplifequotes, via Flickr
inecraft - Day 1
We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
Yup and I'm the mom lol
You Sir, are the human version of period cramps.
Zodiac Society
dr. seuss quote, love this one.
can't see someone else's perspective, will get rid of people who no longer serve them/encourage their behavior.Can't keep friendships or lasting relationships;only w/ a person w/ very low self-esteem.Will more readily use foul language and be
The difference between successful & very successful people... Warren Buffett #inspiration.
“Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”—President Thomas S. Monson
True romantic.
Top 30 Best Quotes about Family | Quotes Words Sayings
Lilo & Stitch
True hahaha, the fun times are the ones that keep you laughing, staying up, feeling bad the next day and all kinds of crazy stuff......
Netflix: *Episode Finishes* Me: Ok now i gotta do my homework... Netflix: HAHAHA NO.
Who are you to touch me?? Stay away! Even if I like you, that doesn't mean I'm yours. Give me my space.
Practical minimalism 101: Easy ways to start living a simpler, more intentional life
Funny Cat Pictures with Captions | Funny-Cat-Pictures-with-Captions-29.jpg
No kidding.....BUT what a way to go!
I didn't actually read the 10 pranks, but I totally want to make this "cake" for someone!
Sunday is a teacher's day of REST: the REST of the laundry, the REST of the housework, and grade the REST of the papers. View 90+ funny teacher quotes and humorous graphics on this page of Unique Teaching Resources.
John Piper quotes
Everyone has had the same thought, right? Hit the image for '15 of the Funniest Car Memes' #GTA #spon
Tuesday’s | Little Fixations
LOL funny true true story humor school class i can relate so true teen quotes relatable funny quotes so relatable
Kids Vs. Teachers. Some of these are so funny!
Some Words To Live By When Creating A Home
Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn't know before you learned it. Zig Ziglar
Anxiety Cat. Available parking spot requires parallel parking in front of people.  Parks one mile away instead.
you know you're from kansas when...
Try a hundred years being dead. My brother grew old alone too afraid of others to talk to anyone,
Apology to Future Generations from Kurt Vonnegut
We girls can be quite silly at times...I say "I'm fine" far too often to avoid saying what I truly feel...which can usually be one or more of the above.
Today marks the 14th anniversary of my daddy's death. On the blog today I share with you the conflicting emotions that make me sad and confused.
TEENAGER Post School | search terms teen posts teen post quotes for teenagers teenager post ...
So true! I feel like this like everyday at school! There's always just that ONE teacher that just HAS to urk my nerves!!
People lie to you, cheat, try to destroy you, envy you... Don't be like the rest of them, darling.
Cause it's just about not eating anything sweet and taking a little insulin.
I deal with worrying and anxiety every day it's a battle idk if I'll ever over come but I pray to god a lot when I'm worrying and anxiety and pray to god everyday. I know he has everything under control and he's always there for me and I k
Teenager Posts
I think i would be the person who started jumping up an down screaming "WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO"
Quotes And Sayings For Sisters Sister Quotes Sayings See More Sisters
This made me laugh way too hard when I finally got it
So true!!
I have actually thought to myself at times, I just wish I were stupid. I wouldn't know any better, and I would actually fit in a little more. I wouldn't get so aggravated with humanity, and life would just be so much simpler.
a lion doesn't lose sleep - Google Search
These varying levels of professionalism. | 22 Pictures That Only Fans Of "The Avengers" Will Find Funny
C'mon Mom. Hurry up. You've already told this story about me a thousand times to the same people! It gets old after the third time!
ichelle and Olivia Parody
What's your biggest "birthday cake" fail?
Sometimes it's so bad, it hit play and repause it, to give the on-screen actor a second chance at dignity.
Even You Coffee Is Amazed That You Are Awake This Early – Funny Animal Pictures With Captions – Very Funny Cats – Cute Kitty Cat – Wild Animals – Dogs If you think my coffee is surprised, you should see my face!
Tumbler users often teeter between raging psychos and fuzzy bunnies. Oftener, they are happy to be raging-psycho-fuzzy-bunnies.
LOL SO TRUE POSTS - Funniest relatable posts on Tumblr.
funny minion quotes - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results
This is too funny.
Deep regret: | 23 Feelings Anyone With A Crush Will Understand
The progression of the school year: | 33 Things Everyone Who Went To High School Will Understand
And of COURSE, I'd always rather be at the beach.  :)
Love of my life....
This basically sums up my life. Correction every teenaged girls life. except those fake Barbie girls.
Teenager Posts
top 44 funny Friendship, Quotes and picture 2027
'Teenager Posts' Of The Week: Autocorrect's Worst Offense And The Dangers Of Being TOO Sarcastic
I've dealt with enough idiots for the day I need a nap. -
h it would//
You don't "like" me. I don't give a fuck about you
I hope soon it can be real again. Your everything and I'm not giving up
I love this. Don't second guess how you feel as long a its not sinning. And you can't go wrong for God's will in your life ♥
specially if the hymns never appear in the right order on screen, am I right @MissyLonsinger and @SusanSheldonLonsinger ?
I do and I don't even notice... It's probably really irritating to people who have to listen to me talk.
Omg yes