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tree. this would make a nice tattoo
I love the detail of this. Not sure i could put it on my skin but i'm sure it would look good if i did.
Inner Forearm. Also, this tattoo is fantastic. The way it grows up his arm is phenomenal. The power of shading people.
Inner Forearm
Tattoo Idea!
Tree Tattoo For Women Best Tattoo Ideas for Women
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Family Tree Tattoo Designs - Tattoos For Men
Full moon
#tattoo  #tattoos  #bodyart  #piercing omg this would be cool on your side or back
palm tree tattoo
Lovely tree
beautiful tree tattoo to cover up the crooked tattoo on my back. It would be much smaller
One complete lunar cycle- This is a project I've always wanted to do.. get a shot of the moon during each stage of its cycle :-)
Tree watercolor tattoo! I really like the minimal branches with the explosion of color tattoo inspiration