Awesome images about thesis

love this colour combination
Smart, space saving and multi-purpose furniture from Clei
xcellent diagram depicting circulation and nodes within an environment.
Bright colors and and natural materials, I want to eat here!  18 Fresh & Simple Restaurant Interiors
Drawing Architecture
Fold-away bed  table --- single-room living
Karmeliterhof / LOVE architecture and urbanism
CONTENEDORES. Food PLace on Behance
Inspirational Quotes To Get You Through The Week (January 28, 2014)
The daily life of a grad student.
Landscape Plants & Shrubs Collection | Architectural Resources
hipster triangle triangles fashion jewlery swag
Daniel Widrig
19 Marvelous Structures That Prove Shipping Containers Are Just LEGO For Architects
Small clay houses with birds -
Goma the Cat Embroidery Art Brooch.
Panzeri | XG2041 Trim Profile
Light Signage / Elevators
id Century Modern Furniture Large Geometric by HaaseHandcraft
Changeable walls by ALBED.  Produce equipped walls and walk in closets, so walls that can be changed into open rooms.
uoudesign: table - dontDIY
Shipping Container Home
Architecture born from the poetry - by Junya Ishigami
interiordesignmagazinePerkins + Will transformed a 40,000-square-foot building, constructed warehouse-style, into a branded environment suitable for 130 international designers on Western Michigan University’s Kalamazoo campus. Photography by Steve Hall/H
I really wish there was a reasonable way to replace all of the silly white and concrete walls with glass without hindering the structural integrity of the building.
Holly Hunt flush finger pulls
These Mini Mobile Homes Might Sway You to Downsize: Whether you've seriously considered downsizing or just entertain the fantasy, our latest discovery adds a luxurious yet affordable twist to the tiny-home trend.