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beautiful garden & path
I really want to do this around the driveway.   Lavender Hidcote - This easy-to-grow sun perennial thrives in full sun normal garden soil. Plants vigorously grow to form mounds of fragrant, silvery foliage 18 tall 24 wide. This drought-tolerant hardy pere
lions gate bridge, vancouver
love the front door and the hydrangeas
Tired of looking at your ugly garage floor? Want it to be a beautiful space just like the rest of your home?  Staining the floor is the answer! Check it out!  How to Pimp Your Garage Floor {On a Budget} - Farm Fresh Vintage Finds
Loooove this idea!! Paver mats to give your house old world charm! I love cobblestone.
Great Shade Garden Path
Why Didn't I Think Of This?? Some fantastic an easy ideas that will have you saying "why didn't I think of that??"
Gorgeous Grids
Exciting Things to Do in Vancouver | Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
DIY::Creative Outdoor Landscaping, Decor and Entertaining Ideas!
Easy walkway idea, because it drives me crazy not having a sidewalk to the front door
How to build a faux stone walkway for around $40- amazing! Would be great for the front walkway
Lovely herringbone garden path • photo: GAP on the WSJ
How To Make The Best Weed Killer - tried this today June 30th - on the 3rd day all the weeds were dried up and dead! cleared out the walkway with a stiff broom.
Inspiration for narrow wasted areas at the side of your house.....the "side yard"
On the Edge: 11 Garden Borders You Can Make - River Rock Mosaic...For around back patio!
Hotel Fenn, Marrakech, Morocco
I'm a sucker for under-stair passageways and arched doorframes. hence- I need this in my home stat.
Anne Decker Architects | Selected Works | Featured Home | Edgemoor House
Easy walkway idea, because it drives me crazy not having a sidewalk to the front door
Can’t believe I’m skipping right past the compass rose in the dark wood floor and going right to THE ARCHWAY UNDER THE STAIRS. AGH NEED.
diy walkout basement door walkway | ... Walkout Basement? - Remodeling - DIY Chatroom - DIY Home Improvement
Stone steps
walkway ~
Concrete pavers set below grass line.  Easy, informal walkway from driveway to the back yard. This is what I need only about 5-7 of them. Easy.
7 Classic DIY Garden Walkway Projects • With Tutorials! Including, from 'paint speckled paw prints', this lovely walkway.
curb appeal
Campeche in Yucatan, Mexico
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California
Light the way with solar powered pathway lights. It’s an easy update that can be used to line a walkway or brighten up a garden. Bonus is that they're also eco-friendly because they use the sun’s natural energy! Find yours at Home Depot.
Weed-Be-Gone Recipe and it really works. i did my dog kennel and my walkway.
Around the patio
simple steps
might do this for my driveway...
Light the way with solar powered pathway lights. It’s an easy update that can be used to line a walkway or brighten up a garden. Bonus is that they're also eco-friendly because they use the sun’s natural energy! Find yours at Home Depot.
Ties - Lay it Down: A Guide to Landscaping Surfaces on HGTV | Wooden ties are inexpensive, durable and good for stepping stones, but slippery when wet. Concrete ties offer an alternative to wooden ties that are amazingly realistic, very hardwearing, avail
Garden Paths: 12 Easy-To-Imitate Stone Walkways
"Ten flowering pear trees were coaxed over a metal arch to make this striking garden allée." Very cool!
diy wall shelves cat tower
paver with drainage
Swirl pebble mosaic path.
pebble mosaic
This beautiful guest cottage was built out of all natural ingredients from the earth. It was made from the original recipe for Cob houses built in England and Wales in the 15th and 16th century. A cosy livingroom, rustic fireplace, kitchen and bedroom lof
Create a kind of living fence by lining up tall potted grasses along a walkway or wide driveway.
Top 10 Greek Islands you Should visit in Greece Daniel Manson I have been to number 6 :)
Brighten gardens and walkways using rope light as pathway lights! Great along stone walkways and a perfect #DIY idea for backyard lighting and weddings, too!
if you sprinkle baking soda on the dirt twice a year, nothing will grow there.
Garden Path
DIY playground
Follow the yellow brick road--or make your own path with paver stones. Click through for the how-to (no sparkly red shoes required, Dorothy).
They took scrap granite from local granite shop and made a sidewalk for relatively no cost at all.
22 Landscape Lighting Ideas Read article later. Love the color and type of tile leading up as the walking path to the house, with the lighting along it and the walkway--if there is a hallway--fixed up with dark gray stone. Classy.
Double-volume dream house in Johannesburg
Veggie garden
Entrance to St Beatus Caves, Interlaken, Switzerland
50,420 brick walkway home design photos.
Diverse Range of Recycled Pallet Uses | Pallet Furniture DIY- why didn't I think of this? Great idea!!
Great paving idea for small spaces.
Transform a steep slope into valuable living space by straddling it with a multilevel deck. The contrast between natural plantings and a deck is always striking.
Resurfacing Concrete: Porch Makeover. - fills in imperfections and gives cracked cement and new and even look. Might need for the porch! $25 a can from lowes
DIY Recycled Concrete Patio - How awesome did this turn out? On the lookout for discarded old pieces of concrete. Wonder how it'd look surrounding the frog pond?
écuries intérieures inside horse stable
DIY front walkway
Brewster's Discovery Walkway (Canada). I'm afraid of heights, but I'd say this would be worth checking out o: Makes for a good excuse to revisit Jasper National Park (wasn't around when I went the first time)
This is a wonderful dry river bed. And it's so pretty. I would love to have something like it in the future.
garden path + bamboo flooring
walkway ~
DIY Barrel planter with hanging basket ! via FunkyJunkInterior
Garden path
Pathways Design Ideas for Home and Garden#/180949/pathways-design-ideas-for-home-and-garden?&_suid=1364140647147012344344822158143
Weeds are killers! It’s hard to keep them out of your yard, and they look so bad when they are there. If you use these 3 tips, your lawn will look and feel so much better. 1. Naturally prevent weeds with corn gluten meal. Spring is the best time to …
saic Garden by garden designers, Buell Steelman & Rebecca (France)
A wonderful example of a shady walkway along the side of the house from the front yard to the back. Beautiful wide- leafed, shade-loving plants that have a very neat growing pattern. Think hosta...never takes over the garden, always beautifully round.
Easy ways to bring color and design to the neglected areas bordering your sidewalk