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For getting rid of the sawdust. Great idea.
love the rusty wheelbarrow with flattened tire. and the old water pump is awesome too.
Versailles – France  Probably the world's most famous garden, it was built for Louis XIV and designed by Andre Le Notre. The laying out of the gardens required enormous work. Vast amounts of earth had to be shifted to lay out the flower beds, the Oran
wagon full of roses #flowers #blooms
wheelbarrow-love this with the hydrangeas!
I have an old wheelbarrow that I am so doing this with.
Pink Hydrangea in wheel barrow. Now I know what I'm doing with the old wheel barrow in our back yard this spring. Love this look!
vable gardens -- what a great idea.
Photo 5 of 58: Vintage/Old Fashion American BBQ / Patriotic "Memorial Day/Patriotic" | Catch My Party
Fundraiser Help: Raffle Fundraiser Ideas For Men @Angie Wimberly Wimberly Mikels Herrington this is what I was talking about in the meeting
chicken tractor
Chicken coop
A fabulous front door idea
47 incredible diy backyard firepit ideas
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let it snow
Amish Large Rustic Wooden Wheelbarrow with Removable Sideboards - $378.00 #Wheelbarrow #Gardens #Yard
I pinned this because I love Spring. There's flowers and happiness and green things and warm weather and more happiness. I also love Fall and Winter and Summer, but I got burned out, so I just pinned this one.
LOVE IT!!! American flag of begonia stripes, an ageratum field of blue, and alyssum stars.. ~♥~
Would be really cute at wedding at oak tree!!  Red Tin Barn  water in a wheelbarrow - cute idea for a farm reception :)
creating a flowerbed: low things in front, focal point, something tall. This would be cute around a couple trees in the front yard if they are good for shade.
Container gardening | Flower wagon
Love old wheelbarrows filled with pretty flowers. Whimsy is great in the garden!!
LOVE this idea for a good fall outdoor wedding! Antique wheelbarrow for drinks. :)
wine in vintage wheel barrel! Yeah right! My barrels would be filled with beer and mini shooters!!!! Lol
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Wheelbarrow planted with Lantana & Creeping Jenny.
Buy a skeleton, but rather than hanging it up, have some parts stick out of a mound of dirt either on the ground (maybe in a fresh grave) or in a wheelbarrow near the front porch. It will really scare kids if they happen to bump into it when they are gett
chicken tractor
Chicken Art in a Wheelbarrow - cblossum - Picasa Web Albums
Don't waste floor space on your wheelbarrow—hang it on the wall.
A wheelbarrow sure is nice to make it easy to move around, or take inside when its cold.  We might have to buy a new wheelbarrow and use the old one, which might already have a few holes in the bottom it's so old!
Repurpose a battered old wheelbarrow for a spring centerpiece with pots of herbs and floral supplies - adorable!
Williamsburg has long had a reputation for fine gardens, a tradition that survives to this day. Gardening and botany were prerequisite elements of a gentleman’s education in 18th century Virginia and many prominent Virginians were renowned for their horti
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iniature garden
Love old wheelbarrows filled with pretty flowers. Whimsy is great in the garden!!
Animal Research Laboratories After Care Facilities Picture. After Savage Experimental Surgery The Dogs Were Dumped Outside In A Wheelbarrow God please help , my heart and soul remain broken to the core for eternity.
HOUSE OF PAINT.: First Birthday Boy Themes
small christmas tree decorated with lights
How to Make a Decorative Pond From Old Tires
aised garden beds soil mixing in wheelbarrow
Why not put an old wheelbarrow or wagon to use as a caddy for cold drinks! I little hole or two won't matter, it will give the water some where to go when the ice melts!
Old wheel barrel planter
Repurposed Garden Containers Tons of Great ideas for your plants - The Cottage Market
The Cottage Market: Repurposed Garden Containers Tons of Great ideas for your plants
chicken tractor - wheels all around = easy to push instead of lift & pull
The Partner Workout- these are some seriously good ideas for my girls this summer!
Offroad Jack
A wheelbarrow (filled with an assortment of refreshments) greets thirsty guests.
The Cottage Market: Repurposed Garden Containers Tons of Great ideas for your plants
country decor Fall
Love old wheelbarrows filled with pretty flowers. Whimsy is great in the garden!!
In the current issue of Country Gardens Magazine Jan 2013.  What a great idea, easy moving for mowing, additional seating where needed, and putting in/out of storage.  We are going to try this idea on an older bench by the lobby, thinking of painting it a
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library book display using a wheelbarrow - SRP 2013???
Cute for a country potluck.... Wheelbarrow 'O Drinks. This would be cute with mason jar mixed drinks!
Don't throw out that rusty old wheelbarrow! Plant it with Lantana and Creeping Jenny!
wheelbarrow garden - ideas for our front yard and maybe under the big tree in the back yard. Need to find old wheelbarrows though!
wheelbarrow filled with lavender. Like. We have a nasty old wheelbarrow that would only be suitable for this.
Craftynikky honey bee box card 9
Great idea for the yard!
Rustic Country Planters In...the garden.
15 Awesome DIY Backyard Projects
wheelbarrow for drinks!
Barbeque / Garden Party Idea Great idea for all kinds of beverages!
Converted birdbath...plant succulents in one!