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Poetic and meaningful tattoo by LW.
50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos - BuzzFeed Mobile
not that I could EVER or attempt to pull this off ... but she does quite nicely :)
Placement - even so, it is well
Elegant Cross Stamp    NEW   Wood Mounted Rubber by sagebrush12, $5.00
lots of words tattooed - Google Search
*New* Lovely Breeze Body Chain on Bárbara Inês from Banging Fashion, collaboration with Despe&Veste and Marta Cabral Photography. Coming soon!
For the girly girl | 26 Unique Ear Piercing Ideas | Bustl
Something like this but instead with lillies and forget me nots on the back of my arm for my sleeve.
Love the placement
a5f65d0069aa4132f282f23765e1950.jpg 499×750 pixels
50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos. Want the ivory w/ blush and tan tones mix with lavender on peonies not roses!!!
Elegant Cross Stamp    NEW   Wood Mounted Rubber by sagebrush12, $5.00
Love in Arabic - if I ever get a tattoo - this is what it'll be.
Full side skull and face tattoo. Not really my style, but the shading is amazing.
23 Photos That Prove That Sideboob Tattoos Are The Best Tattoos
50 Tree Tattoo designs for Men and Womenekstrax
sometimes you're the hammer sometimes you're the nail- a day to remember
*New* Lovely Breeze Body Chain on Bárbara Inês from Banging Fashion, collaboration with Despe&Veste and Marta Cabral Photography. Coming soon!
Colourful writings with leaves1
Love these colors
gorgeous floral tattoo
First tattoo! I’m in love! Done by Marcel Blue at Addiction NYC! (Photo creds to him too)
Lower back....Persian or turkish paisley flower henna lotus vector by Seamartini on VectorStock®
41 Incredible Tattoos Inspired By Works Of Art “War and Peace,” by Pablo Picasso
lephant henna tattoos egodesigns
stock-illustration-3665951-mountain-ranges.jpg 380 × 380 pixels
And if you can't put yourself back together, make peace with the pieces of who you were.
♥ "She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. "
Laurel and Napoleonic Bee. How cute is this @Katie Anderson , I know you talked about getting a Bee for Hummel
Lotus Moon by MorgansCanvas on Etsy, $5.99
Heart Tattoo
Thigh tattoo
30+ Cheetah and Leopard Print Tattoos for Women | Cuded
8 of the Most Inspiring Tattoos for Moms - Page 3 of 9 - Tidewater Parent
7 Couples Who Expressed Their Love Through Awesome Matching Tattoos
Love this one!
Love this tattoo
abstract aquarius symbol
Never lose your jewelry again! These gilded temporary tattoos look like the real thing, and wash off with soap. Shop now.
2 Corinthians 12:9 “But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”
Beautiful Rose Tattoo the water paint/ watercolour effect looks stunning, although this does look fake or maybe a tattoo concept, either way it still looks pretty. Delicate, exotic and gorgeous!
Forest | 50 Seriously Impressive Dotwork Tattoos
Spine Tattoo | I want it to read: "And though she be but little, she is fierce" need to measure my back to see how long to make it and find someone with GREAT cursive to write it out for me....
just ''little'' or ''not so little'' or ''little enough''.......I don't know, I just like the idea of ''little'' in that typeface. And clock/steampunk-y pocketwatches...
Would love something like this and using a different color. 50 Insanely Gorgeous Nature Tattoos - BuzzFeed Mobile
love the pearls used to dangle the feathers from the garter. gonna have to incorporate that into my garter tat
lotus tatt
ying yang paw print tattoo...maybe this should be your next tattoo.
great tattoo!
I like the quote mines the thick cross. Maybe a thin one will look better
Flower tattoo. Elegant.
.Sexy tattoo for girls #girls #tattoo
flowers by andrey svetov #arms #forearms #tattoos
star tattoos for women | tattooed on the ankle shoulder lower back clavicle wrist hips
Elephant Tattoo Designs for Girls
The best tiny mini small tattoos!
Aquarius | 41 Adorable Tattoo Ideas For Every Zodiac Sign #tattoo #ink #ZodiacSign
Exactly the kind of detail and tattoo I want, just a little smaller and only side.
This Would Make A Beautiful Tiger Tattoo:)
small sunflower tattoo
Roman numerals wedding date tattoo An Army Kind of Love!: Mr. amp; Mrs.  | tattoos picture tattoo dating
wasn't sure which board to put this in... but i love this. her headband, her shirt, her skirt, her tattoos....
35 Spiritual Mandala Tattoo Designs - Sortra - the mandala sun, omg.
♥ couples tattoo
28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer - already have double on my earlobes and a daith