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Ohh to be Hiddle-Booped!! || 17 Moments When Tom Hiddleston Proved He’s the Funniest Person Alive.
was just watching beginners last night and who pops into my pinterest feed but mr. mcgregor?
California Artist Builds Shelters For The Homeless From Upcycled Garbage
Joe Manganiello..why is this man so handsome!?!! I'm in love!!
mg I can't handle it.. his smile is so adorable... oh theo
mister murray
Why you should definitely be crushing on quarterback-turned-country star Sam Hunt!
J. R. R. Tolkein's own paintings for The Silmarillion
David Tennant (on being voted Sexiest Actor): Well, I’m not sure what to say about being called the sexiest actor of the year. I’m very flattered and somewhat bewildered. All I know is that I voted for John Barrowman.
man bouquet
Potty mouth but pretty cool. Made all of his concert tickets the same price and gave this explanation. | 39 Things Ed Sheeran Did In 2014 That Were Utterly Perfect
This man came to visit his pet tiger after he had been released into the wild. The tiger ran to greet him with huge hugs and even introduced him to his mate.
VERY Favorite Whose Line Moments - Robin Williams
Paul Newman.
ImpressioniArtistiche: Konstantin Razumov.   I just love the sweetness in this man's portrayal of young women.
bert downey jr....I almost posted this in my "Deliciousness" board....hmm, maybe I still will:)
Dwayne Wade.
Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon in "Sense and Sensibility"
Richard Gere
Wool and Cotton Hutchinson-type Pictorial Hooked Rug
I think it's his arms...and his face...and the fact that he plays mother f*ckin Daryl Dixon.
Jason Statham (YES YES YES)
Well congratulations Mr. Martin, you have succeeded. Every time you kill a character another piece of my soul is crushed
Hahaha would love this. Harry Potter humor. I would marry this man, if I wasn't already married... To a man who may potentially do the same thing. Lol.
Prayer... #LiveitLoveitShareit
He would tell you all of his greatest stories. | 23 Reasons Tom Hanks Would Be The Ultimate Best Friend - loooove him
Johnny Cash
And the guy who turned a public library into his own personal fort. This man deserves an award.
Gentleman's Closet
click the image. Be warned. Melting....I was warned. But I can't help it with this man. Damn. Smirking, smiling, and the glint in his eyes...
Good Guy Jason Voorhees.
Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) Sons Of Anarchy
Appazza, Mr. Jack White is playing a gig in London on June 22nd 2012. Tickets going on sale this Friday...
Take a Throwback Thursday journey to 1964...Sidney Poitier won the Oscar for Best Actor in Lilies of the Field. He also has the distinction of being the first African American man to win an Academy Award. Love this man!
William Levy!! Seriously my husband has to have colored eyes lol
Benedict Cumberbatch napping on set. Love the fact he's doing the sherlock hands.
10 Proven Ways to Lose 3 Pounds a Week- without dieting.
Faith In Humanity Restored
Probably One Of The Best Phone Calls Ever.
♥ his smile
Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders
This man gets a gun and a badge. | 21 'Murica Memes To Keep Your Patriotism Flowing
Abu Simbel  Egypt
Josh Turner - who cares what he looks like this man's voice is responsible for many babies and female orgasms. Some while driving and listening to the radio. But I'm not necessarily admitting to anything here.
Half of life is fucking up. The other half is dealing with it. --Henry Rollins
Toy story
The world needs more people like Ricky  // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures
I'd buy whatever this hunk is selling, like air, I would buy air from this man.
Faith In Humanity Restored - 23 Pics
good answer, chris
This man gets a gun and a badge.
Buck Brannaman: "You allow a horse to make mistakes, the horse will learn from mistakes no different than the human. But you can't get him to where he dreads making mistakes for fear of what's going to happen after he does."
Sidney of the most revered actors in the world. I love his style - on screen and off.
arine Cpl. Ronny Porta was severely burned in May 2007 in Al Asad, Iraq, when his Humvee hit an improvised explosive device. Two other Marines died in the attack.
This man just wants his bloody Oscar already!
Keith Urban
This man inspires me
Beau Brummel, Dandy and Kingpin
Burt Reynolds - i EFFING LOVE HIM!!!!  he is hilarious and gorgeous!!
David McIntosh - I am sorry but what does this man do...err other than make my knees weak?
faith in humanity restored, once again
ade all of his concert tickets the same price and gave this explanation. | 39 Things Ed Sheeran Did In 2014 That Were Utterly Perfect
I regularly find myself in awe of the women in my life. It isn't the normal or accepted position to take in our culture but I accept that the women in my life define me, for the most part. Does that make me effeminate or weak? Meet me and you will dis
Be compassionate. | 24 Life-Affirming Words Of Wisdom From Johnny Cash
Oh my.... Excuse me while I go curl up in a ball of sexual frustration and fangirl feels...