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People are assholes. Just make sure youre not the toilet paper.
Wacky Wednesday fun stuff.
Crafts~N~Things for Children: Toilet Paper Roll Octopus Craft
I pinned this months ago & finally decided to make one of my own. Only took a little less than an hour & turned out beautiful :) Just needs some paint! .. Great gift idea ;)
Galvanized Pipe Dual Roll Toilet Paper Holder - Real Man's Toilet Paper Holder!
Remember to use a toilet paper roll as a filler- makes ornaments go further in filling vases!
Love the wire basket for extra toilet paper rolls!
Cristina Kowalczyk for Wplus9 featuring pillow boxes, Simple Snowflake die and Clear Cut Stackers: Stars die.
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees with toilet paper rolls - CUTE!
Effective and easy.... walk to find twigs....then get gluing.  Brilliant.
Toilet Roll Bird Feeder
Popsicle stick and toilet roll + yarn = french knitting #Knitting
The TP swap is made with a piece of felt around a wooden spool.
DIY Confetti Launchers. Perfect for 4th of July fun!
Love the beadboard! Love the shuttters on the inside & the "built in" toilet tissue Small bathroom remodel
Crafts for kids
GENIUS. Easy giant pompoms ....AGH finally !! i want to make a pompom scarf !!
Toddler art printing with shape tubes -- Imagination Tree
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toilet pap
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Toilet Paper Roll Monsters craft for kids
Farm Animal Bowling Game with toilet paper rolls!!
Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder! Amazing! #product_design
Farm Animal Bowling Game with toilet paper rolls!! Kids will love this simple game. Can't wait to use my stash for this. And, yes..I have a stash...!
Best fire starter ever from recycled materials! - Scouts now recommended to use saw dust from natural wood and mix it with wax and put in into a cardboard egg container. Break off a section and you have more natural fire starter without all of those toxin
Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Genius – 28 Pics
Homemade Sterno, AMAZING!!! A must have knowledge for emergencies
Love the idea as a birdcage for a Toilet Paper Holder in the powder room.
Keep Calm & DIY: Faux Wrought Iron Toilet Paper Roll Art
Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art
Halloween Prank: A Simple Way To Scare The Bejezus Out Of Someone #lifehacking #halloween COOL
With toilet paper roll?
21Feb2015 Awesome Products: Cloud concrete toilet roll holder categories: Awesome Products, Design
Kid Made Bird Feeders - Growing A Jeweled Rose
I would do this even without a pedestal sink. No more storing the toilet paper in the linen closet!
Full of Great Ideas: Paper Roll Cross (two actually) on my $0 budget
A rather clever present wrapping idea
Bee made using a toilet paper roll
adtown Macs: Dr. Seuss City - does not have to be all blue. Could have lots of recycled materials and bright paint. Paint the stuff one day, then build with it after that.
Toilet Paper Roll Butterflies.
Top 17 ideas for recycling toilet paper rolls (or paper towel rolls)
House Warming Shower Cake
ake a desk organizer out of toilet paper and paper towel tubes!
Toilet Paper Tube Butterflies | Click Pic for 22 DIY Spring Crafts for Kid to Make | Easy Spring Craft Ideas for Toddlers
Toilet paper rolls to organize cords and electronics / Toiletpapirruller til organisering af ledninger og elektronik.
I wouldn't even buy this as toilet paper.
This cat hanging out on the toilet. | 31 Animal Pictures
STAR WARS characters from toilet paper rolls? Complete crafty genius.
DIY Paper Tube Heart
DIY Penguin paper roll by Rachel
#Repurpose the cardboard from a toilet paper or paper towel roll to use as a fire starter!
Toilet paper for camping
Toilet paper roll art
Reuse toilet paper rolls and make a cute wall decoration
marble run using paper towel rolls and popsicle sticks...awesome
DIY Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf tutorial DIY Show Off
Tell your kids if they don't be quiet and go to sleep the monsters will get them. Then point to the eyes in the tree! Parenting tips #102
this is a simple upcycling of a toilet paper tube, 2 sticks, peanut butter and seeds (can be sesame) if you do not want to buy bird seeds
Insert the vacuum end into a toilet paper roll and squeeze tight so that it gets those hard to reach places.
What can you see that God made? cardboard tube binoculars - Google Search
ade with toilet paper tubes
toilet paper origami
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Toilet paper for camping
Wish I had read this before the last weekend.  I just planted several lettuce and spinach that were very small like this.
Wall art with toilet paper roll
Creative Carmella : Painting Toilet Paper Rolls
Concrete cloud shaped toilet paper holder! Amazing! #product_design
Survival Skills: Find Natural Toilet Paper | Outdoor Life Survival
Another idea to use those t.p. rolls for
cute-spring-crafts-for-kids, very cute could use as party decorations as well at a rainbow themed birthday party or butterfly garden party.
21Feb2015 Awesome Products: Cloud concrete toilet roll holder categories: Awesome Products, Design
Cardboard Tube Polar Bear - Crafts by Amanda
Toilet paper roll? Yes!!
Lorax Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids (Dr. Suess art project)
Toilet Paper Roll Crafts
Paper Roll Christmas Tree
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