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Hide the downspout with a trellis. I really like this idea and it looks great too.
Sweet Pea Vine, 4'-6'. Full Sun to Partial Shade. Intoxicating fragrance. Soak seeds overnight and plant in October for spring bloom.
Goxwa Borg 1961
Heart Vine
Invisible Trellis Vines appear to defy gravity, let your wall show through. Eyehooks screwed into siding or walls and networks of medium-gauge wire hold delicate vines. (Heavier climbers, such as roses, will need heavy-gauge wire.) Design a grid by placin
white stamp on vellum with gold embossing
NERD VANDALIZING this is from my hilarious board, check it out and give it a follow
Clamatis "Henryi"  Stepheny adds: I have grown this particular Clematis: no garden should be without it because it is as productive as this image suggests.
Atrium - 1. Purslane, 2. String of Pearls, 3. Deadnettle, 4. Dwarf Morning Glory, 5. Fan Flower, 6. Pilea, 7. Calibrachoa, 8. Licorice Vine, 9. Sweet Potato Vine, 10. Bacopa, 11. Ivy, 12. Lobelia, 13. Nasturtium, 14. Nemesia, 15. Petunia, 16. Torenia, 17.
Gorgeous gardens
Superman: The Animated Series - Supergirl
SENSUOUS - Crunch of gravel, trilling water, warmth of candle light, hearing refreshments poured from a pretty pitcher, feel of foliage upon your arm, repetition of color house-furniture-shutters-arbor-fountain-gravel, scale, flow, texture, vanishing thre
americana patriotic quilt, love star vine border...would love this in Fall colors with some appliques around the border instead of patriotic
A gorgeous red Coleus, Sweet Potato Vine, Creeping Jenny?, and ornamental grass make a stunning combination.
purple flower... tattoo idea??
"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!""
English Ivy- the number one houseplant to grow indoors according to NASA. It is the plant that most effectively absorbs formaldehyde, and prefers moderate temps and medium sunlight.
garden wall
Head Planter
Inspiration for narrow wasted areas at the side of your house.....the "side yard"
so pretty
Perennial Flowers That Bloom All Summer | 1000x1000.jpg
container with morning glory--their uber pesky in the garden but maybe this would be a nice way to control them
Climbing hydrangea....GORGEOUS!!!!
Rainforest Drops are vertical gardening, houseplants and container gardening, all rolled up into a ball and reinvented.
cucumber trellis box
This site is the best one for DYI fairy
White clematis. I've never put a trellis in a pot but think I may try this next week.
love these window boxes
Brass wire, with seed beads
50 Beautiful Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas - Wedding Arches with Hanging Decor Backdrop
that's a tattoo idea!
A High School Graduation Party-caprese skewers with marinated mozzarella balls from Costco
Traditional Garden Urns and Contemporary   Containers :: Hometalk
The callas are up (early)!
hyacinth bean vine...grows so fast and is so showy/FRAGRANT-Will help to lure Butterflies and Hummingbirds to your habitat. The best time to harvest the bean seedpods is just prior to your first frost. Seeds are easy to keep, and you can use them next yea
Gorgeous glass spheres are suspended from an arbor of flowering vines.
Personalized Monogram Vinyl Car Decal by Creativelyyours2010, $10.00
y Birth Tree in Celtic Mythology is the ivy. LOVE THIS!
Old Crib frame = chic memo board when painted! Think I'll turn mine horizontal and hang it from the wall!
Elephant ears, coleus, potato vine
A compact swing set for the backyard. Could also attach a climbing rope to one side, as well.
Platinum Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring // Set with a 1.29 Carat, Round, Ideal Cut, G Color, VS1 Clarity Lab Diamond #BrilliantEarth
With fresh garden basil pesto, delicious vine ripened tomatoes, and natural grated mozzarella cheese, you cannot go wrong. This is definitel...
#flower #tattoo
in the #courtyard...
Pretty Planters (20 of them) - Great place for some planter ideas! Real planters from my talented neighbors! - Momcrieff
Amazing felted wedding fairy dress, costume
Sorority Craft- Vineyard Vines- Kappa Kappa Gamma Canvas on Etsy, $21.00
Food ideas for the shower...add red vines too!
I love this wall/gate/pergola/vines for the courtyard that I want to construct by my front door. Maybe a bit of Mexican tile around the gate?
Birdcage of succulents
VBS 2015 Journey Off The Map…
Garden border - weave small twigs into larger branches stuck in the ground
Garden trellis for plants
stitch techniques
Floating Deck Ideas : Floating Deck With Plant Vines Image id 1585 - GiesenDesign
Tuscan style
Cocktail kiwis! Kiwi 'Issai' or Chinese Gooseberry is a hardy perennial kiwi with exceptionally sweet fruit that are grape-sized. This is a great list of unusual fruit to grow. #spon #gardening
Friesian foal-love my friesians!
Vine Dance Copper Pendant Necklace by sparkflight (Ruth Jensen)
SpecificationsThe sword of the Elvenking was one of two twin swords crafted for Thranduil by the finest smiths of the Woodland Realm. The blade and flowing hilt are forged with engraved vine and leaf symbols representing the forests of the Greenwood, all
Antigonon leptopus - Mexican Coral Vine, Coral Creeper - fast-growing delicate vine with bright pink flowers. Cold hardy! Very fast growing, will cover a fece in one season. Blooms most of the year.
*Le bon vin c'est le pied - Provence
^Orange bougainvillea
Love Birds Quilt
"Waste Not, Want Not" by Adrianne Masters
Platinum Petite Twisted Vine Diamond Ring // Set with a 1.29 Carat, Round, Ideal Cut, G Color, VS1 Clarity Lab Diamond #BrilliantEarth
The Mobile Garden Dress....sooo in love!
Pink clematis vine growing up and overtaking garden lamp
Tropaeolum aff. deckerianum, by PenduSeb - 2670m, via Flickr
Tips on growing effortless vines (5 varieties included)
Annual Climbing Vines: list of fast growing vines